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    Saturday hellos

    Happy Saturday, folksies

    Getting ready to head out the door; an early start for me today. I have a bridal party coming in. Thank goodness it is a fairly casual group.

    I will need to get caught up on posts from last night; looks like a LOT of busy and happy peeps.

    One person in particular I have missed most recently is our Kilted Quilter, Nikki. I can be so flaky with my online time and miss a whole lot of posts when I can only get in once a day and of course when I am offline for a few days at a time. If you yak with her, tell her I am thinking of her and missing her. She's a darling.

    Have a wonderful day - smile - and hope everyone gets the good stuff for Mother's Day. The good stuff for me is not having to cook. more smiles.

    Sewing mends the soul.

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    Re: Saturday hellos

    Hi Blondie! I just left Kilted Quilter a message asking her to start a new thread so we can hear what she's been up to. Hopefully she'll respond. Don't work too hard. Sounds like a busy day with all those gals needing updo's. LOL Happy Mother's Day tomorrow. Is LL going to grill or take you out for dinner? Maybe the kids will come wine and dine you.
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      Re: Saturday hellos

      Have a good day! Bet your girls will be beautiful after you are done with them! Enjoy Mother's Day, I love your cartoon picture for the day! I think we all get to that point more than once in our lives with our children.


        Re: Saturday hellos

        Good Morning all you quilters & MOMs.. Hope your week-end is filled with gifts of appreciation and love. My Mother's day presents have come along early.. Flowers and chocolate from my Son & family. (lovely roses!!) DD#1 has called and talked my ear off. DD#2 is putting together my new sewing cabinet... And there is a gathering of both MOM's with some siblings going out to eat.
        I think I'm getting spoilt!!! So I probably won't be on line very much till all the "dust" settles. Off today to get my hair done..needing a perm really bad. Still got most of my original color, so no "cover ups".

        Yup, I'd say I getting SPOILT!! Hope everyone else does too. Hugs

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          Re: Saturday hellos

          Good morning everyone.

          I am lucky enough to have my grandbabies with me this weekend. Son has gone to a bachelor party up at the camp. Hubby gone too. I do have to work this morning but I have a sitter for the kids. Then it is all US!! I am looking forward to spending time with the baby. DIL stayed behind for a weekend off. Can't blame her.

          Have a great weekend, my friends cause I know I will.

          Love you all
          Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


            Re: Saturday hellos

            Good morning! I got a beautiful card from DS yesterday and cried when I read it...good tears! DH and I are going to a surprise birthday cookout for DH's older brother this afternoon so I'll be cooking something to take later on this morning.

            Happy Mother's Day weekend everyone!
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              Re: Saturday hellos

              Good Saturday morning to you all.

              I am very stiff and sore today. Had to go help DH with the hay!!!!!!! He ended up being by himself, the baler broke down and we were trying to fix it, of course nothing went right and he couldn't fix it. So then we just got our share of the hay bales that he did get done loaded on the wagon and then brought them home and unloaded them into our hay tent. I really didn't do much, drove the truck with the trailer while he loaded it. But I did unload the trailer while he stacked it. I told him I hated working with him because he was so demanding and liked to call me names (and not nice ones either)! The hot tub and a beer helped a lot when we got done though!!!

              So I didn't get any sewing done yesterday. But I will be sewing my Super 9 patch baby quilt today after I search for HIS baler manuals that I LOST!!! I will take a pic of the 9 patch and post it as soon as I get the top together. I was going to do it as a quilt as you go but since this machine doesn't zig-zag I can't.

              The gun show isn't until next week so I don't have to make cookies, but I have some oranges that are started to go soft so I may make either some orange rolls or an orange cake. Depends on my mood after the sleeping royalty wakes up. I call him that because he CAN be a ROYAL pain in the butt at times. LOL

              Hope everyone has a great day today and a wonderful mother's day.

              Hugs and prayers.
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                Re: Saturday hellos

                Oh, how wonderful to be married to Royalty! Makes my little heart go WHOSH! Men, can't live with them, can't live without them. 'Course I wouldn't trade mine for anything in the world - he's like an old pair of shoes . . . he may be a little scruffy around the edges but he's still comfortable.

                I'm picturing a little hair salon in NC with the Steel Magnolias getting ready for the big day. Don't you wish Blondie had a web cam set up so we could all watch? It would make You-Tube very happy, I'm sure.

                Doubt much will be happening around here. I lay awake last night wondering just how much outside work I could get done over the week-end. Al's wonderful Aunt Paz is arriving on Wednesday for a couple days before they head to CA for a week or so. I don't want her to see what slobs we've become in our old age and really need to get the front of the house cleaned up some. So, woke this morning to THUNDER and heavy rains! That lasted for a short time but I do think we got enough rain that I'll not get much done outside . . . asking for sunshine and some drying time.

