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Good Sunday Morning

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    Good Sunday Morning

    Good Morning All,

    It's dark... that's about all I can tell about the weather so far. It's definitely not as cold, since my feet didn't send shivers up my spine as I walked on the bathroom tiles.

    Today's church, and in typical fashion, I had to check the clock every hour to make sure I didn't over sleep. I had a hard enough time getting my brain to shut down, I didn't need that, too.

    Mike gets off at noon. Family dinner is planned, so I'll finally sit down and make out my Publix order. They'll bring it to the house so I can work on pressing all of those lovely triangles I finally finished trimming. I drew out the block last night to get a handle on how much of each set of blocks I'll need. I do love a graph paper notebook for that!

    I'd best get finished getting ready, I don't know who's going to pick me up. If it's Jim, it will be around 7:30, if Morgan it will be around 8:30. Either way, I'll get there and hopefully not have any medical issues like last week! Mercy!

    Have a wonderful day! Be creative!

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
    ― Maya Angelou

    Re: Good Sunday Morning

    Good morning. Snow is still falling this morning. Our 'storm' didn't come until late afternoon. We even saw the sun earlier in the day.

    Well Friday came but my mojo didn't. And so, I decided to put a quilt in the new frame hubby bought me last year at an auction sale. It is a Hinterberg floor hoop one. While it is good, I prefer my pvc floor one better but I won't tell hubby that. I am using bigger than normal stitches using crochet cotton. It should quilt up a little quicker. I made this quilt last year (or was it the year before) using 6" strips and the ruler from Creative Grids, Scrap Crazy 6 templates
    So that is what I have been working on these last few days.

    I don't expect we will be going anywhere today as it is still snowing. There is an auction sale today but it is almost 2 hours away although hubby saw something he has been wanting. It is large, like table top, coffee grinder. Anywho, wishing everyone a great day.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


      Re: Good Sunday Morning

      Good morning. We had quite a rain storm yesterday. Thankfully we did not have any damage in our area. It had stopped before we headed into the city for a dance performance.
      Today we should dry out from all that rain. I hope to get a little more done on my quilt since my DH will be home to man the puppy.
      It will be next few to stay home and not be running around.

      Have a good day.


        Re: Good Sunday Morning

        Morning all,

        Yesterday was a day of rain, some drizzle and some heavier. Figured it was a good day to browse my favorite Home Goods store as I 've been looking to redecorate some small areas. Picked up quite a few things and kept my husband busy taking things down and nailing up new.

        Friday was a sewing day for my club, we are making 25 fidgit pads for autistic children to have on their school bus to help occupy them as some are transported a distance from their home. I always enjoy our sewing bees.

        Doing a cleanup of my sewing room but I'm so easily distracted by the things I find as I go. Makes me want to stop and play, which I usually end up doing so the cleanup is going very slowly. LOL!

        Not much on my agenda today. Sun is shining so we'll see what I can get into today. Wishing everyone a good day!
        If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

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          Re: Good Sunday Morning

          Good Morning, Everyone ~ I had a busy day yest. My first stop was Staples. I decided to buy a set of speakers for my new laptop, since the plug-in on my old speakers is too large. Staples didn't have an adapter. The tech suggestioned another store or Amazon. I set the speakers up last night. Very disappointing. I actually can hear better without them. So these speakers will be returned. While I was at Staples, I bought a new mouse pad with wrist support, another USB hub that will plug into the L. side of the laptop, so now the printer cord will reach. I bought a surge protector strip that is smaller in size than the ones I have & will be easier to pack when I go to computer or sewing classes.

          Then it was on to Walmart, where I had a long list. I still have to ask where to find certain items. They've reorganized the whole store in recent weeks. I found all the groc. items I needed, so I just bought everything there rather than make another stop where I usually shop. No accumulated fuel points, however. My last stop was Safeway. Our bank has a small branch there. Safe. is the only place now where I can find my Sobe flavored vitamin water. It was lunch time & I was hungry, so I bought a few items from the deli for lunch.

          DH is feeling quite weak this a.m. He didn't sleep much last night. Yest. he seemed pretty much back to his usual self. I plan to go to church & come right home. He's waiting for breakfast, so no more time now.


            Re: Good Sunday Morning

            Good morning!

            Looks like we had a little bit of snow last night -- I see it on the neighbors' roofs and the one neighbor's car. It will be a little colder today, with highs in the mid-30's.

            I spent some time in the sewing room yesterday, working on my spring twist quilt. I am almost halfway done with the blocks. I have the next batch laid out. I haven't been swapping colors as much with this one. I'm going to visit Mom today, sewing time will be limited. I need to remember to buy her a newspaper -- she loves to read newspapers, and they keep her busy.

            My sister in Texas decided she does not want the quilt her MIL made for Mom back in the 80's. I will need to find a local place to donate. The American Cancer Society has a thrift shop nearby; maybe they will be interested. Does it qualify as vintage if it is 35-40 years old? She hand-quilted it, I want to try to find a good home for it. I don't think Mom ever used it.

            Have a wonderful day!


              Re: Good Sunday Morning

              Good morning all. The sun is out today after a very rainy day yesterday. DH and I finished reorganizing the guest room closet that had so much of my stepdaughters' stuff. We boxed/binned up all their things and moved it all out to the garage and then we got to put some of our things that we needed to find a place for in there. I was very happy to have bathroom straightened up.

              I worked on two of the Farmer's Wife blocks while watching the U.S. Figure Skating Championships last night. I may spend some time in my sewing room today. I have a few projects I want to work on.

