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    Hello Friday

    Good morning friends. It is a COLD morning here. Big snow storm expected tomorrow. It will be a good day to stay in.

    No cavities and a good cleaning done on my teeth. I am good for another 9 months.

    I didn't work on much yesterday as I was focused on packing and being ready when hubby came. Made it home in time to head out to the dentist. I stopped at Canadian Tire and picked up a new lock for the front door. I will replace that tomorrow sometime.

    I work today. I will take Bonnie's quilt with me today to work on. Boss and I will do our gift exchange and go out for lunch, at least that is the plan. Hubby has already left, his brother picked him up so Les could drive to Gatineau for eye surgery. Prayers that it all goes well.

    And so that is what my day looks like.

    Have a great day everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Hello Friday

    Good Morning Monique and those who follow,

    It's actually chilly... mainly because of the wind. They're saying the pollen won't be settling today, because the winds will keep it airborne. Oh joy! I think I'll stay in as much as possible. I can tell the pollen is bad, my glass table on the back deck is covered with yellow.

    Sunday brings the change in weather and cooler temps are expected. They're even talking about maybe a freeze. Oh my! lol

    I started working yesterday on half square triangles for my son's in-laws for their Christmas. The plan is to get it knocked out early. I'll have to make an appointment with the long armer this year. They're cutting back on their hours so they can enjoy their retirement. Then start on baby quilts for the church. I usually need 2 or 3 a year. Might as well get that taken care of as well so I won't have to rush to get it done later.

    I've started the process of cleaning up my sewing room. One side is done. Let's just say it's not the side that has the problem. My sewing desk is a disaster. I'll work on it this morning before start making more easy 8s. 10 down, 30 more to go. All of the background squares are marked, so it should be an easy day once I get started. Squaring up, might be another issue. My right hand is starting to bother me. The fleshy side of the heel of my palm will get a sharp pain, it passes quickly if I stop. It's annoying more than anything at this point. I'm wondering if it's an issue developing from my break last year.

    Have a great day! Be creative.

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
    ― Maya Angelou


      Re: Hello Friday

      Good morning all,

      Baby it's cold out there, sunny but -20 Celsius, with wind chill -29c. I got the snow off the driveway. DH turned on the snowblower and I got thru it. I did notice that my hands were sore from squeezing the levers, especially with the quilting I did day before. Then the street plow went by and left about a foot of heavy slushy snow. So back out there with small shovel. I took my time but could feel in my sore shoulder, back is ok today. I was wiped so I took opportunity to call friends in FL & out of town. Then I fell asleep in chair for few hours. Nachos with chicken made for easy meal.

      Today we aren't planning much. Run a few errands, visit mom, quick vaccum of house and quilt. I'm stuck and can't decide which UFO to work on next. I have new patterns buzzing in my head and they are calling to me. I shall see once I get down to happy place. Update on SS with mono. He saw fam doc and he's on Rx for enlarged spleen, following that & other issues. He has to limit #days of work,

      Have an enjoyable day. Be prepared if you are expecting storm over weekend. Be safe. Stay warm. Stay dry. Hugs to those who need.

      Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

      Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


        Re: Hello Friday

        happy Friday friends,
        welcome home Monique
        sorry to hear your having pollen, KPH, is there a particular plant that is raising the pollen or just general plant life and a possible freeze, must say miss seeing csi miami and the yellow skies (not so much the red stuff they kept dabbing on the victims) but was always great to see the real scenery, even with the filtered sky.
        hope the pain stops, have you tried on some gloves to see if that helps, really hope is something, that will go quickly and nothing devilish.
        stay warm Suzanne & Monique, gosh that is cold we are expecting colder temps next week once the rain stops. o joys of winter.
        hope the winter pains pass quickly.
        yesterday made a few stitches finished a fpp log cabin style star, am so happy, may add a few stitches to the monster, remembered have some more ufo, may relocate, oh and there is another quilt to share, use with me wheels to keep knees warm but needs a colour warning before anyone see's it, haha
        the sun has just arrived as its setting,
        have a great day in whatever do


          Re: Hello Friday

          Good morning. It’s sunny here too and 27 degrees. I worked out and went to the store for things to take with me this weekend. My DH will eat dinner out when I’m gone. My living room is a mess with all the scrapbook items out. I am trying to organize it , so the bags /containers are not too heavy. Luckily we all share our materials. Some could open their own Scrapbook store!

          I am doing laundry and dishes, so I can come home to a clean house. I have not made it to my sewing room this week. Once this weekend is over, I intend to get back to sewing my strips.

