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The Week is over!!

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    The Week is over!!


    I just collected Mr Daisy from chemo for the final time this week and oh my are we both bushed! But it is done and that feels so good. He has gone to bed.....he says for a snooze but judging from the snores coming through the ceiling he is more totally passed out than snoozing lol. I will be doing his injections for 10 days and then he goes in for them to harvest the immature stem cells the injections make him grow. They are super sooped up injections this time to make lots of stem cells........yes ladies, they 'pimped his injections' lol so we hope that when he goes for harvest on 11th April he will have lots and lots. The harvest will take 3 days but as he says........just happy not to be a wheat field, am sure that takes longer. We are not farmers so this could be rubbish but the thought made him happy. I pop in for my LAST treatment next week..........yayyyyyyyyy me...... so that should hopefully mean I am over the worst by the time he goes in after Easter.

    There has been no support this week at all. No contact from either his mother or his sister and only my youngest daughter called to see how he was doing. He is hurt, I am used to it by now......... people cope in such different ways and many many just hide their heads from it. We get our support from my friends here and I always tell him what you are all doing and saying. He is sad that friends from work have also backed away this time. He thinks they feel he might not make it, as all this is just like last year and they don't know what to say. I am thinking of sending them a gentle nudge by email.

    Anyway the worst is over for 10 days and we can feed him up and spoil him until after Easter.

    Thanks as always for the support you all show us!

    Re: The Week is over!!

    Hi Daisy - Hallelujah! Glad you both got through it and are home and resting. I'm sure it's not because friends don't care. I think it's more what you said, that they don't know what to say. I think a nudge by email is an excellent idea. Even if they just come round and pop in for a short "hello" it would mean alot to Mr. D. and you as well. It's the tough times that really show a person who is and isn't a true friend. One very good thing - you and Mr. D are there for each other. Lots of folks aren't even that lucky.

    I'm sure lots of yummy comfort food will please him and certainly your hugs and kisses are there to comfort as well. Do you have a nice place to sit in your yard to enjoy this nice weather? That's always good for the spirits. Joe and I were out running some errands this afternoon and it is just lovely outside. Enjoy your respite and a pleasant and restful weekend to you both.
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      Re: The Week is over!!

      Pimping up the funny! Glad that this round is over with for Stew and that you have one more next week. It still breaks my heart that you guys are on your own during all this.

      I know that how my mom's father, sister and brother were completely "useless" during her battle of nine years. They rarely visited at the hospital 'cause they were "uncomfortable", it surely was just "female problems", etc. Later I was consoling everyone, I was 29 and an only child, my father was 6000 miles away...something wrong with the picture?

      Don and I found that the strongest support came from a couple of our closest friends, most of my mom's friends disappeared over time. Like Steward said, I think they don't know what to say, think that they're not going to make it through the next treatment, and let's face it, don't want to hear about the big "C" word.

      Fatten up Mr. Daisy and enjoy Easter together, are you guys getting together with family at all? We went to Honolulu yesterday to the big Hilo Hattie store to stock up on Hawaiian treat as we're sending Easter toys and goodies to the DGS and DD & SIL today. Plus I added a doll for Penelope who is due to arrive on May 31st!

      Take good care of each other, prayers, love and hugs from Don and Ruby.
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        Re: The Week is over!!

        Hi Miss Daisy. Glad to hear that Mr D is home and resting. Please give him my best and let him know you both are in my daily prayers.

        I would definitely "nudge" via e-mail those that need a nudge. Let them know that one of the best recovery devices is the communication with friends and family.

        Love to you both.
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          Re: The Week is over!!

          God love you both for your good humor and looking at this with wisdom and understanding of other people's inability to deal with grave medical situations. I hope you can both rest and regain strength both in mind and body before his "harvest" date. I'd be doing my share of Chocolate Easter Eggs if I were in your situation! Dark chocolate! Good for you!

          Please know that I an thinking of you often, and offering up prayers for the success of both of your treatments. And I hope the family rallies around you, because you need them now. An email nudge might just do the trick. We have a website in the states called CaringBridge. You can set up your own website to give updates on the progress of what's going on in your lives, and your friends can sign up to view it. It is like a blog, but has more freedom for visitors. A friend can post for you if you are busy or aren't up to doing it yourself. It might be available worldwide, isn't that what www means? Several of my friends used it, and it was a great way to stay in touch and keep people up to date on what is going on. Saves you from having to write a bunch of emails or make lots of phone calls when you are exhausted.

          Love and hugs and prayers coming your way from Missouri-- Jean
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            Re: The Week is over!!

