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Quilt Sharing - Day 5

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    Quilt Sharing - Day 5

    ​ Good Morning, Today I'm sharing quilts I've given away, some for good happenings and others for support.

    1. Ms. Sabrina & Family with quilt.jpg The first quilt is a Turning 20, although not 20 fat quarters were used. The young lady (2nd from the left) is a TKD student, at the time 19 years of age. She had been diagnosed with breast cancer. This was back in about 2007. I have seen recent photos of her. She is well and has married. The middle guy was my TKD instructor.

    2.​ Jeremy & Brandy with quilt.jpg This quilt was made for my TKD instructor and his then wife (he has since remarried--very long, heartbreaking story). I believe I gave this to them as a housewarming gift. This is also a smaller version of a Turning 20.

    ​ 3. IMG_0182.jpg This quilt was made for a mentor/friend. She was my piano teacher when I was about 9, she played the organ at our church for many, many years. She played the organ for my wedding, for my sister's funeral, both parents and grandparents and in recent years she was the handbell choir director. She suffered a huge loss last Thanksgiving when her husband passed away suddenly and then things went way downhill for her. She has diabetes and was not managing it well and ended up in the hospital. I started this quilt for her while she was in the hospital. She was there for several weeks. While finishing it up her kids decided it best to move her closer to one of her daughters and she moved to Georgia. I sent it down to her and got a great phone call thanking me for it. Recently she moved back to our town and the whole church was very happy with that. She is doing much better.

    4. IMG_0175.jpg ​​This quilt was made for my daughter's best friend's son. He was going to school in western Minnesota and woke up one morning and had some funny feeling in his feet and limbs. He went to emergency and they could not find anything. They told him to wait. Brett is a very astute young man. He did not wait and we are very glad he didn't. He was ambulanced from western Minnesota to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. He was diagnosed with a spinal stroke. By the time he got to Rochester he was in a bad way. Long story short, he lost all ability to walk and use his arms. It took a month of rehab for him to get back to being able to walk. They were very surprised as they figured he would have to use a cane for a long time, maybe always. He is now getting around totally normal (this happened in February of this year). He has pretty much fully recovered. The doctors said that had he waited over the weekend to get better he probably would not be able to walk at all. The greatest thing is that it really changed his attitude toward his family. He was pretty snarky to his mom before this. Found out the hard way who you can count on. The colors used in this quilt are for his favorite team, Denver Broncos.

    5 IMG_2414 (1).JPG This is the Glam Girl quilt and pillows I made for my daughter's best friend. Her year started out with her oldest son being hospitalized with the spinal stroke. Then shortly after he was home she had to put her dog down because she was not doing well. Then her brother died suddenly (he was actually in the hospital at the same time as her son due to heart and diabetes issues). He died of a heart attack while working. The last thing, hopefully, she found out her husband has been cheating on her. They've been married all of 3 years. I felt she needed something to remind her that she is loved. Jennifer's hubby took it over to her this past weekend and she sent me a note saying it came at the perfect time, she was feeling quite down. Shown below in the attachments (pink and black quilt)

    6 image_119978.jpg This is the quilt I made for my best friend who is going through cancer treatments for breast cancer. She loves sunflowers, she has a tattoo on her upper arm of one. I've been planning a while for a quilt for her just because. This just pushed it to the fore. It is the same pattern as the Glam Girl quilt. (Shown below, sunflowers)

    7 IMG_0605.JPG ​ The lady in the picture asked me if I could look at some quilt fabric that her son had purchased to make a quilt for his son. He had already made one for the older son but then sadly passed away from cancer. I said I would take a look at it. What I got was weird to say the least. He had cut up the fabric somewhat arbitrarily and sewn it end to end and put it on one of those wooden cable spools. There were 4 different fabrics. The black background fish, the blue background fish, the black weird one and then the "wave" looking one. I told Cathy I would take it on but it would be a while before I could work on it. I was still working and just couldn't get to it. Finally, after I retired I started trying to figure out what to do with it. I wracked my brain and just couldn't figure out what to do with it. I finally came up with a plan and went to the local quilt store to get another fabric, the one between the rows. I wanted it to look as if you were looking through a window at a huge aquarium. I think it came out quite nice. They loved the quilt and passed it along to their grandson who was not doing well. He had been struggling, drinking and drugs but had recently been staying at a half-way house and was doing much better. Not only did he loose his dad to cancer, but about 6 or 7 years later his favorite aunt (dad's sister).

    So that is it for today. Hope everyone enjoyed these quilts.
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    Very creative aquarium quilt. Im going to make a pattern note about the Turning 20. I could do that. The others I wasn't able to view. The for sharing.


      Look at the smiles your quilts bring to others. They must feel so special. You did a great job with the aquarium quilt. Love all fishies!


        Really nice. You have a caring and sharing heart. The aquarium quilt is really nice.

        Scottie Mom Barb


          Breast cancer at 19? Wow! All those people were very luck to have you in their lives. What a show of kindness and love.

          I also was unable to view them all, but what I saw was spectacular!

          There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
          --Ken Burns


            Fabulous quilts. You are a gifted quilter & it shows where your heart loves. Gina


              You have been a blessing to all who receive your quilts. That was quite the challenge to create such a pretty quilt from pieces that had already been cut up. You did an excellent job of creating the aquarium look. Thank you so much for posting today & I'm really enjoying your quilts each day.


                What heart warming stories and beautiful quilts to go along with the stories. You are very generous!!!


                  Thank you, for sharing. Beautiful quilts! I like them all. You put a lot of love into your work.