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Happy Birthday Quilt

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    Happy Birthday Quilt

    I did this quilt for my daughter's best friends baby girl. It was a nice project to do since I only have grandsons - the pink was a nice change of pace.

    A few minor mistakes but since I am still learning I am trying not to be so hard on myself. Hopefully I won't do the same mistakes when I put my grandsons quilts together - that is my next project. I just couldn't stay in the ditch no matter how hard I tried, and for the binding I used white thread cause of the binding material, but I got off track (did not hand sew) and there is white thread on the pink material. I didn't have time to rip it out since her birthday party was today. Hopefully I will do better next time. All in all - I still like it a lot, and so far my favorite.

    More of the blocks can be seen in my album.

    Re: Happy Birthday Quilt

    The quilt is really are being too hard on yourself.....looks Great to me....