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Nightmare quilt rearranged.

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    Nightmare quilt rearranged.

    I made two quilt tops along with at least 30 other people. Some cut fabric, some arranged kits, some sewed blocks and some assembled the blocks into quilts. This can be frustrating because you have many different machines, rulers, mats and 1/4 feet in the blend. I tried one arrangement and it came out so bad that I could not see myself ever handing it in. On the second quilt I tried a different arrangement and it worked better. I got the second one ready and then looked again at the first quilt and realized I had made a mistake in that one block was turned wrong but this was the only part that worked and looked cohesive. I bit the bullet and took quilt one apart and rearranged all the blocks. It actually worked. The first picture is quilt 2. The 2nd photo is quilt one and you can see where nothing matches up. The third photo is the quilt one disassembled and rearranged. I am so glad these are done and worked out as good as they did for all the trouble.

    a Little better.jpg


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    Re: Nightmare quilt rearranged.

    You got all those uneven blocks in a great arrangement, some vet will love it. Thanks for all your service.