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Experimenting with scraps!

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    Experimenting with scraps!

    Every order I submit to M*, I always get a Bag 'o Scraps to do block piecing practice on new challenges. I received a new bag Tuesday (the 25th); yesterday I received a link for a Rainbow Flower mini block. thumb_2008_81562_RainbowFlowersMiniBlock_5.jpg
    Now, granted I have been amazed for quite some time how certain quilters can take on the challenge of little blocks. The small pieces are intimidating to me.
    but after attending the Fall get together last October and seeing the beautiful work on the Farmer's Daughter projects...I have been trying to talk myself to attempt smaller blocks.

    So, when I received this link yesterday, I talked myself into trying this tiny block when finished is 2" X 2".
    Rainbow flower mini block.jpg
    I got intimidated again and thought, lets increase the size. I sorted the Bag 'o Scraps and came up with 6" X 6" blocks that were not intimidating and I liked the scrappy look!
    enlarged rainbow block.jpg
    I don't know what these small blocks will turn into, but it could be the start of something creative!

    "Don't let someone else's ugly spoil your beautiful. " Thanks, Bubby!!!!!!

    Re: Experimenting with scraps!

    Cute, Sheri! I feel the same way about small blocks! I love how you solved the problem! Go big or go home!


      Re: Experimenting with scraps!

      Pretty! Those little blocks are not so hard, now, admit it! They use such tiny scraps that you could sew for a long time with a bag of scraps!!!


        Re: Experimenting with scraps!

        Those turned out cute!
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          Re: Experimenting with scraps!

          Really cute! I love those little blocks and quilts.

          I was going to ask if you had seen the Alzheimer' Art Quilt Initiative quilts but I just went to the site and it's mostly closed, but you can see the miniature quilts that were sold. Look At All The Quilts Lots of inspiration.


            Re: Experimenting with scraps!

            Wow really like the look of the blocks together. Craftsy had a blog yesterday about these. They are so cool. I could never work with such small pieces
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              Re: Experimenting with scraps!

              I have tried sewing the small blocks also, and have not had any luck. Sheri good job on the big blocks they are cute. When I looked at them I thought of falling pearls.
              Vicki C:icon_hi:


                Re: Experimenting with scraps!

                How cute they turned out! hey if you like small blocks there is always the Dear Jane with only about 255+ small blocks

                I like how it turned out in your bit bigger size and thanks for the reminder M*QS sells bags of scraps that's cool

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                  Re: Experimenting with scraps!

                  these small blocks are on my to do list and they are moving up as i gain more confidence and skills.... and yes i did download that block too