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Quits for Kids tops

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    Quits for Kids tops

    Here are two of the tops I had done in time to photograph this afternoon when the fog finally burnt off! I have more, but they aren't quite ready for their photo shoots yet! They said they wanted small ones for the NICU and the ICN. These ought to fit the bill.
    They were fun to make and helped use up some fabric from the "Late 80's - Early 90's" stash. Sadly there is more of that to go, as I found a storage tote of fabric at Mom's place that I didn't take with me when I moved out ops: . I do believe that she wants the space for her stuff now. Can you quilt with polished cottons :shock: ? I guess I am going to find out....
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    Re: Quits for Kids tops

    toggpine.....they are perfect! The bright colors are just the thing to lift those kids' spirits!! Yay, for happy bright 80's colors!

    We appreciate your willingness to give, even though you are so far away! Thank you a million times over!


      Re: Quits for Kids tops

      That is a cool block. I like the colors. I agree, it would cheer up a child. who needs comfort.
      all the best Gina from Mpls
      all the best


        Re: Quits for Kids tops

        Those tops look wonderful! I can't wait to see them "for real"! This is such a great cause and I'm so excited that so many of you are getting behind it. WOOOHOO!!!