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Quilt Sharing...Day 6

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    Quilt Sharing...Day 6

    It's my last day sharing. Yesterday did not go as planned. I had a different plan for today. So my last day will be baby quilts. I've shown these before I believe. Baby quilts are so fun to make!! On with the show!!

    I love grabbing a charm pack and some trim and creating something fun!! This one I used a dog rocket fabric...the back has flannel that says I love you to the moon and back!


    Next, I used a charm pack that has owls and construction. I used my go to make the owls. The brown is flannel. It still needs binding but is quilted like the first.


    I'm very country, this one is for a country baby. I do like this big star pattern. Funny story these borders were on another quilt. I was never happy with them on that quilt. I took them off and put them on this one.


    This is made from scraps. I've over collected through the years. I was bored one day and decided to make this. ...its done!! I did blocks with hidden blocks and easy using 4 priarie points.


    This one I made for a friends son. I learned I'm not a fan of snowballing corners. I look at the name now and think I could have gone a different route. I made a mistake in border too so applique it was! He loves it and that's all that matters!!


    Thanks for sharing quilts with me all week. Have a great holiday!!

    There's no child in the world who wouldn't love having any of those! Wonderful colors and design.

    There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
    --Ken Burns


      They are so bright and cheery! Great job!
      Rainy days are for quilting. Thank goodness I live in a rainforest! 😁


        I couldn't see the prairie points until I zoomed in for a close up of that one. What cute fabrics. I'm not a great fan of snowballing, either. I had 96 corners to do on the Smoke & Fire quilt I'm working on. Thanks for sharing all your quilt pics this week.


          Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful quilts and your enthusiasm with us this week, Rachel. You did a great job!

          Up next will be Uribarri-Mayor (Rosario) who is from the Basque region of northern Spain. She has been a member of the forum for several years and she does amazing work. She will start sharing tomorrow.

          Scottie Mom Barb


            You've made so many beautiful quilts! Thanks for sharing!
            “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


              I love bold color kids quilts! The owl quilts is very cute. One of my grandkids loves owls.


                Rachael, thank you for sharing all your wonderful quilts with us this week. It was a treat to see your work.
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                  Thanks for sharing all your beautiful quilts and all your hard work.


                    Thanks everyone is has been so fun!! I can't wait to see Rosario's work as well!!


                      Every one of those baby quilts would be loved by a sweet baby. Thank you so much for sharing all your lovely quilts & projects this past week. I really enjoyed the show!!


                        Late to your quilt party today but I have to say those are all so fun for the kiddies!

                        Of course, that owl quilt is owl-dorable. Don't you love that die? Sorry that your day didn't go as planned. We would never have known by your wonderful quilt show. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful quilts with us!


                          Thank you for sharing all your beautiful quilts this week. I really like how you used rick rack in a couple of the baby quilts. It gives a nice tactile element to the quilts.
                          Ginny B