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    I need your help

    Ok, its time for you all to help out your local resident Hillbilly.

    I have had two requests in a week to get my On the Go placemat pattern finished. I can go ahead and research how to write it up as a pdf file, and publish it that way.

    Or...I can blog it and put it up for free. Then I wouldn't make a penny on it, and it is MY design, but I enjoy doing tutorials on my blog so much!!

    I do have this idea...after I get several tutorials I want to make my tutorial blogs into a book. There are several websites out there that will do this very thing for you. It looks quite professional. Then, I can have my 'book' for sale on my website and at craft shows, etc.

    What do you think I should do??
    Make my On-the-Go placemat as a pdf pattern and sell it
    Publish it to my blog, then take all my beginning tutorials and publish a whole book

    Re: I need your help

    I like the idea of gathering them together into a book. You could ask people who use your free pattern to send you a picture and then you could have lots of different examples of each project.
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      Re: I need your help

      I agree with jrchapman.


        Re: I need your help

        I think you should do the book! I follow a blog (GEDesigns) and she seems to do it all, patterns, fabric designs, kits and books. She sells her fabric, kits, books all on etsy. I am envious of having a "job" like that!
        Your patterns and projects are great! Good luck on whatever you decide.
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          Re: I need your help

          Definitely make a book!
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            Re: I need your help

            Go for it publish a book.
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              Re: I need your help

              I think a book would be a great idea.
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                Re: I need your help

                Why not do both Sell it for the time being as a PDF and when you get enough to publish a book, put them all together and bam, you have a book and you haven't waiting to get paid.


                  Re: I need your help

                  I believe you will build a bigger and more appreciative customer base if you offer some individual patterns on your blog as free downloads and then plan on compiling your best, most creative and in demand patterns into a book format for sale. Everyone loves getting something for free and generally will reward your generosity with loyal support for your other endeavors.

                  If you don't already know about Leah Day and her quilting blog you really should check it out. She is a young mid-twenties quilting phenomenon who provides massive amounts of free tutorials using Youtube and her own graphic designs on her blog. She currently has a 365 days of free motion quilting filler designs project that she freely posts and is now offering for sale a book and DVD for free motion designs suited for beginning quilters. She goes into great detail at this link, about the process involved in creating both the book and dvd which might be helpful info for you.


                  There are tons of wonderful blogs with lots of free information out there, so you need to find a way to offer a few freebies to keep the customer base interested and then also offer other products available only by purchase. Maybe you might try a couple of free PDF pattern downloads along with some PDF patterns for a small price and test the waters? If you see there is interest in paying for the patterns then you can really start plans for a comprehensive book offering more products for sale!
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                    Re: I need your help

                    Sewbee has given some very sound advice. I also like to frequent Leah Day's site and love to watch her video's even though I have not attempted any of her designs yet. I have however, very seriously considered buying her dvds and book because I'm a hands on person...that is I like to have my hands on the book etc. I like to be able to go back and refer to a book and have it there where I can see it.

                    Something free is what will bring them to you in the first place, and your blog has a bit of a following already so keep them interested and then sell them the package. That said I wouldn't mind instructions for your On the Go Placemat.

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