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Friday hellos!!

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    Friday hellos!!

    Good morning. Another day another 50 cents. I have lost my mojo, I just don't feel like making anything and it isn't like I don't a long list of things to make. Has anyone found it?????

    Yesterday I got out and went for a long walk. The weather was absolutely beautiful and the roads were clear to walk on. I have a hard time walking in slush or soft snow. It sure felt good to get out. I will probably be out again today. I need to get some exercise. We are expecting another snow storm this weekend. It doesn't look like we will be going anywhere if that is the case. Maybe I will find my mojo over the weekend.

    Have a great day everyone and weekend ahead. Stay safe from storms.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Friday hellos!!

    Good morning. It will be a nice day here too before a rain moves in here. We will have a rainy Saturday. I have lost my quilting mojo too. I may find it this weekend too. I have a day filled with running errands. The puppy woke me up at midnight. She messed in her cage. I may need a nap later today.
    By the way — it is National Peanut Butter today. I do not like anymore. Guess I ate too much as a child.
    Thanks for the couch suggestions!!



      Re: Friday hellos!!

      Good morning all,

      Yesterday was busy sewing the rows together on D9patch - added 1st border, then had to run to LQS for outer border. You would think with my love of greens, I would have the perfect tone. Well I did, but not enough. I couldn't find what I liked so I bought a black batik with green undertones. I decided that I will add a 1" 2nd border then the 3rd outer border. I showed my GF the QAYG M* hexagon templates and I think she will want to get one. She loves to hand sew and I can see her doing this while she waits for her DH at medical appts. That's also my plan.

      Today, nothing on agenda, but I should visit mom before the snow storm on the weekend.

      Ladies who have lost their mojo - I think this is probably the let down after holiday period. I find if I just go down to my sewing room and pull out a few scrapbook bins of fabric, and pet them, rearrange them, wash and press fabric, I get some inspiration. The other day I pulled out some quilting books I had for easy projects and it seems to work to light my fire. My mind and dreams are buzzing. Hopefully you might your mojo stashed away with a forgotten fabric, which will spark something.

      Katrina - sorry this is a difficult time. I guess Howard had a way of leaving (hidding) things that you would eventually discover. On this I have a funny story about my dad. He loved to make wreaths, table toppers and lighted trees with pine ones. He always carried bags in his car when he travelled and would pick, dry them and sort by size. His stash was taking over their home & garage before craft shows. My mom said 'no more'. He also had many other hobbies and stashes. After he died, we decided to store our winter tires in the attic of our double garage. When we went up there, we found dozens of large bags with pine cones. I guess he would come to our home when we were at work and hide them. We have had good laughs and memories of his collecting of stuff. I guess I know where I get my creative side. Hopefully you will be able to get through his treasures.

      Have a good day. Be safe. Be prepared for whatever Mother Nature has in mind for us.

      Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

      Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


        Re: Friday hellos!!

        Good Morning All,

        My new VERC trainer just left. We filled out a form that I'd filled out with my former trainer. There were several things that were done wrong, and several issues with my paperwork. I think that will be straightened out. Maybe, this lady does tend to blame others for a lot of stuff.

        I worked on squaring up triangles yesterday. I saw the DD today, and bought it! Maybe it will help with my hand/ wrist issue. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I still have a huge stack to tackle, so I'll be working on those off and on this afternoon.

        I'm working on the list for Secret Santa themes. It's almost ready to post. I'm excited about the variety of themes and techniques we have to choose from.

        Time to get started on something before Mike comes home. We'll have left overs today at lunch. I need to make a Grocery order, once I figure out what I want for dinner. They're having a sale on the brand of coffee I like, buy 1 get 1 free. I'll buy 4 bags and stick them in the freezer. There are some other BOGOs that they have this week that we like.

        Have a wonderful day. Be creative!

        “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
        ― Maya Angelou


          Re: Friday hellos!!

          Good Morning...Jeff called off work to take care of the family today. I think I have the flu and Jeff is starting to feel sick today. We're a mess!

          My daughter had to be taken to the ER last night with a severe case of the flu. They tested her and it's definitely the flu. They prescribed meds and sent her home.

          Both pups are sick with diarrhea. Maggie cried all night and we were in and out so she could go potty. Sugar got sick this morning.
          Fortunately I have the medication my vet recommends for them so we should be good to go in about 24 hours. Maggie is still crying today. Sugar is a little trooper but she has been barking more than usual today.

