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Banana Bread

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    Banana Bread

    This is a recipe I have used for years, especially since I got married as it is one of Dave's favorites. The recipe is from my grandmother's best friend so is a very old recipe. Enjoy!

    Banana Bread.docx

    Thanks so much Carlie!! I will definitely be making that next time I have bananas. We both love banana bread. Hubby doesn't like uts in his , but I love walnuts in mine. Hope there isn't a banana shortage like Rob has, lol.
    Rainy days are for quilting. Thank goodness I live in a rainforest! 😁


      The banana shortage has begun here , but then shelves are fast emptying of many things. Jack went to Walmart this morning. He came home determined he is going to be ordering groceries online from here on. The guy cleaning the cart was not wearing a mask or gloves. he would tell one person that line up of carts are the clean ones, and then tell people no they haven't been cleaned yet. I think that freaked Jack out more than empty shelves. He said there was only 2 bottles of Advil in the store so he bought them both. He takes Advil for arthritis. Quebec is going to close their borders so trucks travelling with goods will be even more limited. Bananas lately are either very green or over ripe when there is any on the shelf. Jack used to bring home a dozen bananas when shopping, now he brings home 4 or 5. He loves banana bread with out nuts as well. I like the walnuts in it.
      I agree with Frank Barone, chicken salad isn't any good with out celery. I have certain expectations of taste with food, and walnuts in the banana bread is one of them. When the bananas are over ripe I put them outside for the 2 visiting skunks I get every night. They love bananas, but not as much as they love spaghetti. If the warnings don't keep covid people away I think the skunks just might.


      • Hillbillyhike
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        Haha. I like your spaghetti eating skunk deterrent technique!

      • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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        That's too bad that your stores are starting to sell out of basic items. Plenty of bananas here, but that's this week and it could change. I would freeze some, but have found they are too wet when I unthaw them. If I ever get that small freezer I ordered, I will be freezing more veggies than I usually do.

      • osewme
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        We seldom actually go inside Walmart since the virus struck. We order online & then go to the store & they put them in our trunk. We don't even have to sign for them anymore so that means no contact at all with the Walmart workers.


      That is the same recipe that I use. There is a powdered buttermilk product that keeps in the refrigerator. Thanks for sharing and reminding to get some bananas next week!


      • CarlieBlilie
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        I have tried using buttermilk in this recipe but it didn’t turn out like normal so I just use the sour milk. It may be that it is just the way I’m used to it tasting.

      Sometimes the simple straightforward recipes are the best. I do the sour milk thing all the time. I use it in my slaw dressing and it’s so good. Thank you for this recipe, Carlie. Now if I can just get some bananas.

      Scottie Mom Barb


        Bananas can be frozen. I've done that many times & I just freeze them with the skins on. It's a great way to salvage those bananas that are getting too ripe to just eat outright but are still great for banana bread & muffins & pancakes, etc. So when you come across bananas in the store you can buy more than you need & freeze the rest in case of a shortage again.