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Pressure cooker recipes

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    Pressure cooker recipes

    Does anyone have any good pressure cooker casserole recipes ? DH and I are planning a trip in our little caravan and I would like to be able to cook some casseroles as we travel. I don't have an oven or microwave in my caravan, just a couple of gas burners (and the odd campfire) and I have bought a great little pressure cooker that would do a meal for 2 whilst requiring very little gas and time as it is only a 2 litre capacity. Any suggestions would be terrific.

    Re: Pressure cooker recipes

    Ahh! Not many people use pressure cookers anymore! I love mine. One of my favorite and easy recipes for the pressure cooker is

    Lemon Porkchops (I'll just do it from memory)
    Brown porkchops, seasoned with a little salt and pepper
    Layer in pressure cooker with a slice of onion and slice of lemon on top of each
    Mix up 1/2 cup ketchup (yes ketchup!) with 1/2 cup water, 1/2 tsp salt and few dashes of pepper.
    Pour over the chops
    Once pressure cooker is rocking slow and steady, cook for 15 mins.
    I reduce pressure immediately by running cold water over cooker in sink. Once pressure thingy drops, safe to open lid (you probably already know this). The sauce should be runny and not thick. I usually put an aluminum grate in bottom of pressure cooker so chops don't sit and burn on bottom.
    Easy and good. I usually serve with noodles or rice, veggie and or salad.
    I am Sew Blessed!


      Re: Pressure cooker recipes

      Thanks amartin24 I'll give that one a go. Pressure cookers are undergoing a bit of a revival over here although I have been using a big one for years to cook corned beef/silverside and it's speedy cooking is now appealing to me for when we're travelling. There's a heap of recipes on the internet but I prefer getting "tried and true' recipes if I can. Thanks again.


        Re: Pressure cooker recipes

        We have pressure cookers, but about the only things we use it for is artichokes. I do use it to quickly cook the beans for navy bean soup (instead of soaking overnight), and when I do that, I throw the ham shanks and barley in with them.

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