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Good Sunday Morning

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    Good Sunday Morning

    Good Morning All,

    I'm up before the sun. I should say, I couldn't get my brain to cut off last night. I'd start to doze, and pop another idea would pop into my head. All I can say is I hope I won't fall asleep in church.

    I cleaned around here yesterday. My MIL got her mail from Zeke. She was so tickled. Jim and Mike would both write her when they were younger. She's always write them back. She's planning to get a letter to Zeke in the mail on Monday. Won't he be tickled!

    Mike put the solar lights on the steps off of the back porch. They are wonderful! We have a lot of light from the highway exits, but those little LED things on the steps make me feel a whole lot better taking Gabby out at night.

    Gabby got mail yesterday. She got a birthday card from the vet. I thought that was sweet. They seem really nice, and it reminds me of Toffee's vet. I've gotten so many emails, from the Vet portal, the microchip company, the Humane Society, I've created a folder in my email file just for her! Merciful heavens, who knew having a dog these days was going to be a lesson in technology.

    Not sure what I'll do after church. I guess, start planning family dinner. lol, I had an idea yesterday afternoon, I hope I remember what it was.

    Have a wonderful day!

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
    ― Maya Angelou

    Re: Good Sunday Morning

    Good morning Katrina! We're both up early. DH and I visited my brother and SIL yesterday. Both were hospitalized last week- brother with afib and SIL with pneumonia. Hopefully, they're on the mend now. We lost a neighbor to cancer yesterday. I don't know how well her elderly husband will manage alone. I've got Valentine cards for the son and grands to address today and mail tomorrow. With the grands living in Colorado, I try to mail things so they arrive in time but not too early.
    I hope the sun shines out today, it was missing all last week. Happy Sunday to all.
    *~* Myrna *~*
    *~* Quilters lead pieceful lives *~*


      Re: Good Sunday Morning

      Good’s pouring rain this morning. Thunder woke us up. At least the ice is gone now.

      I finished the blocks for Jeff’s retirement quilt. I hope to get them sewn together early next week. Jeff works two days next week and then he has 7 or 8 days off. Keeping it a surprise will be hard.

      We took the Little Ladies to the vet yesterday to check Sugar’s skin allergy. Her Apoquel has been increased. While there I mentioned that Maggie cries/whines a lot. Tom checked her out and concluded that she’s spoiled

      It’s time for me to get moving. Have a great day everyone.

      Scottie Mom Barb


        Re: Good Sunday Morning

        Good Morning, Everyone ~ It's 32 deg. with a chance of up to 1" of snow today. Yest. was sunny & 50 deg. Such changeable weather.

        Yest. I got the binding sewn on one side of the baby quilt. It's ready to be turned over, pinned, then machine stitched. No recipient in mind for this one. It will join my stash of baby quilts for a girl.

        I'm still having frustrations with the new laptop printing docs. I kept getting a printer error msg. I did some web surfing to try to figure it out. I did a re-set on the printer. The items in the print queue from early a.m. printed, several hrs. after the fact. Then I did a test doc. It finally printed ~25 min. later. Not sure what's going on. My tech friend from church is coming by this afternoon to take a look.

        This a.m. will be church with a quick stop at Vitamin Cottage on the way home. It's my Sun. to play the organ.


          Re: Good Sunday Morning

          Good morning. Well it has taken all week to have a full blown cold. Geez!! We both slept in this morning but then again we didn't get to bed before midnight. Hubby was curling in a bon-spiel.

          I don't think we are going anywhere today, we are both still feeling crappy. Otrivin will be my best friend today. Hubby works tomorrow and I work Tuesday.

          I am starting to see the end in site on the quilt I am working on.

          Have a great day everyone.
          Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


            Re: Good Sunday Morning

            I managed to get my Frolic mystery quilt sandwiched yesterday. I made it a little smaller than the pattern and didn't do the hst borders, it is pretty busy so I just did a small stop border and a 3" border in one of the fabrics from the quilt. I also used just a few fabrics, not scrappy. Now all I need to do is figure out the best pattern to quilt it. Maybe meander or swirls or ????
            We are still in a gray and rainy weather pattern, will be glad to see some sun eventually.
            Have a great week, friends.


