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Melt in Your Crockpot Chops

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    Melt in Your Crockpot Chops

    Seriously, these don't even make it to your mouth before they melt. We have to dish them out with a spoon instead of a meat fork!

    Pork chops of your choice-we like bone-in,a bit thicker chop,I usually get the mixed pkg
    Seasoning of choice--I use McCormick No Salt Garlic and Herb (or All Purpose, if I can find it--our favorite)
    Cream of Mushroom Soup-I use 2 cans for 3 to 6 chops and I get Healthy Request
    Fresh Mushrooms
    Fresh Onions
    Brown chops with seasoning, after browning I put some water in skillet and make sure I get all of the great bits of browning out of the pan and reduce the broth you have made to 1/4,to intensify the flavor.
    Cut onion as you desire, we like them in pretty big chunks.
    Mix soup and milk-I use about 1/2 can milk for every can of soup
    Layer soup, chops, onion and fresh mushrooms and a dash more of seasoning, if desired in your crockpot till all of it is in there. Pour your reduced broth on top and cook on low for 8 hrs. at least.
    Cook your rice close to serving time and use the soup broth as a gravy on rice.
    Serve with vegetable of choice--our fave is green beans or broccoli cauliflower carrot mix.
    This is one of my family's favorites. It's in the crockpot right now!

    Re: Melt in Your Crockpot Chops

    This is so good! The chops stay so moist. i use golden mushroom soup sometimes, too.
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      Re: Melt in Your Crockpot Chops

      Sounds yummy- thanks


        Re: Melt in Your Crockpot Chops

        Yum! Now I know what to cook for Sunday dinner!


          Re: Melt in Your Crockpot Chops

          Lola, I'm coming to YOUR house. This sounds very yummy. And like a comfort food.
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            Re: Melt in Your Crockpot Chops

            That sounds delicious! Any good recipes for the crockpot are always welcome. When I get back to the states I'm going to try this. Thanks.
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