              Have a wonderful day everyone.
              Ginny B



                Re: Good Sunday Morning

                I started sewing on the B Hunter Frolic yesterday, got some parts sewn and laid out one block to decide if it is worth the work. I really liked most of my fabric choices except the background. The off white I had ct was just too light so I found something else in my neutrals stash and will re-cut that today after ironing it.
                I fixed some lamb for dinner last night, had not had any in a while and it was delicious, the best meal I have had in a while. Tomorrow we start dieting and going back to the gym so this was a perfect last great meal for a while.
                It looks like we are in for more rain this week, I guess it is better than the snow most of you have.


                  Re: Good Sunday Morning

                  Good morning everyone. Hope this finds you all well. Joy, hope your husband is better soon. Yesterday, I went to Meadowbrook Gourds. I purchased 2 gourd bears with a heart cutout in his belly. It was already painted white and I sponge painted it pink and then outlined the heart in a mixture of red, pink and white glitter. It turned out pretty cute. One I will take up to my daughter today. On the way home, I stopped at the Lindt chocolate factory outlet and bought some of their truffles for my granddaughters. As I was waiting to check out, there was a lady in front of me. She kept coughing --- a very congested cough --- I stepped back a few steps. She kept coughing --- to the point that she had trouble finishing her transaction. And . . . at one point . . . in between coughs . . . she apologized to the clerk for coughing so much "I'm not well" she said. Why do people go out in public when they are so obviously sick and spread their germs to everyone else. I paid with cash because she used the credit card machine.

                  I have several sewing projects I need to get started on and/or finished. I have two baby quilts that need sandwiched and quilted for a set of twins that could come at any time --- her doctor is hoping she will make it to at least the 31st --- then they will be at 36 weeks. My sister wants me to make two reading pocket pillows, an advent calendar to finish for my quilt guild's quilt show, the 5 quilts I am making with my husband's shirts and figure out the backing for the t-shirt quilt and get it to my longarmer to quilt. I am also still trying to figure out how to organize my new sewing room. I am pretty sure what I want but I just have to find a time I can go to Ikea to purchase everything.

                  I better get busy. Lots to do. Hope you all have a great day today!!!!



                    Re: Good Sunday Morning

                    Back again ~ DH didn't sleep much last night & is feeling rather weak this a.m., so I decided to stay home from church to keep an eye on him.

                    It's another sunny morning. It's supposed to be 55 deg. Yest. was beautiful. It got up to 60 deg. Mornings usually are 25-32 with frost. We haven't had any precip. for a while. I really need to hand water the flower beds.

                    After breakfast, I need to mix up my 3 wk. supply of turkey patties. Enjoy the rest of your week end.


                      Re: Good Sunday Morning

                      Good morning all.

                      We have quite a dump of snow, and it's expected to snow all day. I would say we have at least 10-12" on the driveway and some of the trees are bent over. This is the most snow we have had this winter. We will go out later this morning to do a 'first pass', especially if the snow plow goes by. It will be a 'stick close to home' day. I saw all the rain that has flooded in parts of US.

                      Yesterday was busy. I visited mom. She looked good. Her hair was done and she even put on lipstick. She was looking forward to bingo in the afternoon. I just never know. Some days, I feel like I should be planning a wake and other days she's ready to party.

                      I made 2 large lasagnas, one to freeze, one to have today or Monday. I decided to make lobster rolls, so we cracked the four lobsters and extra claws. I served with a red patato salad, homemade dills & pickles. For dessert, I made a pineapple delight. It was fun to get together with our neighbours. Then Michael ran his new Diesel engine and car on the track. It's a beauty, and the detail of the engine is jaw dropping. He also ran a 70 year old engine, which he uses to test the tracks. It's smaller, and even with a few off the table falls, is still chugging.

                      Today's plans after I get moving -- snow shovelling with a chance visit to the sewing room. Easy meals are in the fridge.

                      Have a good day.

                      Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                      Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                        Re: Good Sunday Morning

                        Back again -- driveway and walkway are cleared to the pavement. The city plow hasn't gone by on our side of the street yet, so we will be back out there today. Underneath it is really heavy and slushy, so will need to clear before it freezes.

                        I just had a breakfast of champions. Runny eggs over brioche buns, topped with lobster salad (leftover from last night's dinner). DH made us some apple cider topped with Calvados (Apple brandy). Who needs a marguerita on a beach when you can have this. This is the Canadian life.

                        Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                        Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                          Re: Good Sunday Morning

                          Hi friends

                          sat and oiled the treadle yesterday,
                          found it would not free motion, had to think what had done.
                          the only thing can think of was the pressure bar pressure, I always turn it just to make sure does not seize,
                          fit a normal sewing foot then readjusted
                          the tension went strange, re threaded, then decided to adjust upper tension, without warning the whole upper tension assembly, left its hole, ended up in pieces,
                          thankfully had the purple featherweight book handy, (they have similar upper tension) so was able to clean, put back together in right order, made sure the securing screw was tight , tried and not we have a stitching woo hoo.
                          put the free motion foot back on, tried free motion the stitching is back, it seems the pressure needs to be normal sewing setting with this none bounce foot.

                          Was exhausted after all this, so went to watch interstellar movie, which made no sense at all, thankfully they re running now on free view and its making sense, a movie that needs high concentration, or perhaps the ending makes the whole journey through the movie.
                          made mini pizzas on slices of bread, the birds have been busy raking through the cut grass in yard,
                          been listening via the technology the cosy canal boat dream am half way through. finished listening to the forgotten seamstress, Liz Trenow, tried reading this, but struggled with it, anyhow listening was easier for me, allow himself to enjoy as well. turned out to be a very good book.
                          we both enjoyed the 3 books, from Notting Hill with love actually.
                          Oscar teehee

                          stay warm,
                          sending get well wishes,
                          Happy stitching, have a great day.