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Good Morning! It's Sunday!

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  • Good Morning! It's Sunday!

    Good Morning Everyone!

    As a rule I am up early on Sunday. I enjoy going to the early morning services at church, and plan to do that today. I have a busy day planned for today, which is a little unusual for me as I always for the most part choose to "rest" on Sunday however, I want to see if I can find a few things at the Dollar Tree store and our city has two of the Dollar Tree stores and the one across town I usually don't shop at, but a YouTube did a video about some storage bins that she purchased at the Dollar Tree for a $1 and they are pretty good size!
    I have started to go through each room (I take one room and completely go through it and spend the entire week working on each room. This week, our Master Bedroom gets the honor of being "Spring Cleaned " (yes, I'm aware that it is winter here in Michigan, but I want to get the house back in tip top shape soon! It's been a big challenge for me to keep it clean and organized since I have been ill these past several months. Hopefully I will be able to get the entire house re-organized before June/July comes! Wish me luck!

    Here's the video where I found those large plastic containers in case you are interested :

    Here's something I just found that might be something nice to make for a teen girl or a woman in your life that uses make-up or face/body products and doesn't have a great way to store the items!! This would make a great gift for Valentine's Day or Easter perhaps(?)
    Here's another video about making inexpensive storage container ideas!

    I really am trying hard to get things done and re-organized. My house pretty much fell apart the long months I was hospitalized and away from home. I'm trying to get things back to or BETTER than it was before I was ill!

    Hope you enjoy the video I posted here.

    Have a Blessed Sunday....
    I have been so blessed to know all of you here on MSQC's forum, I really have.

    Click image for larger version

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    Jacqueline ( Sugar ) Dorer-Russell

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    Re: Good Morning! It's Sunday!

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ Hi, Sugar, thanks for getting us started here. We have 3 Dollar Tree stores in our city. I shop at only the one, which seems to be the cleanest & best organized. I buy all my baby gift bags there. Nice big bags that will hold a quilt. Only a buck.

    I had a busy day yest. After breakfast, I headed out on errands. First stop was the jeweler's to have my rings cleaned & checked. All ok. I left my mother's ring to be re-sized a bit bigger so it will more easily fit over that big knuckle I now have. I made a brief stop at the LQS -- just looked, didn't buy. I saw a demo quilt I liked. It's made from a pattern in a Stripology quilt book. I leafed through the book, but I didn't want to pay $29. for 13 patterns. I'll check Thrift Books first, then if I decide I really have to have it, I'll check Amazon. Then it was on to the groc. store. Filled the car with gas -- had 20 cents off with my fuel points. Bought groc. & was home before 1 p.m. In the afternoon, I cooked up 20 apples for sauce. It made 7 containers for the freezer.

    I'm still getting used to this new laptop. I'm not happy with the colors. E.g., the colors on the M* Forum are a lighter blue & gray. The colors were much brighter on my old laptop. Also, the print is more of a dark gray than black. I wish it were darker. I'm making a long list of questions for the next time I'm at computer lab on Fri.

    This a.m. will be church, then right home. I need to start on my Bible study lesson. Maybe I can get some FMQ done, too.


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      Re: Good Morning! It's Sunday!

      I forgot there wasn't Sunday School this morning. There is the 40th anniversary of the church with dinner afterwards.

      Yesterday was a hoot, that's for sure. I only squared up 8 blocks and quit. I'd had enough. I'll probably do some more today.

      Not sure what's going to happen, the cold front is supposed to be heading in. They've been promising it for a week. Probably close to freezing. At least I don't have to worry about the guys coming to do the electrical during this spell. That's done, all but the bill.

      I need to finish getting ready. Take care and have a restful Sunday.

      “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
      ― Maya Angelou


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        Re: Good Morning! It's Sunday!

        Good morning all,
        Sugar - it sounds like you have a good plan to get organized. I love bins, but I find I need them to be clear, otherwise I can't see what's in them. Some of the counter organizers are cute, but I prefer 'less' things on my counters. Space dictates. Take your time.

        We have at least 8-10" of snow and only a dusting will fall until lunchtime. I will clear the driveway later, with DH help. The snow is up to our front door, unusual as we have a large porch. Yesterday was productive. I made a large pot of veggie soup for lunch and I will freeze half. I also made a big batch of spaghetti sauce, which I freeze in portions. I stripped the bed and washed the xmas quilt to for storage. Then I finished quilting the VQC top, attached binding, and have it half handsewn. I also cut a bucket full of 2 1/2" hexi batting from leftovers from the M* Daisy & Grace template. I still can't decide which fabric to use, but I have a few in mind. DH vaccumed main floor. Woohoo. We watched a movie 'The house with the clock in the walls'. Amusing. Taking advantage of 2 months free package.

