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Took the Leap on a New Computer

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    Took the Leap on a New Computer

    I've been browsing/shopping for a new laptop for a long time. Microsoft's support for Windows 7 ends on Jan. 14, so it was time to find something ASAP. My current HP laptop is 9 yrs. old. I'm sure our W-7 computers won't self-destruct (thinking of Mission Impossible, LOL), but the senior center computer coaches have warned about one's laptop being more susceptible to malware, viruses, etc. They probably also will become slower.

    Anyway, I had my choices zeroed down to 2 or 3. I really wanted a 17.3" screen, but finding what I wanted in the price range I was willing to pay was difficult. Staples' weekly ad this week had one on sale. I went to the store this afternoon with the plan to buy it. (This is my 3rd trip to Staples since just before Christmas.) Well, when the tech selected it to order it for me, it was out of stock! Sigh. I asked the tech what we could do. He offered to let me buy my 2nd choice (more expensive) at the same price as the 17", which was a savings of $100. My 2nd choice was the HP Pavilion 15.6". It was on sale for $519.99; I got it for $419.99. (Reg. listed price was739.99!) That was too good a savings to pass up. I can live with the 15.6" screen. On the down side, it has no built-in DVD/CD player/writer, so I bought a separate one. It also has only 2 USB ports, so I bought a separate 4 port 3.0 USB hub. I still need to buy an external hard drive to back up my data. In the 9 yrs. of having my laptop, I've never backed anything. (Knock on wood!) I feel very fortunate to not have lost any data.

    So...the big decision is made. It's on order, to be delivered to the store for pick-up. I didn't want to risk any porch pirates! I have to say the 2 techs, one of whom was the head of the dept., who helped me at Staples both were very patient with me, answered all my questions, etc. They are to be commended for their customer service.

    The coaches at our senior center are very knowledgeable & will do the transfers from my old laptop to the new one & get me all set up with Windows 10, etc. I'm registered for 3 more classes coming up later this mo. & in Feb.

    MS Office 365 Question ~ Who's using it? Did you select the 1 time payment for use with 1 computer, or did you buy the annual subscription? Or did you opt for the free downloadable office product? I think it's called LibreOffice. Just wondering what people think of Libre? Did you find it difficult to make the switch, etc. I don't need to do spread sheets. I just mostly create docs. or write letters for snail mail. I don't need Power Point or Excel. (I had hoped to be able to use my MS Office 2010, but I read on line that is not going to be an option after Oct., 2020.

    Well, I feel like I got a monkey off my back. Maybe I can think about doing some sewing/quilting now!

    Re: Took the Leap on a New Computer

    It sounds like you got a great deal on the laptop and I know you did your homework before shopping. It's probably killing you to have to wait to get it! Sorry I have no experience with Office 365. I am a dinosaur who still uses Word Perfect.


      Re: Took the Leap on a New Computer

      MS Office 365 I did a one time payment at the time I purchased my new PC....mine was purchased at Best Buy.
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        Re: Took the Leap on a New Computer

        I only know i have MS office 2010. and still have some Excel things i've done saved. i needed a new list and just used an old Excel one for that. worked fine but did get the notice no back up help after later this year. i do not want to buy new programs so will see how i cope with that. i like my bills organized and write down every check or payment online i make and each charge with my credit card or use of Bank card. I guess i will do well enough without spending more money.
        have fun with your new electronics!


          Re: Took the Leap on a New Computer

          MS Office 365 . We purchased one Home and Student 2019 Download 1 Person Compatible on Windows 10 during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. The new Word document software is much more graphic and easier to use. Excel has changed so much it is unrecognizable. Haven't look at Powerpoint. Our last windows MS Office version was from 2000.
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            Re: Took the Leap on a New Computer

            My new computer just came last Friday. I got a desktop instead of a laptop. It has windows 10 pro. I opted for this because I wanted to be able to use my tv which has a nice sized screen with it as the monitor. It has more RAM and disk space then my former laptop and should run faster. I didn't chose an expensive machine but it's still better then what I had. I don't like bells and whistles and the programs I use are pretty basic but unfortunately I do need a windows system. Unfortunately you do have to get a windows 10 if you want support otherwise I'd still be happy with windows XP, 7 or 8. I have 6 flash drive ports and it came with wifi, mouse and keyboard. I'm not using the wifi plug in on it, I prefer ethernet although I am using the wifi plug in in my older laptop upstairs. I got the machine within two days of ordering but over the weekend I was not happy as it kept freezing and crashing. Called the company on Tuesday and they immediately offered a replacement. They were concerned, pleasant and very easy to work with. They paid for the return shipping and reshipment. It came fast and I had it up and running today (got it this morning). It's running very nicely and I had no problems with installation like I did on the first one. The programs are all playing nicely together. So I'm quite pleased with them and will give positive feedback. I did this all for $154, it fits my budget, my needs,and I think I'll be quite happy with it.

            I didn't want the expense of the extra new Microsoft Office. I found over the years that I didn't really use the extra features of the upgrades after 2010 version. I never really needed the upgrades that were offered for the types of things I did anyway. I no longer had my original 2010 disks though :-( and I did want to use the 2010 instead of the various freeware you could download which I had also used in the past. So I purchased a 2010 edition for $18.99 with the product key and installed that instead. My older computer has used the 2010 32 bit version but I was able to use the 64 bit version on this computer.That's also working properly on my new Windows 10 desktop. I can now get my embroidery software on this computer which my 32 bit windows 7 a friend gave me wouldn't allow after my latest computer crashed and burned in November.

            At any rate I'm pretty happy and I didn't break the bank!
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              Re: Took the Leap on a New Computer

              Joy, this post makes my head swim and I start hyperventilating! I hate trying to figure out anything tech related. If it wasn't for my DD, my phone would be hanging on the wall.

              All that being said, my computer is also a Windows 7. I hate that some big corporation is deciding that a computer that works fine for my purposes is going to be obsolete. My kids of course all say it's time for a new one. Youngest DS wants to "build one for me" - he did his own last year. I would at least be able to use the key board and monitor and possible he could put the hard drive into it also (?). He has already backed everything up....twice.

              I do use excel for some basic things, but he tells me I should switch to google docs. Same for Word. I don't know, I just don't like trying to figure this all out. I would rather save my brain power for figuring out quilts!


                Re: Took the Leap on a New Computer

                Originally posted by jjkaiser View Post
                It sounds like you got a great deal on the laptop and I know you did your homework before shopping. It's probably killing you to have to wait to get it! Sorry I have no experience with Office 365. I am a dinosaur who still uses Word Perfect.
                I guess I have to admit I'm a dinosaur PC is 10 yrs old (I think). it has Windows 10 on it. Once you get used to the new PC Joy I am sure your going to like it and be thrilled with your purchase.

                Also, for those of you that don't want to spend a lot on a monitor for your new PC etc. Did you know that you can use a TV and use a HDMI cable and Poof! you have a Monitor!!! I have used a 17" Element TV for a monitor for several years now.

                Anyway.....Congrats on the NEW computer Joy!

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                  Re: Took the Leap on a New Computer

                  I also had to get a new one as i was also on windows 7
                  also bought an hp got it in canada for 499.00 i love it
                  was worried about using 10 as every disliked it so much whwn it came out
                  i find it not hard at all even hooked up my hp printer but without
                  son inlaw set up my google and micro accounts I was good to go


                    Re: Took the Leap on a New Computer

                    My gr. dau. has a Chrome Book. They're less expensive than a laptop. She uses Google for her spread sheets, etc. She needed to have something for her job.

                    For those who are considering putting Windows 10 on your current computer, make sure you have adequate storage space for it. It takes ~4 GB of memory. That's why if you're buying a new computer, you want to buy something that has at least 8 GB.

                    My laptop is 9 yrs. old, so it gave me many years of wonderful service. It was time for a new one. DH asked me what I am going to do with my old one. I don't know.
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                      Re: Took the Leap on a New Computer

                      I'm glad that you found a laptop with all the features you want.

                      Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

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                        Re: Took the Leap on a New Computer

                        Glad you got what you needed, Joy.

                        My phone is still hanging on the wall!
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                          Re: Took the Leap on a New Computer

                          congratulations, on your new comp,
                          hope you be up and running quickly.

                          (if press windows icon and go down list to w,
                          windows accessories, the sub menu has word pad,
                          its a basic program compared to office, but at least can write letters, ect. while deciding if want to pay a subscription on office. it may be on windows 7 for you to have a look.
                          have fun at your classes.


                            Re: Took the Leap on a New Computer

                            In response to a question I had, I got an e-m from one of the computer coaches. She suggested MS Office 2019 Home & Student edition. It's a one time purchase of $149. I'm exploring that as an option.


                              Re: Took the Leap on a New Computer

                              I'm glad you found something you liked and got a deal to boot.

                              I was looking at an all in one last night. I told Mike what I was thinking. I really don't care for this Chrome book for much of anything. His only question was where are you going to put it? That's the thing!

                              I have used the MS Home and Student in the older versions. I loved using it.

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