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Sharing Quilts Wednesday Rhonda K

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    Sharing Quilts Wednesday Rhonda K

    As I thought about the quilts to posts for today, I am reminded of beginning the quilting journey. My grandmother made numerous quilts from cut down squares of polyester fabrics. She made one for her 6 children and then started on the grandchildren. I will share mine later in the week. I wondered how the fabrics could be cut and put into such pretty quilts. At times, I have wondered could I do that too?

    So come along with me as I share my journey with you today.

    This was probably my first one done in the Spring of 2015. This is a mix and match sampler pattern we made in classes at the LQS using the die system. I liked fairy frost fabrics so chose some pretty colors to make mine. I remember struggling with the sashing strips to make them fit just right. The blocks were pieced together and then the quilt sat in box in the closet. It wasn't loved quite yet. About 3 years later, I pulled it out and decided it needed to be finished. The aqua/pink with roses was perfect. A quilt is now loved. It is my snuggle couch quilt.

    Wednesday pic 6.jpg
    The chair is a favorite. It belonged to DMIL and has an interesting tale to share someday. The needlepoint picture was done by her also.

    Wednesday pic 5.jpg

    The aqua and pink roses for the backing.

    Wednesday pic 4.jpg

    You may be able to tell that I'm a tropical girl. These are the colors that make me sing. There are only a few dark fabrics in the stash.

    Next up is my beloved Lady-bug quilt. This was done in 2014. It was my first adventure making quilt blocks on the embroidery machine. Others were afraid to attempt such advanced project yet others were repeat students. Again with a great teacher, it can be done. We don't know what we don't know. We learned to mark positions with ruler and pen for each design similar to a sailor charting the course. There are 103 lady-bugs in the quilt. I made the HST border 3 times before I was happy with colors and placement.

    Wednesday pic 1.jpg

    One of the blocks to show the quilting. There is batting in the block when embroidered and I had the LA add another layer when it was quilted.

    Wednesday pic 2.jpg

    While others made the quilt for grandchildren, this quilt will stay with me to reflect me personal journey.
    PS: I still need to hand stitch one edge of the sleeve on the back.

    Wednesday pic 3.jpg

    Thank you for visiting today and letting me share!

    Wonderful quilts, I so agree about the beautiful rose/aqua floral.


      These two quilts are so beautiful and sentimental. Your work is wonderful. I did a x-stitch of the same picture a number of years ago. That pattern is Bicycle Girls. It looks beautiful in your picture. Your MIL was very talented, too. Thank you for sharing your memories of how your quilt journey began.

      Scottie Mom Barb


        Beautiful quilts and I love hearing the stories of everyone's quilting journey!
        If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

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          Not only do I like the quilts, but I also enjoy your explanation as to what you were thinking at the time. Thanks for sharing!

          There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
          --Ken Burns


            I love the aqua & peach color combo. One of my favorites. Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing.


              Love, love these, Rhonda. Great job! Gina


                I absolutely love your colors!! beautiful quilts!


                  Beautiful quilts. Lovely stories to go with them.
                  Ginny B



                    Lovely quilts and such pretty colours.


                      Both quilts are beautiful! I enjoyed looking at all the detail in you ladybug quilt!
                      ~ Carol from PA


                        I love the stories! We all have a different quilt journey it's great to know yours! Thanks for the beauty's today. Thanks for your embroidery help as well!!


                          Lovely!! My fave is the rose/aqua as well. Love that colour combo with the dark blue! Your DMIL's needlepoint is amazing! She is also very you!
                          Rainy days are for quilting. Thank goodness I live in a rainforest! 😁


                            I am in love with the Lady-Bug Quilt. Lady-Bugs are one of my favorite insects. Thank you, thank you for sharing your group of quilts with the forum.