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Good Sunday Morning

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    Re: Good Sunday Morning

    Good afternoon everyone, I just got home from a weekend with mom. I had to drive to Louisiana (about 6 hours) for a bridal shower, so tried to pop in earlier than she expected on Friday morning. Reports from my niece indicate mom has a homeless women living with her. Don't know if it is every day or just weekends. Of course she told the person she needed to find somewhere else to stay since I was coming in for the weekend. Niece was forbidden to say anything to anyone, so didn't want to throw her under the bus, although mom's not speaking to her right now. Believes her "houseguest" 100% and thinks everything my nice ahs told her is not true. This "friend" is crazy from what I have read on her facebook. I have discussed with other siblings that live nearby and suggested they pop in for an unannounced visit from time to time. I decided not to confront her about some of the lies she told me this weekend, because I don't want her to be mad at all of us before my nephew's wedding in a few months. If so, she would skip the wedding to spite us, and don't want to do that to the bride and groom. Meanwhile, niece will drop in occasionally, and I will continue to at least monitor her finances. Found out one of her neighbors asked her whose car was in her driveway all the time now. She claims he is nosy. Suzanne and Julie, I feel for you. I think I am in for a rough ride when I do confront her.

    So now that I am home, I think it's time to go work on the longarm, since my new parts came in. Have a good week everyone.