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Happy Thursday

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    Re: Happy Thursday

    Two years ago yesterday was one of the worst days of my life.

    Today, I got an email that our storage rental place was sold again. I told Mike, we really needed to get there and get rid of enough stuff that we could move to a smaller unit. He's in agreement. He has all of our old kitchen stuff and house hold stuff packed from when we moved him into mom's house.

    Tonight when we came home from dinner. He went into the attic and brought down a bunch of CRAP that Howard had kept. 6 moving blankets that the movers left behind. The old light fixture that we took down the week we moved in, empty boxes we'd packed and brought stuff down here, the gas trees for the propane tanks to hook to the camping grill and stoves, another box filled with match box cars, a box full of NAPA hats, and there's still more up there to deal with. This was something I wanted to take care of last spring, but breaking my wrist put it on hold. Then it was too hot by the time I was able to do anything about it. So the job was just pushed back.

    Today, was harder than yesterday, but we'll make it through. Sooner or later, we'll get things that should have been donated ages ago, taken care of. Tomorrow will be a big day for the Salvation Army. Another lady from VERC is coming tomorrow morning for another 2 hour assessment. I hope I can stay focused for that long!

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
    ― Maya Angelou


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      Re: Happy Thursday

      Good evening,
      My DH brought me coffee in bed, so my morning routine changed, as I watched morning TV. I did some chores before driving him to osteo appt. My GF dropped by after lunch, she picked up VQC quilts from LA. I took 2 to attach the binding. This will be the last quilts for awhile to be done volunteer by LA. She is taking a break. It's always fun to get together with Dorothy. We are going away for a quilt retreat in February. We've also rented some tables for a fabric market in May. Then I sewed the rows of quilt together, added 1st border, then realized I didn't have enough fabric for 2nd border. Of all the green fabrics, none were the right shade or design. So off we went to a LQS and I got a black mottled with green batik fabric. I washed the fabric, so tomorrow I will finish top.

      Yesterday, I didn't do much of anything after my hair appointment. Since I was awake at 2am, I managed to stay up til 10pm, and had a good night's sleep. I did finish - few bowl cozies and others in progress.

      T - interesting about he shake. That's a lot of voile....
      Beth, Chelea - we tried using those for our cat PJ. He gladly ate the empy ones, but slip in a miniscule pill in it, and he would spit it out, gagging. So now, DH holds PJ and I just slip in his mouth, while he willingly takes as he gets a tummy rub afterwards.

      Dinner was at A&W. Have a good evening.

      Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

      Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


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        Re: Happy Thursday

        Katrina ~ Thinking of you. One of the nurses I used to work with at the hospital said she thought the 2nd year was harder than the first. Her husband got multiple myeloma and was gone in just a few weeks. He developed that pneumocystic pneumonia (like AIDS patients get), but it was a side effect of the chemo. The dr. said 1 in ~40 patients get it. He hardly had time to get used to the diagnosis & he was gone. I think he was only 60 y.o. One never really forgets the loss of loved ones. Anniversary dates bring back all the memories. God bless.