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Happy Tuesday!!

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  • Happy Tuesday!!

    Good morning friends. Another day, another 50 cents.

    It was a quiet day yesterday with hubby at work. I did get onto the back roof and clear away some snow. The slope isn't that great and that is why it needs to be cleared. I think we are good until the next snow fall.

    I worked away hand quilting yesterday. I also put a turkey in the oven and that is all I could smell all day. Supper was delicious.

    Today is Guild but I don't think I will be going, my heart just isn't in it anymore. And the weather is calling for freezing rain I think, another good reason to stay home.

    I guess I will continue with the hand quilting today. We might be getting out of Dodge this weekend. There is an antique show in Kingston this weekend.

    Have a great day everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

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    Re: Happy Tuesday!!

    Ha, Ha, we were at it again!

    The daily deal was calling my name. I'd picked up a layer cake to use for baby quilts this year last week, now I have the white to go with! I was so excited, I forgot to use my quilter points. Dag gum it! Oh well, they'll keep.

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
    ― Maya Angelou


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      Re: Happy Tuesday!!

      Good morning. Looks like we will have temps around 48 today. I am off later this morn to get my Real ID . PA has had a couple of extensions,but the due date is Oct . I really do not want to have to bring my passport with me when I fly. I had to locate a few documents before I could go.

      Dog groomer comes later this afternoon. I maybe can get some pinning done while she is here.

      Have a good day.


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        Re: Happy Tuesday!!

        Good Morning, Everyone ~ A busy day yest. I spent the morning in the kitchen making the chicken soup for DH. It's what he eats every evening for supper. Boring, I know, but he has a lot of food intolerances. It made 15 qts. for the freezer. I got an early start & hustled so I'd be done by noon. Clean-up was done by 11:20, so the coast was clear for DH to eat his lunch at 11:30, & I had plenty of time to eat lunch & pack up my 2 laptops for the afternoon computer class.

        Good accomplishments at the computer workshop. The coach did a copy & paste of all my files on the old laptop on to the external hard drive, then transferred them to the new laptop. Success!!! We also downloaded Adobe Acrobat Reader & 2 Faststone picture programs, which I hope to learn to use for resizing my pics. If I can save the expense of buying another Photo Shop program, I'm all for that. The best price I can find for Photo Shop is $69. at Amazon. I'll hold off on that to see if I can make this other program work. The other thing we did, which I'm most happy about, is we got rid of the e-mail app -- which I hated! -- so now I can do my e-m the way I used to do it.

        Today it's supposed to be sunny & in the 40's.

        I plan to bake DH's spelt bread today & work on my Bible study lesson for tomorrow.


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          Re: Happy Tuesday!!

          I am excited, today I am delivering a quilt top to a long armer. The top turned out so well that I plan on entering it in our guild show in Oct. That is the reason for the pro quilt person, I could quilt it but she will make it really special.
          I ironed the backing yesterday, sort of like ironing a tent.
          I am not sore today surprisingly, it was a good work out and I am looking forward to going back. There were 30 people in the class, it strained the room size but it was OK.
          I have only one more unit [ 150+ 2 1/2" HST] to make for the B Hunter quilt before starting to sew the block together, lots and lots of little pieces and I am not making it as big as she planned.
          We are meeting some cousins for lunch, looking forward to that.


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            Re: Happy Tuesday!!

            Good morning all. It's a chilly, overcast day. I am working on getting laundry done today and I will also be making some banana bread. We've got Henry this afternoon after school. Other than that, I'm not sure what is on the agenda for today. I have been making progress on The Farmer's Wife blocks in the evenings while watching tv but haven't done much in the sewing room so maybe I will spend some time in there this morning while the banana bread bakes.

            Time to get to baking. Have a good day everyone.
            Ginny B



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              Re: Happy Tuesday!!

              Good morning,

              Yesterday, I drove DH to dental appt. Well, turns out he didn't have the correct date. A month early, but he already has another appt at that time, so we pushed it to March. This isn't first time he does that - especially if he reschedules over the phone and isn't wearing hearing aids. We went for coffee and I had baklava. I made chicken stew with egg noodles and my GF came over for dinner. I sewed my first hexagon QAYG from the M* template. Not bad, but I can see you need to adjust folded border for different thicknesses of batting. I cut up a Me & My sister charm pack.

              I'm feeling tired, very stiff and joints are aching, which means I have to start move around. I will visit mom today and my GF wants to come. Not much else planned today. I am taping the Marilyn Dennis show as my neighbour's son is a guest. Not sure if it's in role as International model or for his woodworking skills.

              Have a good day.

              Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

              Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


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                Re: Happy Tuesday!!

                happy Tuesdays

                today has been tiring after yesterdays effort, mentioned else where, we managed to shoe polish to a sewing case, we had visitors, and now have faucet hot water, but with everything, the energy has gone again, so back in lay down mode.
                have fun