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    Beach quilt

    The stars have aligned...

    I'm going to the beach next week.
    It's going to be cold; will need beach quilt for sunrise walks.
    My beach quilt is in another state.
    I have quite a few fmq practice sandwiches.
    I have some extra blocks from quilts I've made.
    Someone thought their quilt was ugly and I was challenged to make a really ugly one.
    Quilting flash mob Saturday.

    Nothing is square.
    No binding. (so I can make it bigger!) Edges finished by zigzagging.
    I used up all my red white blue variegated thread in the extra fmq I had to do to make it big enough and to put the blocks together.
    blocks were butted up together and zigzagged.

    Sand and surf, bring it on!

    Ugly beach quilt back.jpgugly beach quilt detail 1.jpgugly beach quilt detail 2.jpgugly beach quilt detail 3.jpgugly beach quilt detail 4.jpgugly beach quilt detail 5.jpgugly beach quilt detail 6.jpgUgly beach quilt front.jpg

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    Re: Beach quilt

    Now that quilt and that attitude is very cool! I would be proud and thrilled to walk the beach wrapped in that one!

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      Re: Beach quilt

      I love it, and bet it turns I to one of your favorites!


        Re: Beach quilt

        Frankenquilt! I like it!


          Re: Beach quilt

          Oh I love seeing how feathery, the stars FMQ what a great job!! Yep I can totally see this turning out to be a Favorite

          hahah Frankenquilt - that is what we call sewing patterns for a dress (or anything) made using sleeves from one, skirt for another and the bodice from yet another pattern Frankenpatterns

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            Re: Beach quilt

            That quilt is soooo cool. What a great type of scrap quilt to make for the beach. A couple of those and a couple books andyou could spend a couple hours relaxing. Fantastic!!!
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