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Happy Monday!!

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    Happy Monday!!

    Good morning. We have a little snow on the ground this morning. I hope we don't get too much. I have a lunch date today and then a date with the massage therapist. I will probably stay in town because I will have to pick hubby up from work. We received a gift certificate from the restaurant beside the bar so I am taking hubby there after work. It will be a full service day.

    I did absolutely nothing yesterday, I just didn't have my mojo. I am going on retreat next week so I really didn't want to start something. I am starting to pack. My partner for supper on Monday (nice that we get to do that first) want to do tourtiere (meat pie). We could add a salad to that. Sounds easy peasy to me. I will make a desert to go with our meal.

    So a busy day ahead. I will have most of the day to myself tomorrow as hubby is taking his brother to an eye appointment in the city.

    Have a wonderful day everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Happy Monday!!

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ I didn't do any sewing yest. either. