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    Welcome Tuesday

    Good morning friends. It is another cold day here but the temperatures are rising again.

    Yesterday I replaced the lock on the outside door. I also used up the last of the blocks and put them in a border for the huge quilt I pieced at retreat. Done!! Now to get it sandwiched.

    Hubby is taking his brother to the eye doctor in the city again today. I will be going to Victoria's Quilts this morning as they have left me some wheels.

    Not much else going on.

    Have a great day everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Welcome Tuesday

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ It's milder this a.m. Instead of being in the teens, it's 34 deg. It's supposed to be in the 50's today.

    My son & I had a good lunch at Red Lobster yest. noon. We had a very engaging waiter who was fun & added to our dining experience. The food was good, too. I also saw 2 other retired nurses from the hosp. We used to work together. It was good to chat briefly with them.

    Yest. p.m. I washed the new coat & the pants. Now to shorten all the pants. In the eve. I called a widow friend who lives alone. She had another Moh's surgery (3 on her face recently) -- this one on her leg which was large enough that it needed a skin graft. She's supposed to stay off her feet as much as possible & keep her leg elevated. She's a quilter, too. She's 8 yrs. older than I am. She grew up in PA near the Amish. She's a reader, too, & told me of another author I'm going to check out. Murray Pura. I looked at his web site yest. eve. Thrift Books has several of his books.

    Yest. I also put in ~30 min. of FMQ on the latest baby quilt. A little at a time; it eventually will get done.

    Time to get on with my day.


      Re: Welcome Tuesday

      Good morning. I arrived home yesterday from my scrapbook retreat. I had a productive 2 days. I completed 15 pages. It is nice not to have to worry about the animals, kids, and meals. MyDH survived the weekend taking care of all the animals. Only one situation— the springer found the package of pPill pockets on the counter that my husband accidentally left out. He ate all 24 of them.

      Today i have a neck massage and a injection in my back. I hope to get back to sewing this afternoon. I want to keep making progress on my quilt.

      Have a good day.


        Re: Welcome Tuesday

        Good Morning,

        Yesterday was restful, and lots of water full, too. The medication I'm on, I'm supposed to limit caffeine, but it's in the 30s. I'm having 1 cup of coffee to help warm up! The high is supposed to be 49. Ice water will be hard to drink today!

        Since there was no home school yesterday, I made an executive decision and I'm not sending the "Math Book" work to Nana. I think we need a break from it. I have other things in math for J to do this week. He's not getting off scott free. I printed out some MLK sheets, some language and reading. All in all, we'll have the basics covered.

        Maybe this afternoon, I'll get back to trimming up triangles.

        “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
        ― Maya Angelou


          Re: Welcome Tuesday

          Good Morning....Today is Jeff's last day off. I have a whopping cold/sinus infection. I'm too tired to do much and too congested to get rest.

          I have an appointment this morning that I need to keep and then it will be back home wrapped in a quilt drinking tea. Maggie is trying to take care of me. Actually, I think she is trying to fill Dottie's shoes by sticking to me like glue.

          I need to run and get myself dressed and bundled up in snow's snowing again this morning and it's pretty cold.

          Have a good day everyone. Hugs....

          Scottie Mom Barb


            Re: Welcome Tuesday

            Sorry to hear you have a whopping cold/sinus infection....those are the worst. I think it was last week that our local hospitals reported on the news and in the newspaper to not visit people in the hospital and if you do, to please wear a mask etc. I usually don't visit people in the hospital anyway, simply because when you are sick you need rest and lots of it. I normally send cards or call someone just to let them know I am thinking about them too.

            It is cold here in Michigan.....really cold. I haven't been outside since 01/12. The last two days the weather has been really nasty. Both mornings the driveway and our steps were covered with ice.

            Well, I am going to go get some of my fabric and try to get a Valentine's day quilt started. For the last 10 yrs, a group of gals go to lunch once a month. We usually exchange a gift for Valentine's Day with the person you have been "matched" with. The gal I was match with has just started having a BIG interest in Quilting so I am going to make her a mug rug and gift her a couple of things from MSQC. Right now, I am thinking of giving her :


            Plus fabric to make a set of Pillowcases.(She has always been interested in making pillowcases and I thought that this would be a great gift so when she goes home she can sit right down and start sewing!
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            Jacqueline ( Sugar ) Dorer-Russell

            "I miss the me I was when you were here"


              Re: Welcome Tuesday

              Good morning forum friends.