          It's still snowing here and colder than cold. This is our third day of snow . Barb

          Scottie Mom Barb


            Re: Friday hellos!!

            Barb, I think it's time to go to Hawaii for the winter. I am sooo tired of being cold. Sure was hoping you'd be feeling better today & now Jeff is sick too? Poor Little Sisters with upset tummies Hope you guys get well soon. Glad Christina was able to go home after her visit to the ER. Does she have neighbors/friends that could check on her?

            Take care my friend. Warmer days are ahead & wellness along with them. Hugs & love, Gina


              Re: Friday hellos!!

              In the house and on the computer today. Needed to buy a new software program and reamortize the loan we are holding due to late charges. Got that done and the program was surprisingly easy.
              Bought a new to me car last week and DH took my truck. His stranded us 60 miles from home a couple of weeks ago and cost $150 towing bill to get it home. He worked on it and found it needed a new fuel pump but by then I told him either he should get a new one or I would. He thought taking over mine was a good plan and we will use his old one as a farm truck for cutting wood and hauling logs.
              My new one is 2002 cadillac ext. It will make into a truck....I know...I know....its 18 years old but it has 72K miles and looks like brand new. It should last me a long time and the taxes will be negligible (a plus). My son bought it last year and was raving about how much he liked it so I told him to find me one just like it . We looked but couldn't find anything near that nice, so he told me he would feel better selling me his and he would find something else. He settled on a 1997 VIPER of all things. Not exactly the same as what he had.
              We have rented (or are about to) a house in Oriental NC with water frontage for 6 months starting in April. That should tell us whether we has a desire to live at the coast and we can use the new boat. I will have to purchase furniture for it, but surely their are some good thrift stores. Shouldn't need anything much
              DH set the propane in the sewing room for me day before yesterday and told me to give it an hour. I went up there and the burning had gone out and the room was filled with fumes. We aired it out. So yesterday I sewed up there with no heat. I can't stay much longer than an hour. The weather here isn't too awfully cold...around 40...but my hands get pretty cold and there is no hurry.

              Went to the storage cabin day before yesterday to sort out kitchen items (pots, pans, dishes) for the rental. Then I got on the roof and swept off the pineneedles then under the porch and started cleaning out rotted boards. Good time of year for that with no worry of snakes or spiders. Still lots to do.
              Daffodils and tulips are heading and the amyrilis is about to bloom
              Spring in just 7 more weeks. Yeah.
              OH yes, new grandson born January 16...on his brother and fathers birthdays...8 lbs even 22 inches...named LUKE JONATHAN. I will see him next Thursday.


                Re: Friday hellos!!

                Hi Terry! I was just thinking of you yesterday. Glad to hear all is well and that you've been on a new adventure. Congrats on the new grandson too.
                Not too much going on here today, a little housework. Got some of the 30's quilt sashing done yesterday, hope to finish today.
                Sorry to hear you're all sick at your house Barb. Hope you feel better soon.
                Stay warm folks.

                to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world...


                  Re: Friday hellos!!

                  hi friends happy sunny Friday

                  we were awoken today by the purrs who did not like the hedge chippings hitting side of building, alas it was a tractor hedge trimmer, thankfully no dna damage.
                  Himself had planned to do other things today, so it riled him (put him in a bad mood) to change his plans,( sir was also put out that his morning dragging himself round the yard was put on hold, his bottom has had its issues today with that upset) knowing that all energy resources would be depleted.
                  we had egg x water cress gf sandwiches for lunch,
                  himself asked me to instruct, how to start mower, then me found was accidentally locked out of home, walking on egg shells (a saying) asked if himself happened to have a key, the reply is not repeatable, It made me feel like manure, but stayed quiet knowing that its not himself fault. He did apologise.
                  did have a key let me in, I spent the time watching and making sure himself was OK moving around, anyhow himself decided to cut the yard as well and is now suffering ailments for the over do.
                  when he came in, handed him a drink, while oiled x polished Bradburys medium vs chrome metal parts.
                  we had a thai curry, with rice pud, for tea

                  congratulations on your brand new grandson Grammaterry
                  I use fingertip less compression gloves, they are surprisingly warm. the material look's like t shirt fabric.
                  Hoping for a speedy recovery from the horrible flu.
                  Mojo not seen it, mine went for a while, found it was other people expecting too much, using too much energy, that sank mine, for a while, did other fun things instead, do you bake, cremate or create foundation stones with the bread recipe?
                  Have a great day,