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    Sewing machines

    I am looking for a new sewing machine, I love my current one but it has started acting quirky, I have been researching them, can anyone help me by telling me what me about there machines, and what they cost

    Re: Sewing machines

    Good morning Shiela.
    I have 2 that I currently use. One is a basic Brother I got from Walmart for about $50. Used that for about 14 years until I snagged one off Craigs List for about $200. It is a Brother Sewing/Embroidery machine. Haven't used the embroidery part yet. I like both my machines. Would love to have those high end ones but can't justify the cost right now. Would also love a long arm some day. I would suggest that you go try out a few different models and write down ahead of time what features you like in the machine you have now. And, if you do spend some decent amount of money for one - try to get one where they give you classes on how to operate the different functions it can do and try to make sure that they will service it for you too.
    Good luck! I'm sure others will chime in here.
    Happy Easter!


      Re: Sewing machines

      For years I used my Kenmore machine. It was a workhorse and handled thick seams very well. I love the way it sewed. I now use a Pfaff, which I managed to get at a deal. A friend of mine bought it about 18 years ago (used) for $1600.00. She had an Elna as well. Turns out she never really liked the Pfaff. She told me to use it and see how it worked. I did, for about 3 months and loved it. It handled much like my Kenmore, but has all the electronic stitches. I gave it back to her and told her that it must have just been her being used to the Elna. A couple years later she called me and said she wanted to sell it. I knew I couldn't afford what she paid for it, but she didn't want that much. I got the machine for $600 and have been using it ever since. I really like the way it handles and sews, but the prices on the new Pfaff machines scare me to death.
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        Re: Sewing machines

        I bought a Brother (with a quilting package: walking foot, quilting foot, expansion table) for about $144 (including shipping) in March from Walmat online. I loved it. But this weekend I've been piecing together a quilt using fleece which is very dense and seems to have messed something up. I took it into the shop where it worked find and learned a couple tips (I'm a real newbie) and decided it was user error. Got back home and as soon as i started working with the fleece it messed up again. Before I brought it to the shop the 1st time they said it might be a "timing" issue and I'm guessing it maybe still is when I use the fleece. Gotta take it back again.

        Brother's have a good rep and, as I said, i loved mine until this weekend. However, I also found out that the only "Brother Authorized Dealer" near me is about 150 miles away in Maine. I'm in Vermont. So I have to void the warranty and take it local.

        The shop just happened to have a Janome electronic machine on sale from $800 to $400 and since I've discoverd I'm totally hooked on quilting, I'm considering getting it. Especially since I'm sewing at 2 places, home and camp. We'll see!

        I got a sewing machine for my husband. Good trade, huh!?!


          Re: Sewing machines

          I have sewn with Kenmores for nearly 40 years and would recommend them to anyone.
          My newest machine is a Brother ULT 2002. when I was researching emb. machines this one seemed to give me more for my money. I have had no issues in 8+ years except one repair-something in the emb module- about a year ago. I pretty much opened the box and started using it. They are an easy machine to use. Two of my DDs have brothers(fromWM) also and have been very pleased.
          I would make a list of what features are important to you. Many will recommend going to a dealer, which is good, because sometimes you can get lessons/support from a good one. I choose to buy online, cost being a big factor(saved about half the cost). my nearest dealer is nearly an hour away and I knew I would not be willing to make that trip to often. You might also be able to pick up a higher end machine that was traded-in for a newer model.
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            Re: Sewing machines

            I have a Pfaff Quilt Expression 3, which I bought two years ago. I paid about 1600. I'll be getting an embroidery machine, a refurbished Pfaff from my dealer so the price would not compare, but I am very happy. (and I have a Pfaff serger Coverlock 4, which I just love and I don't know the price as it was a gift.

            I've been very happy with the Expression 3 and love the features it has including a quite large throat so I can do quilting of larger sized quilts.

            Hope this helps.

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              Re: Sewing machines

              I would love to get a Phaff. I've sewed on a couple in quilt shops and they sew really nice and smooth and even. Someday.
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                Re: Sewing machines

                I had a New Home for 25 years. I would take it for basic maintenance every year and no matter where I lived and took it, whomever worked on it praised it as, "they don't make them like that anymore." My daughter now has it, she's a very new user. I now have a Janome 1600 and am wanting the next one up. It weighs only 11 lbs. and works wonderfully. It has decorative stitches and will also quilt. I take mine with me when we travel so I love the weight of it. Anyway, there's my two bits on sewing machines.