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Thursday hellos!!

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    Thursday hellos!!

    Good morning everyone. It is a bitterly cold morning here, -18C with wind chills feeling like -25. Tomorrow the temps will rise to +4 with rain/freezIing rain coming. UGH!!! The weather better be good for hubby to take me to retreat Sunday evening.

    I took my neighbour to town yesterday. Picked up a few groceries and meds for both of us. I was having problems with my debit card at the bank, the machine ended up retaining my card. PANIC MODE set in. I went into the bank and spoke with a teller that I know. She retrieved my card, luckily I have a second card and it worked fine at the pharmacy. I called my bank and nothing showed up on the file so it looks like the problem was actually with the bank machine. Last week the internet/phones/tv went out as a result of a tree branch falling on the hydro lines and burning the fibre optic cable. The teller told me others were having problems with their card as well. So all is good.

    I still haven't done much of anything. I guess my mind is on vacation until retreat time. I am supposed to visit with a cousin of hubby's as she has a tub full of clothes that she would like made into a quilt. I will see what there is and if it viable to do so. Today might be that day.

    Other than that, not much happening here and that's a good thing. LOL!!

    Have a great day everyone. Suzanne is probably up and out the door by now for her hubby's followup from eye surgery yesterday.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Thursday hellos!!

    Good morning / afternoon
    just calling in to wish you all a great day, hope the rain stays away Monique.
    fingers are crossed for Suzannes hubby to be ok.
    himself has some online errands so the comps being past over
    have a fun filled day


      Re: Thursday hellos!!

      Good Morning, Everyone ~ I had a busy day yest. with BSF in the a.m., a quick lunch at Wendy's, then errands. I spent considerable time at Staples talking with the tech & trying out a laptop. This a.m. I'm headed to the senior center for a lecture on the demise of Windows 7 & transition to W-10. There are two Windows 10 classes coming up I plan to take, one later this mo. & one in Feb. I better get signed up today before the classes fill up. No matter which computer I buy, it's going to cost $, but I understand a new i-phone is more expensive than a laptop. (I have no interest in an i-phone.)

      After a high of 60 yest., today it's supposed to be only in the 40's today. Chance of snow flurries tonight & colder for the next few days.

      Well, DH is waiting for his breakfast.


        Re: Thursday hellos!!

        Hi Everyone....I think I have the flu. I got a flu shot, so will wait and see what's happening before I call the doctor.

        Have a good day everyone.

        Scottie Mom Barb


          Re: Thursday hellos!!

          Good Morning to all,
          It is a frigid morning here - it was 8 degrees F when I woke up and now it's only 11. The sun is shining and it's not windy, so hopefully it will get much warmer this afternoon.

          Yesterday I finished quilting my lap quit and made the binding. Last night I twisted my back and it's very painful this morning, so there will be no progress today. It will be a day of hot water bottles, Tylenol, movies and books.

          Bubby, I hope it's not the flu, but if it is, it should be milder than if you hadn't gotten the shot.

          JCY, don't let Windows 10 scare you. I hope you can find a laptop that fits you well. I've not been able to find a 17" laptop that has enough power for me. I'm more of a geeky type and prefer a Mac.

          Hope you all have a wonderful day today!!



            Re: Thursday hellos!!

            Good Morning All,

            Had a long talk with Melinda this morning. She's home with the flu. They had Christmas dinner with their neighbors, a couple of days later the mom called Mel and told her she had the flu. Just what Mel didn't need! She must be on the mends, we were able to talk for almost an hour before she tired out.

            Mike's staying at work, our neighbor called in sick. Extra hours, I said... and it gives me longer to sit around in my PJs. lol

            I've been slack in my sewing room, but I actually feel like going in there and doing a little finishing up. First I need to clean up. Purchases made need to be sorted into what they were purchased for piles and boxes, baskets need to be found. My small thread box needs to find it's way back to the shelf once I put all of the threads I've used from it away. I probably need a good hour to resort my bobbins into the box. I've used so many different colors recently.

            I started looking at dogs on a couple of websites that Jim shared with me. Nothing is really calling. I feel like I have the time to be picky, now that I'm feeling human again.

            Yesterday, I received a thank you note from Carl and Dianne (Nandy and Nana). It was so heart felt. I had no idea she had wanted to commission me for a quilt, but felt like I had enough on my plate. I bet she was shocked to hear that her quilt was at the long armers before I broke my wrist last year. Everyone kept the secret!

            Well, I'd best start something, or I'll do nothing all day. I hope everyone has a great and creative day! Stay healthy!

            Barb, I hope it's not the flu, but this viral stuff is almost as bad! It just keeps hanging on! I hope you feel better fast!

            “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
            ― Maya Angelou


              Re: Thursday hellos!!

