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Sunday Morning Hellos! :)

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    Re: Sunday Morning Hellos!

    Good evening,
    I'm usually on my way to la-la land at this time, but I'm still wound up from my weekend. Yesterday was a full day with my daughter and grand-daughter. First lunch, then shopping, the little mermaid show at theatre, more shopping. After dropping them off and giving hugs to the boys,, I got home close to 7pm. DH already had supper, so it was leftovers. It looks like I will be bringing all 3 GKs to Disney on Ice in mid-March.

    Today I was up early, stripped the bed, did laundry and made about 5 dozen banana cranberry muffins. I swapped the buttermilk for apple sauce. I brought half over to my DD. The gang will have those gone in a few days. I also picked up a pizza deal & 4 doz wings at local pizza place that had Super Bowl special. They were busy. DH cleaned the driveway, at least it was light and fluffy. We dropped by our neighbours. He had surgery this week to remove cancerous cells near his nose. He is doing well. After that I played in my sewing room, cutting scraps, serging the edges of tea towels, sewingthe microwave bowls. I trimmed the borders while watching the Super Bowl. Although I'm not a sport fan, I do like final games of season and halftime shows. We don't get the same commercials as in US, so nothing impressive. Pleased that KC Chiefs won.

    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

    Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.