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    Re: My Kindle cover

    Your cover looks great. My parents both got Kindle's for Christmas and I quilted each of them a cover. I used 6 5x5 Charm Pack squares and then cut it down to size to fit their Kindle's. I didn't take pictures yet or I'd post them. I have a Kindle with the store bought cover and I think the quilted ones are softer and better protections if you drop it. They also look sooo much better.


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      Re: My Kindle cover

      Originally posted by Lola2Ace View Post
      Michele, how do you use library books on your Nook? I love to go to the library and really need to get back in the habit of going there.

      On my local library's website there is a link to their e-book site where I can "check out" a book for 14 days just like a regular book from the building. The only thing I don't like is that you can't "renew" a book that is checked out like I could if I had the physical book.


        Re: My Kindle cover

        How creative.. you did a great job!

        Now I have an idea for gifts for folks with Kindles and Nooks...
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