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Sharing Quilts Day 7?

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    I love them all but I think my favorite is the bear paw.


      Oh....all the brightness in these has me them all but that bear claw is absolutely-gorgeous! Thank you for a wonderful trunk show of your beautiful creations...
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        Those are so pretty and bright! I think I like the Kaffe one the best.
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          Love the Kaffe quilt! I never know which pattern to use for these fabrics. Your choice is so pretty. Fun quilt and colors with the bear paws too. Or is it "kitty paws"? Thank you for sharing these quilts today!


            Your quilts are all beautiful! You have a good eye for color. Those jewel tones are great attention getters. Nice work!


              I love all your quilts. These are my preferred palettes of colors.. My DH has done some quilting, but has a lot of other hobbies -- gliding, model trains, and previously catamaran sailing. So he would never say anything about the cost of quilting, as he knows.

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