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Happy Thursday

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    Happy Thursday

    Happy thursday
    you know said about vibrations the other day well this happened
    the comments are worth reading
    it was freezing fog last night, and now sunny.
    After several years of service the washing revealed the window nets / voile were more delicate than needed probably with the uv and new holes appeared, darn it, so our evening was spent treadling resting hanging and repeat, while its not the most great looking of repairs, it does stop the cold air will add to the save for list, 55 metres of window voile. the nets are actually white again

    Forgot that the nets were the first make here, before had a sewing machine of my own, they were made on a battery powered one, that was so light, one foot was on the foot pedal the other foot gently resting on machine, while both hands were feeding the 55 metres fabric through attaching the hanging strip, it was a eventful make. how could I forget this
    have a great day
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    Re: Happy Thursday

    Good morning T and those who follow.

    I worked in my sewing room yesterday. I forgot the plan to alternate SS and trimming. I only trimmed 16 blocks. The rest of my time was just working on the SS. Whoops!

    I'll have to be more dedicated to trimming today. There are a couple of things Mike wants to get done today which means going out in the wind! Maybe we'll get some rain to knock down some of the tree pollen.

    Today's the day when the Secret Santa Themes for 2020 will be drawn. I'm excited to share the news once the list is done.

    Time to get moving. Have a great day!

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
    ― Maya Angelou


      Re: Happy Thursday

      Good morning everyone. I have been lazy this morning.

      Well as usual my day didn't go as planned. I ended up going in to town and got my hair trimmed and bought a few groceries. Not much else happened. I did a little hand quilting in the evening.

      Not sure what today will bring.

      Have a great day everyone.
      Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


        Re: Happy Thursday

        Good morning. Not sure is I will make it into my sewing room today. I work out and then have a few appts. I want to go look for a new couch in the next few days. I need to find one where I do not sink into the cushion. I am finding that our current couch hurts my leg.

        Joy- wanted to answer your question— pill pockets our manufactured with chicken,cheese, etc . They look like gum drops with a hole in the center for the pill. The person who thought this up is prob a billionaire!
        Have a good day.


          Re: Happy Thursday

          Good Morning....we are iced in this morning and Jeff called off work. He had to travel for work yesterday and got back in town just ahead of this storm. We are getting snow on top of the ice. Great day for sewing.

          My daughter Christina is sick in bed with the flu. Please mention her in your prayers. This is the part I dislike most about living so far apart. Fortunately prayers aren’t limited by distance.

          Since Jeff is home to watch over the Girls I think I will take a little nap

          Have a great day everyone....hugs

          Scottie Mom Barb


            Re: Happy Thursday

            Good Morning, Everyone ~ Thanks, Beth, for explaining the pill pockets. If I had a pet, I'd probably have known that.

            It's colder this a.m. Only 24 deg. We're still mild for January. High temp. expected is 47 deg.

            A busy day yest. BSF in the morning, followed by our fellowship potluck lunch, which was nice. I had almost a half hour before time for my computer class, so I came home, brushed my teeth, saw DH for a few min., then headed to the college where our senior center has a dedicated computer classroom. I had 2 pages of questions & actions I wanted taken on my new laptop. I worked with the same coach from last Fri. We downloaded my files from the hard drive, but alas, they were not easily found & were all lumped together, docs with photos. We're going re-do it at computer lab tomorrow. Do a copy & paste. I hope that works better. We downloaded the free office program, LibreOffice. It's similar to MS office, but formatting is somewhat different. It will take a while to learn how to use it. If I don't like, I can always remove it & pay the $149. for MS Office. I was home by 4 p.m. I may have to buy new external speakers. The audio output opening on the new laptop is much smaller; the plug on our old ones is too big. Sigh.

            I have a friend from church who will come to my house this week end & help set up the printer with my new laptop.

            I need to run a couple errands today. I also need to run the vacuum & do a bit of house cleaning.


              Re: Happy Thursday

              Good morning to all.

              My bags are packed and I'm ready for take-off to the LQS for class all day. We are making the poppins bag. It's always fun to see the diverse fabric choices from other stitchers. My friend and I bought the same pretty shell fabrics but I decided to make mine with turtle fabrics. It will likely be donated to the local environmental center for a fund raiser.

              Have a fun day stitching if you can!


