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Sewing Long Distance with Jean

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    Sewing Long Distance with Jean

    Hi Peeps,
    Today is the first day that I have ventured to my sewing machine since before Christmas. It has just been too hot to sew here, and Summer isn't over yet.

    We did have a nicer day today that was a bit cooler than usual, so I ventured into the sewing room to get something done.

    I do have some large projects that are in the quilting stage, but it was still too hot for that.

    I have had some fabric set aside for quite a while now, waiting patiently to be turned into one of Jean's Zippered totes.

    So, I took Jean into the sewing room via YouTube and came out with this cute little tote. I will be giving this one to a friend of mine, because I have enough fabric left over to make another bigger one for myself. Just need to get the zip.

    Jean, thanks for the great tutorial. I hope you enjoyed the very pleasant temperatures at my place today. It certainly made a nice change for me.

    zippered tote.jpg
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    Re: Sewing Long Distance with Jean

    Hahaha.... that's cute adorable bag too!


      Re: Sewing Long Distance with Jean

      Love the bag....and Jean's tut too!!!! But you're not going to get much sympathy about your heat wave from us over here in the zero temp zone!!!!


        Re: Sewing Long Distance with Jean

        very cute!
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          Re: Sewing Long Distance with Jean

          You guys did a very nice job!

          Sandy from Cincinnati

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            Re: Sewing Long Distance with Jean

            Cute tote and I'm sure Jean loved her mini vacation.

            Does the thermometer fall far in the winter?
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              Re: Sewing Long Distance with Jean

              Lenore, no wonder I had to kick the covers off! I was warm and cozy sewing totes with you! Glad you enjoyed the tutorial and your bag turned out great!

              I love your narrow rows of stitching on the borders and straps. Usually by the time I get to the straps I'm too impatient to do much stitching!
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