Yesterday was a ut oh day. After realizing my first slice of my layer cake was 2.5" too wide, I had to drop my original plan to make the Building Blocks quilt.

So, I used half the stack of 5x 10 strips and cut 4" off the short end, mixed them up and sewed them back on. Then moved on the the second stack of strips and cut 2.5" off, mixed them up and sewed them back on. I sewed the strips back together putting the smaller pieces on opposite sides.


I laid them out last night, but since it was dark, I couldn't get a real feel for what was going on. The lighting in the living room area, isn't the greatest. If I'd turned on the floor lamps, it probably would have been easier. I laid them out again this morning, did a lot of rearranging.

It needs a good pressing, but it's together!