        Today's plans - clear snow. Finish handsewing binding and attach label. Eat leftovers. Rest body which I know will be complaining.

        Have an enjoyable day. Think of our Newfoundland neighbours who have had ~36" of snow in less than one day. Even for them it's a state of emergency. Stay warm. Stay dry. Be safe.

        Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

        Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


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          Re: Good Morning! It's Sunday!

          Good morning!

          Love those organizing bins and think they would work in the sewing drawers too. Thanks Sugar! I like your spring cleaning routine.

          We need a few home spruce-ups here. A new mailbox, carriage lights and the planters are calling for attention. The new mailbox post is ready for primer and paint.

          Hopefully, I'll fit in a little sewing time before the football games this afternoon. Working on a bag for DD. It's quite a decision. LOL.


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            Re: Good Morning! It's Sunday!

            Good Morning!

            The snow removal guy did not come yesterday. My sister & I did our own driveways. He apologized, said it was a "miscommunication" with his employee and it would not happen again. If it does, I expect a refund and he can forget about taking care of our yards in the spring.

            I went to see Mom yesterday and will go see her again tomorrow. She has her last physical therapy session in the morning. My sister usually attends those with her, but she is taking our brother to a medical appointment. Mom was not happy to see me yesterday; she might cooperate with the therapist better if I'm not there.

            I am looking forward to spending some time in the sewing room today. This afternoon will be my usual grocery shopping and laundry.

            Enjoy the rest of your day!


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              Re: Good Morning! It's Sunday!

              Good Morning All! Happy Sunday!

              I had a super busy Saturday (for me). Grandson's birthday party at Chucky Cheese. I usually have bad experiences at Chucky Cheese, but this one was wonderful! I got to spend pleasant time with my ex-DIL, who I still treasure, and her husband. I want to keep warm fires burning there so I can continue to see my ex-step DGD who was also very happy to see me as I was her. The rest of the afternoon was spent trying to get into different stores but there was no available parking anywhere!!! What's up with that??? A sale at the mall maybe? I don't know; but I left the area and stopped by Aldi's to finish up, headed home and crashed until dinner. I splurged and made shrimp & scallop scampi and that nursed my wounds and perked up my spirts. Food is powerful.

              My DGS's Justice League quilt top was finally finished after supper and while delighted with it, I think I needs a border to make it a tad bit larger. There may be a Walmart visit this afternoon to see if I can find something before placing an online order. There is one Walmart in my area that still has a fabric section where they cut the yardage for you. I'd like to get this quilt wrapped up so I can work on UFO's.

              Supper will be wings. I was gifted with an air fryer for Christmas and have not tried it yet so tonight will be its maiden voyage. I'm excited to try it out. Enjoy your day everyone! Make the most of it whether it's sewing, chores, shopping or resting. It's our day so enjoy!!

              There is no Quilter's Anonymous because no one wants to quit.

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                Re: Good Morning! It's Sunday!

                Good morning everyone. The weather is beautiful here today for all those running the half and full marathons today, Sadly those are no longer on my agenda, but tracking several friends. It's so nice being able to track them via the app and cheer them on.

                Yesterday I went to my longarm guild meeting. Some beautiful quilts were shared. One of the ladies quilted the raffle quilt for her other guild, and she did an amazing job. I dream of being able to think of such creative ways to custom quilt tops. Received some good advice regarding border #3 on my current project. Came home and made a turkey/andouille gumbo, which also resulted in a sliced fingertip when chopping the veggies. So, once again, not much done in the sewing room.

                DD dropped off DGD for a sleepover, so of course once she got here, nothing was accomplished. Spending the morning with her while tracking my fellow walkers doing the half marathon.


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                  Re: Good Morning! It's Sunday!

                  Sugar, I bet Dollar Tree loves to see that lady come into the store - lol! Those storage containers are nice - I bought some similar in a smaller size at Target for way more than $1. Thanks for sharing.

                  It's cold here today - last time I checked it was 17 degrees! DH just went to the grocery store to pick up a few things. I'm going to put on a pot of soup when he gets back - seems like a good day for it, and then we'll have leftovers for lunches or another meal. Need to do some laundry and we plan to watch some football later. DH finished taking the Christmas tree down - finally. I had all of the ornaments off but needed him to do the lights because I'm too short to reach the top of the tree. He took the lights off and put the tree back in the basement. The tree goes in front of the living room window, and I love it, but it blocks so much natural light out.

