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Saturday Morning Hellos! :)

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    Re: Saturday Morning Hellos!

    thought pop in
    We had a power outage tonight with storm Dennis, it has been raining all day, with gusty wind so water was bound to find a weak joint somewhere.
    mischief was having issues with the outage, got all upset, we tried to soothe him to no avail, we were thankful power returned, once that happened mischief went to bed and promptly went to sleep!!! this purr is odd, obviously needed recharging, eyes closed with a electric light on.
    thankfully food was made, kettle had boiled, we had a candlelit meal

    gosh had those days before as well, you feel like are speaking another dialect, then again there are those moments where you want to say, but too polite, if they are doing all that, what am I doing here then?
    smile, just know you are doing your best.

    trains may find model train forum helpful
    hope the headache resolves