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Good Sunday Morning

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    Good Sunday Morning

    Good Morning All,

    It's Sunday, once again. This month is flying past.

    Gabby's been out already and is conked out on her living room pillow. I'm ready for church, just in case Jim decided to pick me up. Morgan's off, so she's got the pick up MIL for church duty. Esther's off tomorrow, so I'm not sure if Jonathan is having school or not. I'll ask today.

    I've got to figure out what we're having for dinner tomorrow night. I'm thinking ham, so we can have scalloped potatoes and ham with the left overs. Today, Mike and I will clean up left overs for lunch.

    I'll be shopping on line for backing fabric and getting the flannel ready for the backs of the baby quilts. Maybe if Jonathan doesn't come tomorrow, I can get one of them sandwiched and ready for quilting.

    Have a wonderful day.

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
    ― Maya Angelou

    Re: Good Sunday Morning

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ Katrina ~ You're the early bird this a.m. This a.m. is church. I need to stop at 3 groc. stores on the way home for several items. Another chance of snow on Mon.

    I finally made it to the sewing room yest. p.m. I stitched on the binding of the pinwheel baby quilt, hand tacked the 4 corners & sewed on the label. It's done! Now to figure out how to re-size my pics with the new computer. I also started making a hanging sleeve for a wall hanging quilt. It's stitched & pinned in place. I just need to hand sew it in place.

    Yest. I placed an internet order for my coffee from New England Coffee. I cannot find what I want locally. I order 2 lb., which lasts me ~6 mos. I drink only 1 c./day, & sometimes not even that. I store the coffee in the freezer.

    I hope everyone has a good day.


      Re: Good Sunday Morning

      Good Morning...thank you for the birthday wishes yesterday

      We plan to make a quick trip to Walmart today for a few groceries. Other than that we will watch the Daytona 500 race. This is a big day for Jeff. I will make something easy for dinner and it will be an easy day.

      Have a great day everyone!

      Scottie Mom Barb


        Re: Good Sunday Morning

        Good morning everyone,

        I work today at J's. Brrrrr....I hate to think of the drive over to Grand Forks because we're under a windchill advisory. It seems the wind is always blowing here from one direction or another. After work I need to stop at WalMart for some coffee creamer and a few other pantry items.

        Yesterday I worked some more on cabinets. DH installed two more of the chrome sliding organizers on two lowers, so I was able to put away some of the items that have been covering the peninsula and the dining room table. I think we'll be ordering three more.

        I opened the table runner kit I bought from Blueprint, and read through the directions. The fabrics are very pretty. That was it for "sewing" yesterday.

        I better finish my coffee, and then get ready to go. Have a restful day everyone.


          Re: Good Sunday Morning

          Good morning everyone. I was not successful with long arm yesterday, so finally went in sewing room and stitched some pineapple blocks from scraps. I am on a mission to whittle down the scrap containers. Then went to pick up DGD for a sleepover. Today will be all about her. She has been coughing all night, so we will probably stay indoors.


            Re: Good Sunday Morning

            Good morning all.
            It's overcast but warmer than the past few days. Yesterday was a much better day. I ran errands and gave mom a manicure and pretty lilac nail polish. I picked out her clothes for the attendants to dress her for the brunch with family today. I have found that if I invite people for a meal they commit to visiting her.

            Last night we had a friends come over to see the new Diesel engine and cars in action. DH also had his Challenger and cars running on a separate track. It's S scale. One friend is getting back into trains again, but will be adding to his O scale collection. Since he can't drive (stroke) and DH can't until he recovers, the other neighbour and them have planned a day trip to the train store in the west end of city. Joy, I get it. There probably won't be any relatives who will want all this after he's gone. We will need to set up a plan to dispose/sell as there is a lot invested in this hobby. There were 7 of us for dinner. I cooked the boxed Butterball Turkey breast with roasted veggies, mashed sweet patatoes and selection of small desserts. Plenty of wine and good fun and laughter hen we get together. This is what I needed to get out of my funky mood.

            Katrina - I'm amazed how Gabby has adapted so quickly to your household. She is a treasure.
            Jeanne - I love sliding shelves in the kitchen. We have adapted all our lower cupboards. Makes it much easier to get items.

            I saw on You Tube that Leah Day had a flood in her basement / studio. She never expected as they live on a hill. I guess we cannot underestimate the power of Mother Nature. I saw on weather channel how the UK and many part of Europe are being impacted by strop a, floods and winds. Be safe everyone. Have a good day.

            Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

            Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


              Re: Good Sunday Morning

              Good morning. We have had some cold air hit our area. Should. Warm up some this week. I have been busy sewing borders on my quilt. Only2 more to go!! It a big quilt so it ge to a bit unruly.i then want to bind the quilt I picked up from the longarmer.

              I ordered some new blinds for the dining room aka as my sewing room. The old ones broke awhile ago. I could not open and close them. My DH put them up this morn. My DD cams back here to sleep today before she goes back to the hospital for her shift. We try to keep quiet while she is here. He got them up with little swearing!

              Have a good day


                Re: Good Sunday Morning

                Momof5monsters - I see you posted today in lady week's thread. Happy birthday to you.

                Wishing you all the best in your new home, and throughout the year.

                Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                  Re: Good Sunday Morning

                  Happy Sunday!

                  Where has the day gone?! I can't believe how late it is already. Mom's memory care facility called first thing this morning -- Mom had a fall last night. She is fine. She woke up in the middle of the night, started wandering and fell outside the door of her room. She did not have her walker. When I visited her yesterday, she was walking in the hallway using a medical side/over-bed table on wheels. Her walker was in her bathroom. I need to have a chat with administration about that -- she is mobile, but needs assistance to walk. This isn't the first time they have left her stranded without her walker.

                  I spent a good chunk of this morning working on taxes -- mine and Mom's. I don't think I have all of Mom's paperwork. I need to check with my sister to see if there is mail at the house.

                  I finished the last of the piecing on my spring twist quilt yesterday. Next step is the borders. They will have to wait, though -- I have a couple of small projects I want to finish sooner rather than later.

                  Have a great rest of your weekend!


                    Re: Good Sunday Morning

                    Happy Sunday / Monday morning,
                    Here in the UK the winds still blowing, the ceilings making noises with the gusts and the fires whistling, but its not as windy and wet as last night, the chimney got power washed with the stair rod rain, himself emptied chimney catch last night before bed and again this morning, there are lakes everywhere, all according to the News
                    we watched a storage cupboard on a craft selling channel, the ideas good, will put 2 links in the links section for Storage inspiration.
                    we watched the proposal with Sandra Bullock and Ryan ..... the film has funny moments.
                    then watched Shaun Murphy and you could hear rain or hail on the roof, above the table.
                    the internet keeps getting blown away hence little chat,
                    hope all stay safe and warm, fingers are crossed, water goes down and not more homes being flooded.
                    One street in Neath Wales was on news, the water was 1 foot above window sill, the gent pointed to the line left after water levels dropped.
                    stay safe, warm everyone where ever you may be.
                    It was good to learn the fires may be out in Australia, with their rain storms, hopefully the rain will clean the air. for everyone.
                    Heard Leah had flooding as well, with her news of last year, was hoping would have a much better year this year. Hopefully may be able to do all the changes dreamed about for 14 years.
                    happy stitching