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    OK, I have to many cats do you have???
    There are moments which mark your life, moments when you realize nothing will ever be the same. And time is divided into two parts, Before this and After this


      😂 I have too many!!!
      One is a stray we adopted in 2005 that lives in my sons room. Poza, she is antisocial. She tolerates my son and terrorizes his keyboard.
      I have Bennie (brought her home in 2017 from a local bar because they were closing and she was REALLY pregnant. The bar closes for January and February and while we don’t get a freeze too often that year was cold) So her kittens, the Jets, we kept 2 of the five. Jet and Star.
      after Hurricane Michael in 2018 we “acquired” four more. One, decker, is the ambassador. She is really social. The others Fluff and what we believe are her kittens -Snowball and Coal. Coal had two kittens last June 2020. She abandoned one at 2 days old. we found them under fencing we were cleaning up. She did reclaim one - Hammy later the next day (we kept trying to give them back) but she wasn’t interested in the other -Charley (turns out it’s a Charlotte)
      At week four we found Hammy at the doorstep I. Very sorry shape. And after myself kids and my sons girlfriend took terms raising the two kittens we just couldn’t bring ourselves to give them away!
      ams each kid as they leave has to take some!!!
      my kids are in college but still home doing the distance learning since FSU is all online.