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Baby Quilt - Warm Wishes(et al)

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    Re: Baby Quilt - Warm Wishes(et al)

    Originally posted by Quilt Vader
    Alright, scrap the horse you are excused. Sorry, but broom is taken also, my DD#1 was born Halloween a long long time ago and always refers to any 'ride' as her broom..
    Not an original :idea: here - but might you gift her a gift certificate from a nearby fabric store so she can choose something she likes for a focus fabric.. that would help you guide her in rail fabrics.
    OH NO, I just ate 3 cookies for breakfast!!
    I get to do a class for my friendship group on the 4 stack posie - I need to write up a plan and a prep list for them.. info needs to include how to find and count repeats. I'm excited about it - fun helping new 'piecers' get their skills honed.
    Oh Vader, I see how it is! Everyone can ride a horse, but ONLY your DD#1 can ride a broom. :roll: Someone is not sharing and I'm telling. Ummmm..... now who is it I tell I wonder. Oh that's right, the Minister of Magic.

    Both of my daughters already each have their own stashes believe it or not. They go shopping with me and fall in love with stuff. It's hard to tell them no. The hard part is to get them to use their stashes. They always want things made out of my stuff. I let them build up their stashes figuring one day they would join me in the quilting world. I encourage them to join me while they are so young, because I joined too late. :cry: My dearest grandmother got too old to teach me before her passing. I just waited too long to want to learn. I don't want my kids to have to totally learn on their own like I did. It is harder to learn from the internet then to actually have a teacher to show you things, and a person that you can just go to with questions and get an answer (and sometimes a demo) right away.

    Oh and three cookies for breakfast isn't a bad thing either. It could'a been a dozen cookies. Now, that is getting closer to bad. It's that time of the year. ENJOY!!!!! I'm baking and decorating cookies today with my daughters. How many do you think I'm gonna eat? I'm positive that it will be more then three. In fact, it will probably be part of my lunch.

    It's wonderful to hear that you are passing your knowledge of quilting on. I wish I lived closer to you! Not only for your knowledge, but PA is COLD!!!!!! I'm only still here for my family and my husband's family. A white Christmas is nice, but you take a chance on that too. Like this year, they are calling for and ice Christmas, not a white Christmas. :cry:

    I am staying at home on Christmas so I don't have to travel, but some of my family members will be traveling so I still have to worry. I tell everyone in my family that we refuse to travel on Christmas day so they plan their family dinners on other days if they want us there. After years of rushing from one house to another and not being able to fully enjoy Christmas due to the rushing, I gave up. I told everyone that we wake-up and get our gifts, then it is not fair to my children to make them leave all their new gifts at home so that we can rush off somewhere for dinner. I got sick of fighting with my husband on who's family we were going to first to eat and who's we would arrive to already late and stuffed because of the last dinner. It's not worth all the stress!!! Christmas is meant to be enjoyed. Now we wake up, get our gifts, walk to church, then come home to enjoy our gifts and time with each other relaxed. It is SOOOOOOO much better then all that rushing and fighting. If someone thinks that I'm rude or selfish, that's their problem. My kids are soooo much happier with the way we do it now, that taking the blame is well worth it to me.
    My user name is FunkiQuilter, but you can call me Funki for short. (Pronounced Funky.) I inherited the name from my cousin because of my love for unusual things.


      Re: Baby Quilt - Warm Wishes(et al)

      Hi again Funki - Merry Chrsitmas to you and yours. Brrr I would not trade you SoCal for PA.. I have a friend in Ligionier but I think she wishes she weren't 'at home' any more and back in SoCal where the view of snow capped mountains is framed with palm trees. It's cold this morning - an unusual mid 30's, but hey, it's Christmas.
      Heh heh - I ate the last of the 4 wonderful crispy homemade cookies right after confessing to the 3
      You are blest - I know your day will be filled with fun .. filling you all kids with memories to cherish.
      This morning I read of the passing of Jennifer Jones - so beautiful in my day - and I doubt my kids have any idea who she was. Time marches by .. and it takes the good memories along with the not so good .. yes, we are indeed blest.
      Often forgotten about memories: we can choose which to hold and which to give up.
      Feasting at my house starts when people arrive ... first thing I do is lay out a sort of buffet/open house/hang out as long as you want sort of day. Paper plates, cups and some plastic stuff, and most of it is pre-prepared.. and store bought that way!
      Like you, those years of being tired running around copped attitudes and the "do we HAVE to go?" got old ..
      If you can't see it riding by on a fast horse - it ain't there.


        Re: Baby Quilt - Warm Wishes(et al)

        Very pretty and what a great cause you folks are making them for... I am sure they will be very appreicated.. Wendi


          Re: Baby Quilt - Warm Wishes(et al)

          you did a fantastic job...