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    Love your masks and so glad to hear some feedback on the CG template, seriously thinking of ordering it. I think FQS has it in stock. Ordered way too much quilting stuff this month (backing and batting) that I am afraid when my credit card bill comes it might have smoke pouring out of it when I open it, so maybe next month.


      I make the shaped mask also. I don't use elastic. I use t shirt fabric cut in 1 inch strips and stretched so it curls. I use a pony bead to adjust the loops around the ears. You don't even feel the loop behind the ears.


        I made lots with T shirt ties but the ties on the last several I have worn were slipping so I tied them at about 6" long and cut off the excess. The T shirt fabric wrapped around my ears is comfortable and the knot doesn't bother me. When washed the T shirt fabric shrinks but it is easy to pull it until it is the right length. I have not had to wear then for 8 long hours though.


          I ordered soft baby headbands from Amazon - like this:

          For some styles I double it up and for other styles can just use as it is. They are super soft and don't bother my ears at all. But I am not making large volumes of masks - that would get a bit expensive. But if just making for yourself and family = these are really soft and comfy.