          Have a good day and stay warm.


            Re: Hello Friday

            Good Morning, Everyone ~ Just checking various web sites, e-m, etc. before taking both my old & new laptops into computer lab from 1-4 this afternoon. I'm hoping the transition will go smoothly. I printed off Bonnie's Hunter's 10 page reveal of the Frolic Mystery Quilt. Not sure if I'll ever make it, but at least I have all the info. I did a Snip-It close-up of the finished quilt & saved it.

            We have a sunny morning. It was 24 & frost at daybreak. We're supposed to have high winds later today. More weather systems are moving across the country, from west to east. Little chance of snow here, but not so in in the mts.

            Yest. a.m. I did banking errands. Any paper work that DH needs to sign has to be brought home, then taken back to the bank, so it takes extra time. I put in ~20 min. of FMQ time in the afternoon. I picked up the new laptop just before 3 p.m. I have it out of the box & things ready to take to computer lab this afternoon. It will be quite a bit to haul, 2 laptops, & asst'd. stuff. I don't think it all will fit into my computer carrying case. Probably will need a tote bag for the extra.

            Well, I haven't eaten breakfast yet, so I need to get on with my day.


              Re: Hello Friday

              Good Morning....Thank you so much for all of your prayers and kind words about Dottie. This is a very hard time for us. It was the first time Jeff was ever present when one of our pets left for the Bridge and it devastated him. I have been friends with Tom (our vet) for more than 25 years and I knew what he was going to tell us when tears began running down his face. We know we did the best thing for Dottie but it is still terribly hard. Having a compassionate vet and friend was comforting.

              For those of you who might have a dog with dementia, Tom shared with us that it is an "insidious killer" of so many pets. He said that dogs with dementia are tortured by anxiety, shame and confusion. The hair on the top of Dot's head had turned silver from the stress she was under. She had become incontinent and had several accidents in the house and this embarassed her. She was so confused she couldn't remember how to turn around or go through a door. She also began hanging out in one of the pups crates because they are covered with throws to dim the light and this was her attempt to escape the stress. Dementia is especially hard for animals that were well trained, loved and well behaved. Dot had congestive heart failure, advanced arthritis and dementia. Of the three, dementia was the most destructive. If you think your pet may have dementia don't take it lightly. The first sign of Dot's dementia was when she began roaming the house at night. She also became less responsive when I would call her name or talk to her but I thought she was getting hard of hearing (who knew?). Dementia meds helped her a lot for a short time and then they stopped working suddenly.

              We are having freezing rain this morning to be followed by more rain with higher temperatures. Flood warnings are out.

              Wishing everyone a great day. Love & hugs.....

              Scottie Mom Barb


                Re: Hello Friday

                thanks for letting know the reveal is out JCY, that explains the quiet forum, everyone must be webbing seams, will pop over to see.
                have a great time at computer lab


                  Re: Hello Friday

                  Barb, I never knew pets could suffer from dementia. Thank you for sharing the information and symptoms with us.


                    Re: Hello Friday

                    Good afternoon! It is a snow day, sew day. We have actually had more ice than snow. I am planning on spending more time sewing on the machine that I won as that is the one that I plan on taking with me on Monday to a sew day. She is a nice machine.

                    Yesterday was a quiet day around here. I landed in the ER on Wednesday evening with a huge migraine that I could not get to go away. And it turns out the ER dr could not get rid of it either. He gave me everything that he could and it still would not go away. I came home and was finally able to get to go to sleep. It wore me out so I slept in yesterday and took the day easy.

                    Have a good day everyone


                      Re: Hello Friday

                      Barb & Jeff ~ My heartfelt sympathy to you for saying final good-byes to your Dottie. Such an emotional time. God bless you both.


                        Re: Hello Friday

                        "I landed in the ER on Wednesday evening with a huge migraine that I could not get to go away. And it turns out the ER dr could not get rid of it either. He gave me everything that he could and it still would not go away."

                        Simply Quilting, I've been a migraineur for over 50 years and over that time have had many, many trips to the ER with migraines that just wouldn't quit. Many times they couldn't get rid of it. So frustrating, exasperating, to be in so much pain, all the waiting and in the end you're still in so much pain. They have tried many combos of meds in the past, but the one that worked for me the last couple of times is decadron, compazine and benadryl, all given IV.
                        I see a headache specialist and have learned to manage my symptoms a little better but if you are a migraineur (as you know) it is a complex, incurable neurological disorder with no easy answers.

                        to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world...