                Feeling good in spite of myself . . . so I plan to head to the sewing room as soon as I can this morning. Maybe I can do something productive. I finished a special project for DD that I should share. She has a friend who was just diagnosed with her THIRD CA - breast, thyroid, and now uterine. Her sign-on name is Purple and she and her husband are avid bird watchers so her on-line friends are knit bombing her with purple birds. I did a quilted set for her and they sure turned out cute.

                Okay, making haste to get downstairs. Sending those prayers for all our friends in need, hugs and best wishes to everyone out there. May you have a wonderful weekend full of love and family!! Happy Mother's Day!
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                it's best not to try to put it out with gasoline.

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                  Re: Saturday hellos

                  Hello All..Haven't been on here much lately sooo. Popping in to say Hi and Happy Mother's Day to all here..and all my love and prayers to all..Not much going on here for Mom's Day all my kids forgot or didn't care. The girls that is!!! Not sure about the DS yet.
                  Yes I am B----ing but I sent them Mother's Day and B-Day stuff and not a call to say they got them or a thank you. Well maybe on Sunday I will hear from them!!! OK sorry to be such a downer. A little Mom Pitty Party sorry to let it out on you all.

                  Oh on a much brighter note I have been getting alot of sewing done and embroidery done, that's is why I haven't been on much I need my old puter to do embroidery on my Singer Machine, not the Janome, it goes with out my puter. I will post pictures later when things are done.

                  Any whooo I miss you all and do know that all of you are in my heart and in my prayers.
                  Love and Hugs ((((HUG))))
                  Jan G.
                  Jan G :icon_wave:

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                    Re: Saturday hellos

                    Hi everyone and Happy Mother's Day weekend to you moms. Today DH and I are outside working in our gardens. I asked for plants for Mother's Day and I know I'm getting some because I saw the boys sneak some inside to hide. I hope they aren't getting potting soil under their beds! Today I'm playing in the dirt, getting all the weeds out so those new plants have a nice clean home to pop into. We're supposed to get rain all week so I have to slip away from the party tomorrow to put the plants in the ground. Think anyone will notice? They'd better! They'll probably watch from the window and then come looking for me when most of the plants are already planted. My grown up kids don't like gardening, but of course the 2, 4 and 5 year old DGSs do. Shovels, soil and kids that young do not equal help! I like the whole idea of "I learned to garden at my grammie's knees" kind of thing, but it really isn't practical. I guess it didn't help when I bought them all their own gardening gloves. My bad.

                    “Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. God is awake.” - Victor Hugo


                      Re: Saturday hellos

                      Hi Everyone!

                      This has been a very busy Saturday. We have been having electrical problems in my old house and DH and a good friend have worked there for three days in the hot attic. Today DH figured out the problem and almost the entire house has been re-wired. I had to work at our apartments today but got home fairly early. It's time to relax!! I hope everyone is having a great day!

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                        Re: Saturday hellos

                        Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's on the forum. This includes Jenny and the Doan Daughters.
                        I will hear from son Joe, Heather and the girls. They never forget me. My son John, I doubt I'll hear from this year as he is angry with me for telling him the sun does not rise and set just for him. As for my Daughter, I won't hear from her either as she spends all holidays with her MIL. I wouldn't give her a large sum of money because she didn't pay us back for the last amount she borrowed. We just can't afford it and they spend their money on things they shouldn't. And then wonder how come they can't pay their bills. Kids... can't live with them... pass the beer nuts!
                        I do have wonderful pets though. Max (dog) bought me a Nook Glow E-Reader. Tara, Fred, and Mickers (Birds) bought me a rolling tote for my sewing machine so I could take it with me. And my Darlin Husband bought me 2 hats. (for some reason, he loves me in a hat) Of course he paid for everything as he always has, and then tells me he had nothing to do with it. Talk about being spoiled!!!! Yup, thats me.
                        Has anyone heard from Angela? She and Heaven have been heavy on my mind for 2 days. I have been praying for them. For some reason, I'm worried about them. Blondie, have you heard anything? I'll just pray harder for them. Have a great Mom's Day, I love you all, Jan L.
                        Home, where each lives for the others and all live for God! ><(((((o>


                          Re: Saturday hellos

                          Happy Mother's Day to all...hope you all have a nice weekend....doubt if I hear from my daughter...she is just returning from a 3 day retreat for Christian Women and has church services tomorrow that she video tapes and she is helping out at a funeral there as well...she will be busy just coming home..(Dad has been with the kids while she was gone) so I know what she will come home to! We did celebrate when I went up for her BDay last week...lives about 3-4 hr drive away from me. I am working tomorrow so I am posting this tonight....