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Sharing Quilts Thursday Rhonda K

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    Sharing Quilts Thursday Rhonda K

    The quilts shown today were for special people in my life. They are stitched with love from selecting the fabrics, the pattern, to the final quilting design. I want the selections to be personal. I don't put pressure to get them done for a certain time. When the final stitch in the label is done, they are presented to the person. This quilt was made for my son. There is always a fish tale to be told and yes, he can out-fish his dad.

    This was another AQ class in the Spring of 2016. We used the 12 inch dies to make an 18 inch finished block. There are two different blocks that make a secondary pattern in the quilt. I found this fabric and knew it was for my son's quilt. A perfect day in FL is all about fishing adventures.

    Thursday backing pic 2.jpg

    The quilting design reminds me of ocean waves and was a perfect choice.

    Thursday backing and front pic 3.jpg

    Thursday AQ Quilt Pic 1.jpg

    The finished quilt. I love designing labels on my embroidery machine.

    Quilt name is Blue Boy.

    As I was driving home from the LA quilter's shop, the label came to me. I pulled over and wrote:

    Riding on blue ocean waves
    Catch the warm sunshine waves
    May the fishing gods be with you
    All your fishing days

    The next quilt was made for my brother's FIL. He is a special person that took me on a stroll through his beautiful gardens complete with the original outhouse on their property. This quilt was for his 90th birthday Christmas Day 2018. This one was finished in time for him to open on his b-day. Blue is his favorite color and pinwheels remind me the decorations in his gardens.

    Thursday quilt layout.jpg
    The quilt blocks. I decided to on this color layout for movement in the quilt.

    Thursday BW quilting pic 9.jpg

    The same wave quilting pattern was chosen for this one.

    Thursday BW quilting pic 2.jpg

    I don't have a pic of the finished quilt as I didn't have a place to hang it The label said

    "Through the garden gate of life we walk with special friends"

    The next year, I made a quilt for his lovely wife for her with butterfly and hydrangea fabrics. The green hydrangeas have a special meaning between our two families and so she knew the quilt was made with love too.

    This was the inspiration pattern. I've had it in a notebook for a while. The layer cake was a perfect size for the blocks.

    The fabrics and playing with layout.

    Thursday BF fabrics pic 4.jpg

    The sashing strips between the blocks.

    Thursday BF strips pic 5.jpg

    The finished quilt. We used the same wave quilting pattern to match her husband's quilt. She found a package under the tree at their family Thanksgiving dinner last year. I couldn't wait for her to have it!

    Thursday finished quilt pic 6.jpg

    From left over fabric I made a tote bag.

    Thursday JR strip bag pic 7.jpg

    Hope you enjoy!

    Once again a great show! Wish we had a place around here that offered AQ classes. I think we'd get better use out of the dies.

    There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
    --Ken Burns


      Really nice. I love how you come up with the different sayings for your labels.


        Another day of beautiful quilts!
        If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

        Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes![email protected]/


          Thanks for the link to the Windham pattern. I printed off the PDF. Lovely quilts. Thanks again for sharing.


            Rhonda, I am amazed at your talent. Love them all. Gina


              Another day of gorgeous quilts! The hydrangea quilt sings to me....just lovely.

              Scottie Mom Barb


                Beautiful quilts, that of your son seems like a great job and very sober, and the fish fabric is charming, I am a very seafaring person, and as for the hidrangea it is fantastic and all those beautiful butterflies, I love its. Congratulations for its incredible works and quilting


                  I love hearing the thoughts and meanings that go into your quilts. Awesome quilts again today. The soft colors in the butterfly/hydrangea quilt really spoke to me. Thank you for the link and even more thanks for sharing your beautiful work with us.
                  Ginny B



           are very talented! Gorgeous quilts, and love the stories behind them. They are so personal!
                    Rainy days are for quilting. Thank goodness I live in a rainforest! 😁