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" I'M TOTEally DONE "

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    " I'M TOTEally DONE "

    Well Here it is!
    ~My 1st TOTE BAG~
    (Never thought I would Live to say those W-O-R-D-S) Lol

    TWO Days...
    Yes…. 2!
    And All the Sewing Skills within Me….Not to Mention My Poor Janome I didn’t
    Realize the oldGurl still had it in her? She even threw a couple of hidden stitches that blew my Mind AWAY!!
    She’s relaxing now having a nice hot cup of Oil… I’ll be joining her shortly)
    Will Somebody Pweeeeaaase Pass Me a Real LATTE!!

    Crr-crrrmmmm….Where was I…..?
    I made a few modifications to my Tote Bag.

    I did use the same Video Mrs. TOTE QUEEN ~Rhonda~ shared with US
    Thank-U Sweet Cakes, had A lot of Fun!
    Can’t wait to make LOTS MORE for Friends and (last minute surprise B-Days) hee-hee

    On the other hand --Hubby called missing persons on Me and had my Pic posted on the back of a milk carton…He’s Such a VIRGO!!!...LOL…LOL

    ~I Encourage EVERYONE to Make One ~ for Me… it was like an Initiation thing..Ya Nowww…
    One thing I must stress out.....
    ~~Prepare- In - Advance~~
    then you can make it in One Day
    • Watch TOTE BAG video several times (take notes if you prefer)
    • Have the threads of your choice Out and Ready…(Specially if you plan to top stitch or embellish using your sewing machine’s special stitches.
    • Have your 3 or 4 fabric s Pre-Cut ahead of time.
    • Watch video again
    • MY FAVORITE!!! ---and Top 10-- “Have several pre-wound bobbins on hand for the bottom thread” (must!)
    • Test your 809 Fusible Pellon before you start the Project( I had a hard time getting this one to bond on the fabric. Found out that the iron needs to be set on dry not steam iron.Also Use a wet piece of cloth(I used muslin) when fussing the Pellon –starting from middle first and moving/pressing your way outward. ( Pheeewww…It finally bonded to the fabric-what will I do without GOOGLE!! )
    What else did I forget…???
    ~HAVE FUN~ play music... listen to a Podcast.

    The First One is the Ice Breaker….
    The Second---- A Synch!
    Come Third one… Will do it with My Eyes Closed….LOL (and a nice Emergency Room BILL!!)
    FORGET THird ONE!!...~Keep Eyes Open at All time~

    This was brought to you , Live from Miami, FL
    ~Stay Thirsty My Friends~

    I posted my pics in my ALBUM
    but here are a few...

    :icon_popcorn:~When life throws you scraps make a quilt.~

    Re: " I'M TOTEally DONE "

    Saw your bag in your gallery. Love it! love your story too!

    I got a sewing machine for my husband. Good trade, huh!?!


      Re: " I'M TOTEally DONE "

      How fun to read your journey! also love your bag!


        Re: " I'M TOTEally DONE "

        I really like your tote...the fabric is great. Good job - I would never guess it was your first!! Barb

        Scottie Mom Barb


          Re: " I'M TOTEally DONE "

          What neat fabric - and what a great bag. No wonder your picture is on a milk carton. Caused an uproar in the family when I put my MIL's picture on one . . .
          Sometimes, when there's a raging fire,
          it's best not to try to put it out with gasoline.

          "...pal carajo con la negatividad..."


            Re: " I'M TOTEally DONE "

            It's darling! I love the cup on the outer pocket! I wish my machine had decorative stitches...*hangs head sadly* Btw, I LOVE it when you ALWAYS make me smile. <3
            Come by and see what I'm up to on my blog...
            Summer Lee Quilts


              Re: &quot; I'M TOTEally DONE &quot;

              Hey hey hey "Mrs. Tote Queen" here.... You absolutely crack me up.Love- love- love- the tote. You go girl.Missing person??? Milk carton?? To funny. And I thought I was slow with my first tote.Ha ha you got that record!!!
              I haven't been on here in several days and this was the first thread I read. You are to funny! I can't wait to see your next totesssssssss. Who knows as fancy as your tote is you may take away my Title LOL



                Re: &quot; I'M TOTEally DONE &quot;

                I think it's BEE-U-TI-FUL!!!! And I love the cup you made on the outside pocket.
                I agree with Rhonda, can't wait to see what is next with your designs.
                Do let me know what the people at work say about it.
                It was SUPER talking with you tonight.
                Think I'll slip on over to the table and cut out some of the tissue holders we were talking about. Tomorrow, the sewing machine will be humming along.