              Re: Good Sunday Morning

              Morning all,

              Well after some rainy days the sun is out. I'm sitting in the sun room and soaking up the warmth of it while reading the posts.

              Yesterday I got in my sewing room for a bit and embroidered out a Christmas kitchen towel and put it away for next year. I'm planning on doing an open house next November with all my hand made items for sale as opposed to packing it all up and getting it to the craft fair. The older I get the harder it becomes to transport everything. A friend of mine upstate did this last year and e-mailed invites out to family and friends it was well recieved so I think it's worth a try.

              Not much on my agenda today I may do a bit in the sewing room but we'll see how the day unfolds. Wishing everyone a good day!
              If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

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                Re: Good Sunday Morning

                Good Morning Everyone!

                I am so thankful that it is not raining today. I need to have sod put down in the back yard. We were in the middle of redoing the back yard during the time my husband got sick. The kids keep telling me Mom its the backyard and nothing has ever grown, don't do it. I look out there over two years later and its still a muddy mess and the fact it was one thing he had wanted done. So I don't know what to do.

                Kaylee came over last night. I am letting her sleep, then I think we just might go somewhere for breakfast. Since she is here today I probably won't do much sewing. I haven't started on the quilting of my Frolic quilt. I have one on the long arm that I am ashamed to say I started quilting before Thanksgiving. My next project is the Moda Block Head 3 quilt. I have completed 3 of the blocks and I think I am going to love this one. I think making all the different blocks is fun. I am not going to do the applique blocks. I have before and just hate that process. This year there are so many layout options that I think I can work around it.

                Well, Kaylee is up and hungry and so am I!! Take care and have a wonderful Sunday everyone.


                  Re: Good Sunday Morning

                  Good morning,

                  Another minus 20s temps but sunny. A slow morning, soaking up the warmth in sunroom with 2nd cup of coffee. Accumulation of snow in the yard 3-4'; front yard 5-6'. We planned not to go out yesterday but then got a text from our neighbour. He has finished our side tables. Suggested we come over to pick stain and have a glass of wine. We enjoy having wine & spending time with them. She popped a lasagna in the oven, tossed a salad and made apple crisp. His surgery on nose to remove cancer growth is healing beautifully. He does beautiful woodwork. He's having issues adjusting to retired life, so asked for our tips. He was president of large company, and enjoyed his work. He said he doesn't miss the travel. I can understand but I stress that he (his wife mostly) wants to travel for fun now. Same over here. It may be that us ladies will travel together, and leave the guys at home with prepped meals.

                  I spent some time in sewing room yesterday. I'm like a mad woman pulling fabrics and just cutting in simple patterns. I had these half yard cuts I bought 5 yrs ago, loved them but no plan. This is what I cut & on design wall. Squares are 6 1/2".

                  image.jpg image.jpg

                  Today I will pick up a few staples at grocery store and visit mom. Then head to sewing room. DH has tackled his UFO DaVinci's Optical Illusion. Not doing too bad considering he hasn't sewn in over a year. I'm thinking now hat his cataract were much worse and his vision was really impaired. Happy is is behind.

                  Have an enjoyable day. Take care. Stay warm. Stay safe.

                  Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                  Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                    Re: Good Sunday Morning

                    Good morning!! Happy Sunday! We've been moving...not fun! Lol I feel bad for my bf, I have siatica so I can only help pack. He also has to fix the washer, the parts came in last week.
                    I've been busy making hidden pocket scrunchies for my Etsy store. I've been keeping up with orders, my sewing space is the last to go since I'm using it daily. He did take fabric I need for an order but that's easy to find at the other house.
                    Very optimistic about a new space! Longer commute but the rent is half of what I'm paying now ...more money for quilting!!
                    I hope everyone has a great day....


                      Re: Good Sunday Morning

                      Good morning!

                      The sun is out for now. The forecast today is rain, snow, and more rain.

                      I'm taking a little break from the sewing room. I had no issues sewing the first row together. I started getting confused with the second row. I'm going a little slower and using pins to identify which part of the block is up. If anyone is thinking about making a spring twist quilt, I highly recommend ironing the seams open. All of those pinwheels make for some bulky seams!