              Good afternoon all. It's a sunny 27 here this morning and won't get much warmer. I've done my morning chores and have a couple of errands this afternoon then will head to the sewing room.
              Yesterday I went to my favorite consignment shop and spotted a little Singer sitting in the corner. It was a very small machine, sitting in a treadle cabinet. It had the original manual (it's a Singer 24 from 1902-1903) and a puzzle box and is in great shape for it's age. Smooth mechanism. I'd really like to bring it home. There's a pic in the vintage sewing machine group.
              Last night I finished putting the borders on my Block Heads quilt and got it ready to ship to M* for quilting. Also put the borders on another ufo. Found some yardage for a pieced backing so that's today's plan.
              Sorry to hear you're sick tamiflu an option? I think it needs to be started within 48 hours of symptoms.
              Stay warm everyone!

              to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world...


                Re: Thursday hellos!!

                Good afternoon everyone. Reading your posts makes me cold, sitting here in my warm house. Not sure what our temps are, but I didn't use a jacket when I went out to lunch.

                Joy - Good luck with your laptop. I saw your post somewhere about the HP Pavillon. That's the one I was headed to buy on Black Friday when I thought it was on sale, but wasn't. I think you would like it.

                Bubby and anyone else fighting illnesses, hope you feel better soon.

                Well yesterday was not a good day for me at work. Lost my cool from the stress. Really need to assess my future plans. But today, I worked from home so I could finally get some things accomplished. Of course, I thought the power cord was at home (Still do), but I be darn if I can find it. So I worked until 1:15 when the battery ran out on the laptop, and had to shut down. I guess that's one way to knock off early. So, that's why you see me posting mid day.

                Now that my work computer is out of commission, I will head to the sewing room and work on borders for my current project. One day it will get finished. After that, I think I will read for a bit, and relax.


                  Re: Thursday hellos!!

                  Good afternoon,

                  I can't wait to get off the treadmill. We had to be at DH's follow up appt for 8am. We both have issues with early Kir ing, but we rose to the occasion. After we had breakfast at McD, and I dropped off hubby at home. I did errands again and went to visit mom. She is doing much better. She was trying to put on lipstick - still vain at 96. She looked less drained today. Her hand is improving, and this aft she went to music physio. She was given a drum and sticks. When I got back DH wanted to go to eyeglass place, to have them remove the lens from the side he had surgery, and place a clear glass until he gets new Rx. Well he didn't like it, so when we got home, he put the old lens back in. I'm having a cup of green tea, while watching press conference by our prime minister. Yesterday 63 Canadians died in the Ukrainian plane that crashed in Iran. It is now confirmed that an Iranian missile struck it. Sad for the families of the Canadians and students studying in Canada who were to make connecting flight. There were 6 from both of our in-town universities.

                  Barb - I hope your symptoms aren't as severe since you've had flu shot. 'Tis the season.
                  KarenC - sending you positive thoughts, job wise.

                  I just finished washing my winter jacket as I figure I don't want anybody's lingering germs I may have picked up hospitals & doctors' offices. I tried to start another load. No response from electronics. Crap. I'm so tired, and don't want to deal with anything or anybody else's problems, I just want to scream. If and when I recover, I will look for manual, and possible warranty. My guess is that it's done.

                  We are expecting some nasty weather tomorrow and into the weekend, heavy snow, freezing rains and strong winds. I'm hibernating and if anyone has a problem, I don't care.

                  Have a good evening.

                  Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                  Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                    Re: Thursday hellos!!

                    Barb ~ Hope it's not the flu. I never get flu shots or the pneumonia vaccine, etc. We are very anti-vaccine. DGGS had an adverse reaction to the MMR when he was little that affected him for years. He's better now. His younger bro. has been given no vaccines.

                    Laptop search continues... I attended a lecture this a.m. on the Demise of Windows 7 & options for the future. I'm not afraid of Windows 10. I'm signed up for 3 more computer classes at the senior center. I also learned that the computer coaches are skilled enough to help us transfer data from a W-7 to a W-10 pc, so that will save me a good $100, & I won't be limited to buy from some place like Staples, Best Buy, etc. I may have to purchase a newer version of Photo Shop Elements that will be compatible with W-10.
                    So, I still have not made a final decision on which laptop to buy. I'm still holding out for a 17" if I can find the right one.


                      Re: Thursday hellos!!

                      Originally posted by SuzanneOrleansOntario View Post
                      Good afternoon,

                      Crap. I'm so tired, and don't want to deal with anything or anybody else's problems, I just want to scream. If and when I recover, I will look for manual, and possible warranty. My guess is that it's done. I'm hibernating and if anyone has a problem, I don't care.
                      Sounds like you need a Dang it doll!
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