                Hugs for ya,

                What if you woke up today and the only things you had were the things you thanked God for yesterday? :icon_hug:quilting trish


                  Re: &quot; I'M TOTEally DONE &quot;

                  Awww…Thank-U! Guyz for your Lovely and Honest comments...
                  That’s just the Icing on the LATTE!

                  ~Rhonda~ Your Majesty-- I could NEVER take your place!
                  The Title will stay with You Until Always…OR
                  Unless MSQC ‘s Router crashes or they lose Power? Whichever comes first Lol…Lol

                  ~Summer & Trish~ YOU NOTICED!! I tried my best to get a Good Pic of the front pocket.
                  It was an accident…You see, I was trying to place the fabric a certain way and a slight move shaped what appeared a Cup "A STARBUCK’s Coffee Cup!"--1st stages of Hallucination as I played with it more I pined it.
                  Then… I started Cracking UP!! Ohh My!!! How COOL. The Rest is HISTORY!...
                  Actually A lot of Ideas Sparked out of this.
                  I think I’m going to hot glue some of those SWAREMISHKSy(Whate-ver)!) Crystals Lol

                  Summer- I’m sleep Deprived, I was not Born this Way (I don’t know what Lady Gaga is TALKING ABOUT!)HEE-HEEE.
                  You on the other hand! You create yours from your MATHEMATICAL BRAIN….Yours are Unique. No One is A like..You must get A Lot of sleep…Huhh?

                  Trish- Thanx for sticking with Me thought the day….Now! You’re Turn go finish what you started! I’ll start the Coffee Pot!(I got Plenty of MUGS) ANDALE!...ANDALE!! ARRIVA!!

                  Sandy – I’m Not EVEN Gonna Askkkkk!!.....Haa-haa-haa MIL'S...LMAO!!!

                  I wonder what happened to my Pics?? They displayed fine when I started the new thread?
                  Ohh!... TECHNICIAN????
                  Is there TECHY IN Da House!!....Just kidding…(I’ll take a Number) Oyyee-Vayyy!!

                  Nite-Nite Everyone
                  "Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite!”

                  :icon_popcorn:~When life throws you scraps make a quilt.~


                    Re: &quot; I'M TOTEally DONE &quot;

                    Love love this bag. The cup on the front is adorable and the stitching is a great extra. If this is your first I can't wait to see the ones that follow. The fabric is awesome, where did you find it. Your posts crack me up, I'm laughing from start to finish. Thanks for sharing the photos and your humor.
                    A bed without a quilt, is like a sky without stars:)


                      Re: &quot; I'M TOTEally DONE &quot;

                      Great bag! I, too love the coffee cup on the outside pocket. How very clever!
                      When life throws you scraps, make a quilt! :icon_bigsmile:


                        Re: &quot; I'M TOTEally DONE &quot;

                        Nice tote!! Great job, I haven't ventured into that area yet
                        Shirley :icon_bigsmile:


                          Re: &quot; I'M TOTEally DONE &quot;

                          Lol...sleep. Pfft, I have a toddler, so sleep is and has been a thing of the past...maybe in another 18 years! Lol.
                          Come by and see what I'm up to on my blog...
                          Summer Lee Quilts


                            Re: &quot; I'M TOTEally DONE &quot;

                            Awww it turned out great! I love all the pockets! I haven't attempted a bag so elaborate before - good for you to tackle that project with gusto!

                            (P.S. - I have that coffee cup fabric too!! Now I know what it'll look good as.)
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                              Re: &quot; I'M TOTEally DONE &quot;

                              Just love your tote! Great job and great colors! Rhonda has been a great teacher. That is another reason why this Forum is so awesome.