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I-Spy obsession!!!!

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    Re: I-Spy obsession!!!!

    Originally posted by Miss Sheri View Post
    I love Jenny's version and will be making that in my future, but another one I saw looked like a charm pack quilt in the center, and the border was a piano key border, made out of matching fabrics as in the center. It became a memory/matching game. Super cute. Yours is adorable! Isn't funny how when you get bit by the 'I spy' bug, all fabric is viewed with an 'I spy' potential?
    There is a fabric store right by my work and when I go there during lunch I ALWAYS look at potential I-spy fabric. I did watch Jenny's I-spy jar and I think that I am going to have to try that for sure!


      Re: I-Spy obsession!!!!

      Very Nice! I love I Spy! I have a layer cake in my stash. here is another D9P that a friend of mine made...I finished the quilting of it today on my long arm. IMG_20140320_135800.jpg
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        Re: I-Spy obsession!!!!

        That is a great looking quilt. Love all those fabrics against the white. Great job.

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          Re: I-Spy obsession!!!!


          I made my DGS one with all bugs, frogs and other slimy things and a cute girlie one for my DGD with candies, shoes, flowers, teddies, etc. I used a black background and hand quilted them. If I remember correctly I gave them to the kids for Christmas in 1999. They both loved them.

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            Re: I-Spy obsession!!!!

            Too cute!!
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              Re: I-Spy obsession!!!!

              The first I spy quilt I ever saw was made with hexies - about 3". Triangles were joined to opposite sides to make a parallelogram and then they were sewn together in rows. Hope that makes sense. Let me see if I can find a picture.

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