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    It's Monday

    Good morning everyone. I have been awake since 3 am with burning and itchy hands and a rash up my arms. It is driving me crazy. I have no idea what is causing it.

    It has snowed again. I guess I will have to get on the back roof again and do some shoveling. I have been working away hand quilting and will soon be done. Hubby works today and I work tomorrow.

    I definitively see a nap later today. Other than that, not much happening around here.

    Have a great day everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: It's Monday

    Happy Monday morning Monique
    that sounds bad, perhaps you should call your doctors office tell them what is happening,
    are you a person who suffers with allergys? milk can do things but so can washing powder, medications,
    hope this burning resolves for you quickly.

    here we have survived, but its heart breaking seeing on news fellow Uk folk have lakes in their homes.
    have a good day


      Re: It's Monday

      Good morning everyone,

      It's a day for early risers I guess; I was up at 4:30 this morning. I did some Bible study, and am now on my second cup of coffee. Monique, do you have any Benadryl cream or pills? Either one will help with itching. I hope you find the cause.

      Not much happening in the sewing room. After I finished the pantry renovation, one thing led to another and another, so I've been going through all the kitchen cabinets now. I've filled 2 boxes with donation items so far, and I have more cupboards to go. ( I have lots of cupboards, plus I'm rather slow and methodical!) On my list of things to do today, I did write down to get in the sewing room and straighten things up. We'll see. My "to do" lists can be rather fluid!

      Have a good day doing whatever is on your list for the day!


        Re: It's Monday

        Good Morning, Everyone ~ Brrr. The skies cleared yest. afternoon. Low temp. is 10 deg. this a.m. We're supposed to get more snow tonight into tomorrow a.m., maybe 1-4". I think I better make a run to the groc. store this a.m.

        Yest. I got the quilt binding turned over, pinned, pressed, but not yet sewn. I hope to do that today. I want to be able to take it for "sew & tell" tomorrow eve. at guild -- weather permitting, of course. DH always get anxious any time I go anywhere in the evening. Guild usually is the only time I go out in the eve.

        I like the DD fabric today, but I just can't justify buying another JR. I really need to keep using from my stash. I already have several JRs, plus other pre-cuts & yardage.

        I was pleased to see the M* daily e-m was already in my inbox when I logged in this a.m.

        DH is waiting for his breakfast, so I need to get on with my day.


          Re: It's Monday

          Good morning all. A gloomy, rainy one here. Not much happening here. We have a furry houseguest for the week. They are at the point in Kathryn and Joe's house renovation of doing the floors so once they start on those, nobody can go in and walk on them for the week so they wouldn't be able to go in to take care of their cat, Bobby, who has been in the house through all the rest of the reno time. He has been in one of the large rooms not being worked on. But since we have Myrtle, he can't be out and about here. He is staying in our guestroom downstairs. Myrtle is very aware that he is here though. She's not happy. It's going to be a long week.

          I've been working on a quilt as you go log cabin quilt and I am happy with how it has been coming out. I've also done some Valentine's Day gift bags for the grands. Tiday, however, the first order of business will be tackling laundry.

          Monique, I hope you figure out what's causing your itching and burning.

          Time to get this day moving along. Have a good one everyone.
          Ginny B


            Re: It's Monday

            Good morning all,
            It snowed a lot overnight and snowing lightly. I'm not thrilled that it's a lot more than predicted, looks like 6-8" on the driveway. Since I have no plans to go out today, I will tackle with snowblower later.

            Yesterday I visited mom. She seemed a lot more distracted and not registering what I was telling her. Confusing time and events. I told her about a brunch I've organized for next Sunday with some cousins. She thought it was for Easter. Had to remind her Valentine was soon. KarenC - you will have a challenge with your mom & her houseguest. Looks like a scammer, as it appears she has gained her 'false' trust. . One of my GF had real issue with 'loans' to stranger, which were never repaid. This person disappeared after threats of law enforcement. Is there local organization that can get involved with abuse, scam of seniors? Heart goes out to you.

            I'm almost finished assembling the squares of recent quick quilt. I made 3 half chicken with spatchcock recipe. Then my phone rang. Our neighbours who we had dinner with on Saturday called. They were to have guests for dinner, and guest cancelled due to illness. Needless to say, they didn't want to eat alone with beautiful roast beef dinner, so would we come over? We did. We joked about the other neighbous talking. We watched the end of the awards. Have not seen any of the nominated movies.

            Today, snow removal, sewing, surviving. Monique - I hope you figure the source of your itchiness and find relief.

            Have an enjoyable day. Stay warm. Be safe.

            Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

            Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


              Re: It's Monday

              Hi everyone
              What a day it has been,
              seen hail and snow, rain the winds back again, sleep is not easy with howling wind pelting rain against the window, am looking forward to a still night, think the purrs will be happy too.
              Sir has been helping today, he treadling zzzzzz even now in cloud snooze, while have been treadling, waiting for a delivery that went wonky yesterday, i.e no one said was coming yesterday, the driver needed help to apply the brakes in right place. alas its here
              The delivery today is hopefully going to make the wheels more comfortable, as the wheels have bedded in, the seat is not as supportive, as I drift in and out energy efficient mode, keep slouching so the back rest should help to stop that pain, have been trying it out. so far so good.
              Never think of these things, till it happens, hired some wheels before these, and the first grid pavement, plus the lumpy historic ones, decided needed suspension, struggled to keep anatomy in place with the bumps we laugh about it now, but at the time the sensors went into over drive. me driver was none too happy with that feed back through steering handles.
              the first pelican crossing nearly had me as a shop window display, my driver completely forgot the kerb routine, and rushed across road, hitting the kerb, the wheels did an emergency stop!! but we did not, we looked like a circus routine, we laugh about this often. Making memories. its probably best not to mention the canal experience

              Hope your feeling better Monique
              sounds a very exciting week Ginny, will they be friends?
              sorry to hear your mum confused state yesterday, Suzanne,
              fingers are crossed it was due to a lack of sleep, although with me gran it was her mischief, with her med's, we found out when had to go in hospital, her chair was vacuum'd the pipe emitted noises like vacuuming little stones.
              enjoy the rest of the day everyone.


                Re: It's Monday

                Good afternoon! Last week was a busy week. The children spent time sewing on pillowcases so I didn't get to do much as I was helping them and working on other things. One of the things was getting the oldest use to the new sewing machine so they each have a sewing machine to use when they are doing their 4-H sewing projects.

                We have a busy week scheduled for this week. I am hoping to be able to stay home today as it is the only day this week that I don't have somewhere that I have to be. Maybe in between helping the children, I can get a little time in the sewing room.

                Have a wonderful day everyone


                  Re: It's Monday

                  The sun's going down and I'm just getting here. Home school this morning, boy accomplished a lot. I put the bug in his ear of some works we'll be doing tomorrow.

                  My backing fabric arrived this afternoon, along with a gift from my financial adviser. She always sent something to the widows at Valentines. I think it's nice. It's a dried flower wreath, a dried flower magnet, and a little bottle that I think I'm supposed to plant the contents. I'll read the directions... tomorrow.

                  Mike and I had talked about the backing fabric on the quilt that's on my bed would be perfect for the calico stars quilt that I'm working on. Well, low and behold, the backing I ordered is the exact same backing! We had a good laugh about that. I was showing Jim the top, and Zeke chimed in, oh that Grammy and Daedo's quilt. Jim was speechless. I'm just hoping Zeke doesn't spill the beans.

                  Have a great evening!

                  “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
                  ― Maya Angelou