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Tuesday hellos

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    Tuesday hellos

    Good morning friends. Well what a day I had yesterday. (This could be a long post)

    It started with almost forgetting my purse and post office keys. That would have been bad. Took hubby to work and doubled back to get to my work. Got to the post office and it seemed awful cold in there. The heaters were terribly cold. I turned up the heat a few degrees, it didn't seem to help. So I have no heat. It is a good thing there is a little portable heater. It is not getting any warmer. At around 11am I call the Church secretary. He asks me to go the basement. Door is locked to the furnace room. Got back and around the other way. He is trying to direct me where to look to see if there is any oil in the tanks. Nope both empty. So he says we need to call the oil company but he doesn't have the phone number. They are based near my home and thankfully I have our local phone book. So I give them a call. Meanwhile I am waiting on the mail to arrive, freezing my petunia off. They are to call me back. Okay, secretary calls me back and tells me that the basement door needs to be unlocked so they can get in. No problem, right? Door opens out and the snow has not been removed. Okay, get the shovel and start clearing snow. Well under the fluffy stuff is ICE. Plastic shovel won't go through that. Mail arrives, get it all sorted. By now I have decided that I am not spending my lunch hour freezing so I am headed back home. I was initially supposed to meet my friend at a neighbour's because it was his 80th birthday. So I send her a text, will meet her there at lunch time. Oil people haven't called me back, so back on the phone. Explain that they can't come in through the basement, I can't clear the snow. WELL, they fill the tanks from outside and then come in through the post office into the basement to reset the furnace. OH!! You learn something everything day, right. So I made arrangements for them to be there at 2. I set off, meet up with my friends, have a coffee and birthday cake. A lovely visit.

    Head back to work. Check and see that they have been there and filled the tanks. Okay, now what happens? I wait a bit and just about to call again, truck pulls up. Are you the furnace guy? Yup, great. Wasn't sure if I was supposed to do something. Doesn't take him long, meantime, heater is going, decide to warm up my soup, microwave going, heater quits. Furnace guy is done and talking with me. WHAT THE H****. Realize I have tripped the breaker. Furnace, heater and microwave all running at the same time? So furnace guy comes to the basement with me to make sure furnace is still working. We get the breaker back on, all good. It will take a while to warm up, meanwhile, I am sitting there with my boots and coat on, never did remove them, doing my thing. A little while later, reaching to throw something in the garbage, somehow the chair tips (ok stop laughing here), and I fall to my knees. Not hurt and thankful no one has seen me.

    So thankful the day ended well after all. Picked up hubby and supper but I was terribly tired from my day.

    We are supposed to be getting some snow today but it hasn't started yet. Hubby is to take his brother to the city for an eye appointment but I am not going. I need to do a little housework around here. I also need to get a binding put on that quilt. I have all day to do that.

    Wishing you all a wonderful day today.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Tuesday hellos

    Goodness gracious, Monique! Have you thawed out?

    Good Morning all,

    I'll have the boy today, and the boys from A1A to install the batteries for the solar panels. From what the installers of my electrical panel said, it only takes about an hour to charge the batteries for the day and at night, the house will pretty much run on the batteries. They did say when everyone is off grid around me, I should be able to run everything as normal in the house. That will be nice, to not have to worry about the refrigerator or freezer being down for days.

    I worked on the afghan yesterday. After the boy leaves today, I'll check my spray basting to see if I have enough for one of the baby quilts. I hope to get both of them finished up this week. I ordered the backing for the whoopsie quilt yesterday, on sale. It should be here in a few days. Friday, is the long arm appt for Jim's in-law's quilt. I should call Nana and see if she would like to go, too.

    It's foggy here, so Mike is leaving a little early. Gabby is sitting at the door, probably wondering why he didn't leave it open for her to look out.

    The coffee is ready, and the little girl has plopped down on the carpet. I guess we're as ready for the day as we're going to get.

    Have a great day! Be creative!

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
    ― Maya Angelou


      Re: Tuesday hellos

      Monique! What an awful day. I have to say that you went above and beyond the call of duty. I have had crazy days like that and they exhaust your body, mind and soul. Hugs, my friend. I hope today is a MUCH better day for you.

      Today is Jeff’s last day off. My GF is taking me out for a belated birthday lunch. Last week the weather was too cold and we had ice everywhere. Neither one of us like being on the roads on ice.

      Maggie and Sugar are two years old now. It seems like it was yesterday when we first brought them home. They were so tiny Jeff could carry both of them in one hand. They are becoming such wonderful girls. Dottie left a month ago....the void in our lives is enormous but our memories of her and Olive are the best. I have been blessed to be Mom to six Scottie’s over the years and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

      I hope everyone is well and that you all have a blessed day....Hugs

      Scottie Mom Barb


        Re: Tuesday hellos

        Good Morning, Everyone ~ A chilly 20 deg. here with snow just starting. It was supposed to begin ~midnight. Maybe up to 2".
        Yest. it warmed up to 54 deg. & was sunny much of the day until the clouds moved in during the afternoon.

        In the a.m. I did the usual laundry & mixed up my batch of turkey patties. Just had time to pack up my laptop, change my clothes, eat some lunch, & it was off to computer class to learn more about Windows 10. A full class of 10 students, each with our own coach. The computer hook up so we could view things on the screen was not working, so the teacher had to wing it using only lecture & our work books. Hopefully things will be up & running for part 2 of the class on Wed.

        DS#1 is having a job interview as I write this. He's fairly satisfied with his current job, but he decided to interview for this one anyway.

        I had a call from the pharmacy yest. The glucose meter I've been using for many years no longer is being made, so I have to select another meter & get different test strips. I did some browsing on the web last eve. The one meter I thought I'd like uses one of those round coin shaped batteries. Not sure I like that idea. The AAA batteries last longer, I think. It's always something.