              It was a productive day. I like this new idea of telling people that I'm hibernating and not going out. Really no reason I can't go out, but just want to be selfish and do what I want. I am learning to deflect any guilt. Hey, many of my friends escape winter (& responsibilities) all winter.

              I did a few loads of laundry, made a huge lasagna for a sewing day. Then I headed to sewing room. I finished making the remaining 16 disappearing 9 patch blocks, sewed the rows together. It's 5 x 6. I also marked the darts on micro cozies. I finished handsewing the binding on VQC quilt.

              My plans today are to visit mom (2 of 3 elevators are still out), so activities and concerts are cancelled. I will sew rows of quilt together and decide on borders. And that will be my #9 top done - the number picked in the Fabulous 2020 Finishing Group. If inspired, I might even quilt it this month. Cleaning lady is here today, so it's sew time.

              Wishing everyone a quick recovery from virus or colds. Have an enjoyable day. Stay warm. Stay dry. Be safe.


              Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

              Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                Re: Welcome Tuesday

                Katrina ~ Room temp. water is actually better for you than ice water. I haven't made ice cubes for years. Our older frig. doesn't have an ice maker, which I probably would never use anyway.

                Barb ~ Sorry to hear you're sick. Take care of yourself & get well soon.

                Beth ~ What are pPill pockets? Never heard of them.

                Sugar ~ I'm glad I no longer live in MI. My growing up years were spent there. Don't miss all the cold weather one bit. Also the mosquitoes in the summer & all that humidity. I've lived in 8 states; I like Colorado the best. We've been here 41 years.

                Suzanne ~ Nice quilt. Looks like fall colors.


                  Re: Welcome Tuesday

                  Hi everyone,
                  It's finally warmer and calm enough that I'm contemplating a walk later today. I can't wait for January to be over. Once I turn the calendar page it's only a month until I can begin looking for spring.

                  Yesterday I sewed for hours and hours and made real progress on my current project. Today is the same, and as of lunch the top is half finished. At night as I try to get to sleep I think about how I'm going to quilt it. Since my skills are "straight line or walking foot" level, I was wondering if I was going to end up sending it out to be professionally done. However, I've been learning more about my embroidery machine and doing the quilting with it. I've been watching lots of YouTube videos about quilting in the hoop, and I think if I can find the right patterns, I may jump out of my comfort zone and try it. I have some downright ugly batik fat quarters that will be sacrificed for some testing once the top is done. If I can do this it will really expand what I can get done. It feels like a really big step.

                  Well, it's time to get the rice cooker going and listen to it bubble along as I sew.....catch you later.


                    Re: Welcome Tuesday

                    Good afternoon!
                    Today is my DH's birthday. We are going out to dinner with his mother, my ex dh and possibly my daughter. It will be nice to go out for a change. For lunch my neighbor and I are going out, so dining out twice in one day. No room for sewing yet. All the Christmas stuff is put away except the wreathe on the door. But now tax stuff has taken over my cutting space. So no sewing till I clean that up.



                      Re: Welcome Tuesday

                      Happy Tuesday / Wednesday everyone
                      lovely quilt
                      its been sunny here today, alas did not see much of it, behind closed doors sleep has not been easy, last night all the areas of discontent decided to light up again, so went to get the med's, it was a strange time, mostly because realised the aa battery needed recharging in the clock again, it ticked second hand moved but then sprung back, before pinging over the high part of cog tooth.

                      When all settled back in bed, a weird strange thing happened, we were all there, when the back room door sounded like it slammed shut, no windows open. we all jumped, himself dispatched himself to go see, what had moved / happened, we have been experiencing some 'odd things for years', loo rolls throwing themselves on floor, the odd box jumping off the shelf, the sort of things we put down to vibrations of passing traffic during the day, but at night when its quiet and still, well we still say its vibrations of passing traffic, otherwise think must be an earth quake which are quite rare in the UK. Alas nothing was misplaced, we are baffled.

                      my plans are to wake up tomorrow, continue to make the purrs happy, support himself with his tasks,
                      sending get well wishes for everyone to get well soon
                      keep warm, enjoy doing what makes you happy.
                      have a great day


                        Re: Welcome Tuesday

                        I have a small tray with a suction cup in the shower, every once in a while it decides to let go and clatter to the floor. It is always at night.