Hi.. I was given several fabric sample hangers from a friend - the carboard hanger thingy with several pieces of fabric, in descending size and color.. I cut the fabric right along the cardboard edge and thought to give away the hangers with a layer insidne the fold that are 2.5" long and over 3" between the grommet like things stapling it all together. I looked at those hangers adn thought 2.5" is perfect for random blocks sewn to a WOW strip cut at 2.5". So I tore aprt all those carboarc things, and cut the fabric out.. you will see my progress and free colors on teh picture that I'm attaching. The basketis full of units ready to sew into bloxks, all mixed, drawing from the mix without matchy matchy .. the blocks you see to the left are the pieces Icut out of the 'throw away" stuff.. then next are some pieces ready to sew togther, and then there are bloxks already made and square, and they are squaring perfectly at 4.5" WOOO HOOO.. I see a quilt coming up!