                  Not much else going on here today but the usual stuff. No sewing - just haven't been in the mood but hopefully that will change one of these days. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend.
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                    Re: Good Morning! It's Sunday!

                    Good morning, dear friends! I'm so sorry to have been AWOL these last several weeks. Our mobile home makeover had begun! We stayed in our timeshare while our fabulous re-modelers painted (taking the walls from hospital gray to a cheery apricot) and laid wood floors. This is all the re-modeling we can afford to do until our house sells, but it was really good to get this much done before we move our furniture down.

                    Road to California is this week. I might be able to attend!

                    Only nibbles on our Northern California house. Some of the things I love most about that house (arched half wall separating two generous rooms, mini-farm behind our backyard) are the things people are making negative comments about. Oh well, someone special will need to appreciate my house. Fortunately, that special person may have come to the open house yesterday. She lives about a mile away, but she and her husband want more land. She even got took the phone number of the mini-farm owner. I'm hopeful about this one!

                    Our former Australian exchange student married an American. They've now been married 15 years and have four children. Whenever they come back to the States to visit the USA grandparents, they stop to see us for a few days. They call us the "surrogate grandparents" since we played a big role in their relationship. They were here for four days this week, and we had such a wonderful time!

                    I miss you all and think about you heaps. Sorry I'm not able to be online more frequently these days.

                    P.S. My eMail had a really good M* coupon today. Hopefully yours did, too!
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                    Toni ... If I keep sewing long enough, will they make their own dinner?


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                      Re: Good Morning! It's Sunday!

                      Good Afternoon to everyone,
                      It's the third day in a row where I won't be going out for a walk because the wind and cold are just too bad. If I get too cold I get hives, and they're unpleasant. The dogs are grumbling. The "Big Storm" left maybe 1 1/2 inches of snow, so once again the weather people scared everybody and caused another run at the grocery store. We need to wait until the middle of the week for the store to re-stock.

                      I spent a good portion of yesterday continuing to put sashing strips on my crazy quilt. I have to confess to being lazy about this....I'm not measuring the strips. Just laying them out and stitching. There's a part of me that's wondering if I'm going to regret this...we'll see.

                      This morning I finished with the sashing and began to put the blocks together. So far everything is going together well. Right now I'm doing what I call drive by sewing. If I need to go to the kitchen (for that extra cookie or some coffee maybe) I have to pass through the living room where I pluck a couple of blocks from my design wall, pass through the dining nook where the sewing machine is, sew the blocks, then on to the ironing board, then to the coffee pot. Then back to my mom cave. The next trip out, I'll grab a couple more blocks. If I'm lucky, tonight I'll be amazed that so much got done.

                      Right now it's time to enjoy one of those cookies and the coffee, so catch you later.


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                        Re: Good Morning! It's Sunday!

                        It was a beautiful service this morning. The first pastor came back and talked about the mission of the church when it started and he was happy knowing that the same foundation is being followed.

                        As the service went on, I started feeling bad. By the time of the last hymn I was dizzy and sweating. I had Jim take me to urgent care, they asked why I was there. I didn't elaborate... bladder infection. Well 2 hours later and Jim and I missed the delicious dinner, but I have antibiotic and haven't had an empty cup of water. I've been drinking up a storm! I'll take a second pill before bed.

                        No school tomorrow, thank goodness.

                        I haven't even looked into my sewing room this afternoon. It can wait.

                        Have a great evening everyone!

                        “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
                        ― Maya Angelou


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                          Re: Good Morning! It's Sunday!

                          Katrina ~ Good thing you caught that UTI early & got started on an antibiotic. Hope you feel better soon.


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                            Re: Good Morning! It's Sunday!

                            Hi Joy!
                            You might find that book on Amazon. If you haven't ever purchased a book on Amazon, when looking at the book sellers, do what I do, never order a book from someone that doesn't have at LEAST a 98% positive rating on their site. Sometime ago, I purchased somethings for a person that was new to Amazon, and their rating was 97% and I had to get Amazon involved to get my money returned to me.
                            So, lesson learned. I look to see how many sales they've done in the past 6 months, if they have any negative reviews, etc. I almost got burnt once, never again!

                            Jacqueline ( Sugar ) Dorer-Russell

                            "I miss the me I was when you were here"


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                              Re: Good Morning! It's Sunday!

                              Sugar ~ I looked at Thrift Books -- not there. (Most of the quilting books were not available, so they must be popular.) It is available on Amazon. Just haven't decided if I want to spend that much money. I may just take a pic of the quilt at my LQS & figure it out on my own. Or not. I have so many other patterns already on my bucket list.