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Needed- homemade dog food recipe

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    Needed- homemade dog food recipe

    Does anyone have a good recipe? My dog has decided he will only eat the most expensive "keep in the fridge" dog food. Needless to say, I can't afford that and my husband doesn't believe in the "if he gets hungry enough he'll eat it" philosophy. He never raised kids!

    Re: Needed- homemade dog food recipe

    Gabby went through the 'I don't want that food' that we chose for her (The shelter didn't ask what she'd been fed). I added a little chicken stock (read the label- no salt, no onions). She gobbles it down now.

    I bought some ice cube trays and freeze up the stock and keep them in a zip lock bag in the freezer. I pull two ice cubes to microwave and pour over her dry food at dinner time. She gobbles it up.

    My ex-SIL cooks up chicken breasts for her dogs... but she wouldn't cook for my BIL. That's another story.

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      Re: Needed- homemade dog food recipe

      Have you ask the vet ? Maybe there is something wrong like a tooth ache or something? Poor baby. I have also poured chicken broth over my dogs food. The vet told me to rub some of the broth on her lips and that helped. (that was with the cocker spaniel, my lab eats anything and everything)


        Re: Needed- homemade dog food recipe

        I make food for Bandit but don't have a "by the measurement" recipe. I also do it in my electric pressure cooker, so cook times would be different. I use chicken thighs, boneless and skinless for ease, plus the skin adds too much fat. I cook about 3 pounds in enough water to cover, maybe 4 cups. When the chicken is done I take it out and either chop or grind it up. Set aside for now. I peel and dice a couple sweet potatoes, maybe 2 pounds worth, not football sized potatoes. Cut up 4 or 5 carrots, put those and the potatoes in the chicken stock/water. I add a bag (12 oz?) Of cut green beans, 1 or 2 peeled and diced apples (no seeds), depending on what I have. I have also added a handful of frozen peas or spinach if I have it. Add a cup of brown rice to the pot, cover and cook until it is done. Stir in the chicken, divide into containers that will last a couple days. I freeze it, except for one and take one out to thaw as needed. You can add liver or other organ meats to the food (if you can stomach dealing with it) in relatively small amounts, but I don't because ick. I do have a vitamin supplement from the vet to sprinkle on his food when feeding.

        You can substitute pumpkin for sweet potatoes if you want. He loves food making my day because he knows he gets some extra juice in his bowl when I put it all away. He likes his food juicy so I don't drain the extra liquid. He gets between 3/4 and 1 cup a day as he is 13 pounds.

        BTW, the only store bought food he will eat now is Little Cesar's Homestyle. Yellow box, it has more gravy. Purple box, no good, as it is more of a pate' consistency.
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          Re: Needed- homemade dog food recipe

          When we got our dogs as puppies, we fed them a mix of 50/50 rice and hamburger, per the vet. Over a few weeks, we would start mixing it with their dry food, which is a high quality - Canidea, until it was all dog food after a week or so and nothing else. It went well.

          When we had to take our daughters dog in, she refused to eat, even though it was the same food she had been fed. After about five days, she had had enough of her self imposed starvation diet and all was well again.

          I would check with your vet and go from there.

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            Re: Needed- homemade dog food recipe

            As some of you know Carlie is quite old now, she never had a problem with diet, always had a cast iron stomach but now comes up with problems. If anyone wants to try it we recently had an awful problem with her coat, dry, falling out, also getting open sores and itching. After doing a little research I made up a concoction of 3T yogart (vanilla), 2T brewers yeast, 1 T Chia seeds, 1T sunflower (yes only sunflower) oil. I give it to her as a treat in the mornings. Within two days her sores were healing and already her coat was getting softer. This was a week ago and I'm seeing major differences now, very little itching, eyes brighter too. I might drop her down to every other day.

            Anyway not a regular food recipe thing but thought it might be something you guys might like to try :-)
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              Re: Needed- homemade dog food recipe

              That's similar to what we used to feed horses to get rid of sarcoids without surgery. It mostly worked too.
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                Re: Needed- homemade dog food recipe

                our rescue dog was mischievous, we used to put chiting potatoes in an egg tray about February, they had to be watched as the dog used to go and help self! the first time heard a crunch before realised, so we made a barrier, the ones that made it, did get planted, then digging up she used to borrow them again, never dug them out herself always ate raw.
                letting out into yard for the ablutions, certain times of year she started taking longer, we noticed was laying down out of sight, it was a secure yard, sneaking up on her, she was eating apples, pears were picked by the herself from the trees, we tried to limit her, due to her having feet co-ordination issues with the apples.
                funny enough peas and carrots were never touched.
                Strawberries were a firm favourite unfortunately not enough for doggy and jam.
                In case wondering she had 2 meals of meat dog food a day, plus doggy treats, and her harvesting!!. she was a happy dog.
                makes you wonder, where, why picked up these skills.
                tuna dog foods which were available then, was a big no no, she loved it, but the wind it caused was eye watering toxic to humans.
                while never made food for dogs back then, thought this may be handy info.