                Re: Happy Thursday

                Oh my gosh it has been sooo cold here, barely getting up into the 20's during the day. Thankfully we're headed into a heat wave with temps in the 40's for the next week, so the white stuff will soon melt.
                I've been in my sewing room just about every day this month and have made a serious dent in my UFO pile. I've gone back and forth about joining Block Heads 3, gathered up some fabric, but so far I've resisted. Better to work on projects that are started and already planned. Today I'll work on the sashing for a 30's quilt.

                This week Michael's has the plastic scrapbook containers on sale for 4.99. I find they're the perfect size for WIP. They are stackable and fit perfectly on my shelf. I got 2, one for my long-term Gypsy Wife and the other for my current project. Feels good to be organized.

                Thank God for pill pockets. It is next to impossible to give pills to a cat so they are literally a life saver. My fur baby fought (and I lost that battle) liquid meds, refused to eat any food that had crushed meds in it, ran and hid if I tried was so frustrating and I was desperate. So I'd cut the pill in half, use 2 pill pockets to hide them and make a pile of kitty treats, hiding the pill pockets in the pile. She happily scarfed down her treats and everyone was happy. Anyone who has tried to give meds to a cat can appreciate this.

                Have a peaceful day everyone.

                to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world...


                  Re: Happy Thursday

                  For jcy
                  Before you buy new speakers see if you can get an adapter to go between your new computer and the input for your old speakers


                    Re: Happy Thursday

                    Good morning! Yesterday and today have been days of snow. I was able to spend all of yesterday at home. Anymore it seems I have to get out for at least one thing everyday. I made some cute coin pouches for our three teenagers. Later I started to layout a quilt. I made Farmhouse Bean Soup and cornbread for supper. It was delicious on our snow day. It was a mix that I picked up from The Farmhouse in Jamesport, Missouri. I think the next time that I am over that way, I will get some more as the family liked the spicy flavoring.

                    Today I have several things to work on. One is finishing the layout and sewing it from the quilt I started yesterday. Then I need to go pick up the special ordered fabric for the cornhole game to make the bags (think beanbags only with corn as the filling) for the local university scholarship dinner and auction on Saturday.

                    Have a wonderful day everyone!


                      Re: Happy Thursday

                      My sister and I finally found a time we were both available to go see Little Women this afternoon. I haven't seen her since before Christmas so I am looking forward to it.
                      I got a pedicure yesterday and made a stop at the grocery store then came home and finished the binding on two lap/throw quilts. They are washed and in the dryer, yea! I plan one for Project Linus and the other for the sofa. I am looking forward to cuddling under it tonight. The current sofa one is really ready to be washed.
                      My sewing room looks empty, I usually have several projects in the works but right now not much. I may start cutting out the B Hunter mystery that is not a mystery any longer. I do like the outcome but I may do my own math and make the blocks a little larger. I don't much like working with anything smaller than 2 1/2". That is going to require some heavy thinking, lol.


                        Re: Happy Thursday

                        Vernona ~ Buying an adapter was one of the suggestions of the computer coaches. I'll pursue that option first. Thanks for the suggestion.


                          Re: Happy Thursday

                          Beth, if you like your couch other than it being to soft why not put a board under the cushion. If it's just time for a new look have fun picking a new one!


                            Re: Happy Thursday

                            Hello everyone, popping in here during my lunch. This has been a busy day of answering help desk tickets about pay checks, W2s and form 1095s. Yep, it's tax time. The main time that people looks at things and come to you with the random questions from their tax accountants, etc. At least most are easy to answer. They just take time to research. Had my bone density scan this morning so working from home today. I need to remember to get out of my chair every now and then.

                            Rhonda - Have fun in your Poppins bag class. I made one last year and have the smaller one to make for a friend.

                            Take care everyone.


                              Re: Happy Thursday

                              Beth, I don't know if you have an IKEA store near you, but I bought a loveseat there, and we really like it. It's quite firm, and has maintained the cushion firmness for the 3 years I've had it. I love the fact that the slipcover is easily removed and washed.

                              I'm still in NC , but will fly home on Tuesday. My son took me to a quilt shop today, and I had way toooooo much fun there! He was a sweetheart to take me. It's called Sewing on the River, located on the outskirts of New Bern.