        Well, Monique, you had quite the experience yesterday. I hope today will be a better day.


          Re: Tuesday hellos

          Good morning. We had a nice day yesterday after a chilly start to the day. We are suppose to get a little rain today. We had to take one of our dogs to the vet last night. He will have surgery on his ear this morn. The hematoma would not heal. It kept filling with blood. He will end up with a crinkle ear. He should feel better. We think that the pug bit him during her play with him.

          I have started to make the binding for my West Palm quilt. I will continue with that project today.

          Monique— you were quite a trooper yesterday. You are definitely a one woman show!



            Re: Tuesday hellos

            Good morning all,
            Monique - what an adventure. You can never say your day at work is boring. You might get a chuckle about this when you've thawed out. I think this is the best case scenario for emergency preparedness.
            Katrina - would love to get off the grid and not rely on hydro companies
            Barb - enjoy your birthday lunch. It's still within your birthday month, enjoy.

            It's snowing and blowing, and think we are getting more accumulation than predicted. Such is winter. Today I have to go see mom and pay the foot care lady. Cleaning lady is coming this aft. My daughter asked me to cut up veggies for kids snacks. I may make it to the sewing room briefly. Going to be non-stop.

            Yesterday, I started thinking retreat projects. I cut the fabric for mom's quilt. I had enough for 20-8.5" blocks but not enough for small ones. I bought at VV so can't get more.. I didn't take into account this fabric was only 36" wide. I swapped it with another one from stash, but after thinking about it, I will use another colour. I will cut the borders after the top is assembled. I also cut more Hexies. I'm getting many done, everytime I sit and watch TV, I handsew a few more. I want to prep a lot to bring at retreat. Its perfect to sit, relax and handsew, while enjoying coffee, tea or wine.

            Have an enjoyable day everyone.

            Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

            Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


              Re: Tuesday hellos

              Well, I am up now and I know its late but it is nice to wake up when you want to. I didn't Robo call . I hate those things and half the time no one is there.

              Kaylee is well . She got up early and fed Sandy and let her out. What a wonderful child to do that for me and let me sleep in. She and her girlfriends love to talk on the phone in groups and facetime at the same time on speaker. Lots of giggles. (at least half a dozen of them) I would have loved that when I was young. Today we go get her hair cut . We have been trying since Christmas break and something always happens. I'm going to miss her when she goes home and back to school.



                Re: Tuesday hellos

                Hope everyone's day goes better today!
                At least the heater is working now though!
                Stay warm everyone!

                today I am off work, but I am still going to a 20 year anniversary lunch for my job.
                Hopefully it will not drag on too long as I have many things I need to get done today!
                I really need to go to the grocery - we are out of laundry soap, eggs and other necessities.

                I have 2 quilts that need to be done asap for school raffles.
                one is quilted and needs the binding, which I will hand sew as well.
                the other is a king size storm at sea that I need to load on the long arm and get to it.
                I think I will just go with swirls on it, easy and fast.
                Happy Quilting!


                  Re: Tuesday hellos

                  Good morning!
                  It is nice to sleep in, although I'm still waking up "on time" for work, but I don't HAVE to get up. It seems to make a huge difference for some reason.

                  JCY - if you do go with the meter that uses the coin batteries, order them from Amazon. We have headlamps that are integrated into fleece hats for winter chores that use them. It was going to cost more for the replacement batteries than a new hat if we bought them in a normal store. I bought Energizer branded coin batteries, (exp date out a year+) and they were 20 for under $10.

                  I spent a chunk of my day yesterday trying to help a new goat owner get her animals taken care of. She bought 3 goat kids from the Humane Society. It amazes me that they make you jump through hoops to adopt a dog, but they don't bother to ask if you have appropriate fencing or housing to bring home livestock. She had 3 kids living in a wire dog crate with a tarp with straw bedding. The fencing will do for another few months until the kids get big enough to stand on it, bust the welds, and reduce it to a pile of wires. I don't really see this family becoming a long-term owner, but hopefully they are on the road to doing better for their animals.

                  Today is stay home day. We have homework to knock out. Ugh. Hopefully I can do some sewing while we study the Constitution, the Articles of Confederation, thermal transfer, the effects of tobacco, and catch her up on the basics of algebraic equations. I know, you all are sooooo jealous! Lol!

                  Have a good day and try to make someone smile today!
                  Hugs, Cathy
                  Be who you are and say what you feel
                  because those who mind don't matter,
                  and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss



                    Re: Tuesday hellos

                    Cathy ~ Thanks for the tip on the buying coin batteries from Amazon. I've done more browsing for glucose meters this a.m. It looks like the majority of them now use those batteries. After so much browsing, it's almost hard to select one. I've crossed off 2 that I definitely don't want. I've been reading a lot of reviews. I read over the PDF of the manual of one model. I've almost decided to select that one. I need to let my pharmacy know so it can be ordered.


                      Re: Tuesday hellos

                      hi friends,
                      wow Monique what a day, thanks for sharing it with us,
                      sorry for not much chat lately, later last night fell getting out the bath, leg muscles just went in to total fatigue at wrong moment, it was an instant thing, thankfully caught self before major damage, but banged wrist in grabbing to stop fall, wrist is making it self know, when everything moves, himself came running when heard me say 'well that was unexpected', have compression gloves and a splint from the previous injury that was ongoing from feb 18, am thankful it wasn't any worse, have sprayed it with muscle heat stuff but still hurts, have been trying to treadle today gentle leg exercise. will seek some advice, It is a small blip on the life journey.
                      have a great evening,
                      ps. watch out for unexpected gravity forces.