            Ms. 'Daisy' always have such a wonderful outlook. You and Hubby are an inspiration to many. It is tough when the family 'hides'. Sometimes when people don't know what to say or do, they retreat to protect themselves. Too bad, because being involved with this experience would not only help you, but in helping you, they would help themselves. This is great potential for emotional growth.

            Have a good respite, Quilty Friend. You deserve some quiet time. Rest and sew if you are up to it.


              Re: The Week is over!!

              That's okay, Alison. People never know what to say and rather than just let you know they are thinking of you they hide. Never did understand that. All you need is a 'Hey, you are on my mind.' And at least you know they care. . . .

              Anyhoo, let that wonderful HUNK know that I'm still pining for him and I'd love a hug from him more than anything . . . as long as YOU don't have a cast iron skillet in your hand.

              I have you both on my mind a lot . . .
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                Re: The Week is over!!

                So glad you've gotten through this tough week. Now you can rest up and enjoy your Easter. Hope your treatment goes well next week. Take care; praying for your both.

                I got a sewing machine for my husband. Good trade, huh!?!


                  Re: The Week is over!!

                  I hope your last treatment goes well and the both of you can get some much needed rest before the next step.

                  My brother in law stopped going into my dad's room when Dad was too tired to venture into the rest of the house with his leukemia. Dad thought Jack was mad at him. I said no, Jack is just a chickensh!t. He knows you are gonna die from this and he doesn't know how to deal with it. I told Jack to get his butt in there and talk to my dad, he said he didn't know what to say. I explained that dad was the same person as before and to talk about whatever. People avoid what scares them.
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                    Re: The Week is over!!

                    Alison, so glad you made it through this week! Thankful and rejoicing with you that Stewart and you can now rest for a period of time. Do what you can to get all the rest you can. And, I'm sorry people have backed away from you. It's a good reminder for all of us to move outside our comfort zone and do what is right, not what is comfortable. I pray these friends and family get that message somehow--perhaps the email nudge will work.

                    Hang in there. Prayers continue for both of you.
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                      Re: The Week is over!!

                      Hi Mr. and Mrs. Daisy!! It's good to see you here and I'm glad to hear that you will have your last treatment soon and he is done. Give him and you your favorite treats and enjoy them. I've got you both daily in my prayers also.
                      I seem to be uncomfortable to visit people that are sick, but I go anyway cause I figure it's better I come and spend time and say the wrong thing than to not show up at all.
                      I hope your weather is good and that you can both get out to enjoy it.

                      BIG HUGS for you BOTH!!!

                      What if you woke up today and the only things you had were the things you thanked God for yesterday? :icon_hug:quilting trish


                        Re: The Week is over!!

                        Mrs. Daisy, I'm so glad you made it through the week! I'm also glad that you'll be done with your chemo next week!! Is Mr. Daisy done with chemo too? I've been praying for both of you!! I love hearing from you and hearing all about Mr. Daisy too!!

                        You two will stay in my prayers!! Hugs to you both!!

                        Pam in Vegas
                        Pam in Vegas


                          Re: The Week is over!!

                          One day at a time; one week at a time. So glad your week is over and good luck for you next week.
                          I agree with the comments here - people just don't know what to say or what to do and I think a lot of time they don't want to bother you or intrude. Also, Mr. D's co-workers may not feel that it is appropriate to visit because illness is a personal thing and many people keep their personal lives and work lives separate. Perhaps an email telling people that you are welcoming visitors may give them "permission" to come by.
                          Continued prayers!


                            Re: The Week is over!!

                            Dear Daisy....So glad the week is over for both of you need to get your last treatment! I saw friends and family "hide" when my late Hubby was battling cancer. People are afraid of what they will see and also that they won't know what to say. We had one friend, who later became by DH, who would just pop in and say he was thinking of us and ask if there were any chores or repairs he could do to help us out. He would cut the grass, clean gutters, wash the car, fix the toilets....whatever he could do to take a little of the burden off of two people who were beyond themselves. If people only understood how little it takes to encourage someone and show them they aren't alone. Karen was so correct...people avoid what scares them!

                            Hang in there Daisy and Mr D...we're praying and wishing the best for you both! I wish I could pop in the lend you a helping hand. Hugs, Barb

                            Scottie Mom Barb


                              Re: The Week is over!!

                              That is GOOD news...a bit of a logistical break at the very least for you both....take care, rest up, and be each others strength...


                              (I'm sarcastic. Breathe deeply, then laugh...)

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