                      My visit with Mom yesterday was a mixed bag. She was happy when I first arrived, and rather maudlin when I left. She wants to move out of the facility. Problem is, everyone she wants to move in with died decades ago. (I did not tell her that.) I hope my sister has a better visit with her today. I am debating the merits of hiring a caregiver / companion to spend time with her on the days my sister doesn't go.

                      I think I will head back to the sewing room. Enjoy the rest of your day!


                        Re: Good Sunday Morning

                        Happy Sunday everyone!
                        Another chilly, gray day today (hello Vitamin D deficiency). I'm headed to the sewing room to finish quilting the border on the Kaffe Fassett coin quilt and then get started on the binding. I'm a FMQ chicken, so it's strictly walking foot quilting for me. I am getting a little bored with what I've been producing though, so I purchased a copy of Walk by Jacquie Gering, to see if I could up my skills a bit. So I did some crossing, wavy vertical lines through the coins. It was fun! I think it'll look ok once it's washed and crinkly, lol.
                        Got the Lover's Knot block finished for quilt guild tomorrow night. I'm bringing a quilt to show, and a guest. Remember the string quilt I made for the lady I didn't know? Yes, she's joining me and bringing the quilt. Maybe the quilt bug will bite her, haha.
                        Stay warm everyone...have a peaceful day.

                        to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world...


                          Re: Good Sunday Morning

                          Back again ~ The weather forecast predicted a dusting to 1" of snow today. Not! Someone at church said they changed it to 3-7". DH didn't want me to go to church this a.m. (He worries any time I leave the house, but especially in bad weather.) It began snowing before daybreak & was snowing steadily all morning. It was my Sun. to play the organ, so I went anyway. The roads were snow packed, but everyone was driving sensibly. I saw a wreck at a major intersection on my way to church. Coming home, the main street was wet & had melted a lot. The snow plows were out & about. Side streets are snow packed. It looks like ~3" out there. My poor car was covered with frozen slush. I knocked the snow off the mud flaps & scraped as much from the wheel wells as I could. We laid down many newspapers all the way around to catch the drips. I have plastic pans that go under the 4 mudflaps to catch those drips.

                          My tech friend from church came over about noon & worked on my laptop a while to trouble shoot my printing problems. He set it up so now I can do 2-sided printing from my printer. It only works on Chrome, not on Firefox. We'll see if my printing problems are resolved.

                          Time to rustle up some lunch.


                            Re: Good Sunday Morning

                            Hello friends, Happy Sunday,

                            we got up, to soot smells with the down draughts, weather wise we currently experiencing howling gales with rain that is comparable to a pressure washer on the windows, the howling noise down chimney is quite amazing. There are lakes in fields where they never have been since last major floods. trees are dropping branches, grass is laying flat, the birds are in hiding.
                            Watching the tv news, a plane from New York landed in the UK an hour sooner than expected.

                            When we saw the predicted weather yesterday we decided to do the food shop early before the lakes appeared across the roads.
                            It was strange experience, we had the whole store to ourselves, popped across to another store to find that was empty, we arrived home just before the wind increased and the rain started. judging by the lakes temperature dropping, it was the correct decision.
                            stay safe and warm where ever you are.
                            happy stitching
                            sending get well wishes


                              Re: Good Sunday Morning

                              Originally posted by JulieC View Post

                              My visit with Mom yesterday was a mixed bag. She was happy when I first arrived, and rather maudlin when I left. She wants to move out of the facility. Problem is, everyone she wants to move in with died decades ago. (I did not tell her that.) I hope my sister has a better visit with her today. I am debating the merits of hiring a caregiver / companion to spend time with her on the days my sister doesn't go.
                              You might give yourself a break by hiring a caregiver, but your mom might or not benefit. For me it's worth it as I am alone and can't drop everything when she is bored and that is the big issue. Also Elaine sends me text after her visit, giving me indication of her mood, telling me items mom needs (such as tissues) and if she is feeling ok. I also relay messages to om via texts to Elaine.

                              Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                              Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.