                  Re: Needed- homemade dog food recipe

                  Our two chihuahuas have always been fed dry dog food. But when I was gone for a month to NC, the male decided to not eat. (He's always been my "baby", and doesn't care for DH) So DH bought some of the Little Caesar's and put a small amount in the dish with the dry, and problem solved. So now, they each get a 4th of the container with their dry food; I mix it around to get the dry food coated, and they gobble it down. Since they're little dogs, they go through just one container per day.


                    Re: Needed- homemade dog food recipe

                    201 Treadler, Please excuse my ignorance but what is a chiting potato? So funny that she loved fruit! My lab will not touch fruit. The vet said to give her apples as a treat. She hates them.


                      Re: Needed- homemade dog food recipe

                      Making chicken stock and letting it fall off the bones so you can pick through and then freeze portions to add to dry kibble is what I have been doing. No onions or garlic ever, and don't salt it. I also read about some studies with dogs that showed that adding coconut oil to their food helps to avoid doggie dementia is aging dogs and extends their life span. So I have been melting organic coconut oil in the microwave and adding about 1 teaspoon to the mixture. My dog really loves the coconut oil. He's a cocker spaniel mix and lately the itchiness and dry snout have been bothering both him and me. Adding the coconut oil - medium chain triglycerides helps.


                        Re: Needed- homemade dog food recipe

                        Originally posted by TMP View Post
                        201 Treadler, Please excuse my ignorance but what is a chitting potato? So funny that she loved fruit! My lab will not touch fruit. The vet said to give her apples as a treat. She hates them.
                        Yes she was a character, but very protective, stayed with you off a lead, but had to get one of those body halters to go for walks, we found she freaked out if connected a lead to her collar (the unknown past life)

                        Potatoes are generally grown from tubers known as 'seed potatoes'. Seed potatoes are ‘chitted’ prior to planting, Chitting it is a way of preparing potatoes for planting by encouraging them to sprout before planting in the ground, extending the growing period and providing greater yields. we put in an egg tray about 4 weeks before planting, (to save the tentacles coming out getting mixed up with each other), plant in either a vegetable plot, rowing soil up over the greenery as it growing or even planting in containers and adding soil as the green comes through.
                        can buy taster packs in UK, you may have a supplier near you, or in a garden centre, if want to have a go
                        hope this helps


                          Re: Needed- homemade dog food recipe

                          A good friend of mine had two labs that as they got older they really got "picky" with what they would eat. When my friend and her hubby took their "Girls" to the vet, she suggested that they cook elbow macaroni and chicken (thighs/legs,etc). She added a little canned broth to the "broth" that was made by boiling the meat off the bones. (she occasionally added chicken base that you can (purchase at Walmart, Gordon Food Service, Kroger, Amazon.)
                          She cooks the macaroni (she used the Elbow just because that's what she had). She didn't chop up the pasta (because the dogs were big labs) but did chop un the meat to make it go farther. My friend & her hubby fed this to their labs for 10 yrs until they both passed away.
                          I also fed it to our Husky too. I had some people be concerned about the chicken base...(the salt) but if you read what's in most dog/cat foods....well let's just say I'd rather feed this to my dogs. I do feed this to my cat too...but I chop it up really fine. It's much cheaper than canned cat food!

                          ************************************************** **********************************
                          Any soup base (doesn't have to be this brand. I use Knorr's, Gordon Food Service, Etc. I usually purchase this because the meat market that I purchase all my meat from sells this brand.
                          Amazon also sells in a Vegan Style :
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                            Re: Needed- homemade dog food recipe

                            HOMEMADE DOGFOOD
                            2 cans of sardines, 1/3 cup of flax seeds, 1 cup frozen spinach defrosted, 1 can 29 oz. of pure pumpkin or sweet potato. Mash together , it makes about 5 cups.
                            HOMEMADE DOG TREATS
                            2 cups of rice flour, 1 cup pure pumpkin, 1/2 cup of peanut butter, 2 to 3 eggs. Spread out on parchment paper and bake at 350F for 10 to 15 min.
                            PUMPKIN DOG BISCUITS
                            2 eggs, or 3 if you want moister treats, 1/2 cupped pure pumpkin, 1/4 tsp salt, 2 and a 1/2 cups brown rice flour. Add brown rice flour slowly , not all at once , to whisked eggs and pumpkin mixture. On a parchment papered baking sheet for 20 min then turn over to bake 20 more min at 350F
                            *** Awhile back I posted some gluten free recipes, one for cornbread, that my dogs love as much as I do. There is no long shelf life to them, but they freeze well and are great for dog treats.


                              Re: Needed- homemade dog food recipe

                              Thank you everyone for your recipes. I found one he loves. It is bulgar, broth, carrots and peas cooked in my insty pot then yogurt added and I freeze it in cupcake tins before storing in a ziplock.