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Sharing Quilts Saturday Rhonda K

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    Sharing Quilts Saturday Rhonda K

    I decided to share some small pillow projects and a few Christmas ones. Hopefully, they inspire you to start or finish your own projects. It is easy to lose our momentum during these times and forget about the joy of quilting, sewing, or just playing with fabrics.

    This panel was given to me by the owner of the LQS. It was a sample given to her by the fabric representative. There was no selvage or name on it. It sat in the closet for a long time. Another visit to her shop and I discovered the candy print on the clearance rack. The free panel was meant to be finished for a fun Christmas quilt. The finished size is approx 64x72.

    Saturday Christmas quilt.jpg
    Quilted in the hoop with lime green thread and a large stippling design. The task was more ambitious than I should have taken on. I did learn my own limits and won't repeat one this size.

    Saturday Christmas quilt pic 2.jpg

    I loved this runner when I saw it last year. It matches my dishes. The size was perfect so no borders were added.

    Saturday Christmas bird runner.jpg

    It's reversible with the cardinal print so a two-for-one table runner.

    Saturday Christmas bird runner pic 2.jpg

    This was a pillow class at the LQS to learn how to use machine feet. Other students moved right along with the techniques and completed their pillows. I failed and could not get the ruffle attached evenly. I brought it home and worked it out. Each quadrant was marked and ruffled and then pinned evenly around the pillow.

    Saturday ruffle pillow.jpg

    Our instructor taught us how to make a flange insert for the zipper. Using this technique prevents bulk in the pillow seam line.

    Saturday ruffle back zipper.jpg

    A happy seahorse. The back closure is with a flange again but we learned how to make button-holes.

    Saturday seahorse.jpg

    I made 3 different pillows to match my LR drapes. I love the fringe. It is added on 3 sides only to decrease bulk in the bottom seam. The flower looks upside down but it matches the direction of the overall fabric design of the drapes.

    Saturday sofa pillow.jpg

    This is a happy spring time pillow cover. You make one insert and then change out for different seasons. My first attempt with this embroidery design was a complete mess-up. At least it was only a piece of muslin. With time (years) and a few more skills, I decided to try one more time. The pink and yellow floral ends were quilted in the hoop first. Then the embroidery designs added on top. Little yo-yo flowers and buttons added for accents and some fun ric-rac.

    Saturday Spring pillow.jpg

    Of course, rain boots need a few more rain boots. Again quilted in the hoop with a flange zipper in the back.

    Saturday Spring pillow pic 2.jpg

    I hope you are inspired! Tomorrow is my last day. Thank you for joining me this week. It has been fun sharing quilts and projects with all of you. I hope they brightened your day for a few moments.

    Rhonda K

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    I really like the table ripunner with the chickadees. My daughter would live the rain boots. Her kids have had rain boots galore and wear them all the time. Thanks for sharing


      Thanks for sharing!! Love them all..I love embroidery..thanks for all your help as well. Great works.


        I love everything today. I would be hard pressed to choose a favorite. Yes, Iā€™m inspired! Great job, Rhonda!

        Scottie Mom Barb


          Thanks again for sharing your wonderful projects.


            Once again Rhonda, you do not disappoint. Wonderful display!

            There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
            --Ken Burns


              Beautiful jobs, you are a magnificent student, the runner with the birds I love


                Love seeing all your smaller projects. I'm going to have to research "quilting in the hoop" to see what that's all about. Is it done on an embroidery machine? Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful work with us.


                  Originally posted by osewme View Post
                  Love seeing all your smaller projects. I'm going to have to research "quilting in the hoop" to see what that's all about. Is it done on an embroidery machine? Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful work with us.
                  Thank you. Yes, it is done with the embroidery machine. You can use purchased designs that are made for quilting. The other option is using a machine feature to create stippling according to the block size. A magnetic hoop is helpful to hold the sandwich together. It's a fun technique.


                    You are so talented Rhonda! Thanks for sharing. Love the rainboots and the chickadee runner the best as well.
                    Rainy days are for quilting. Thank goodness I live in a rainforest! šŸ˜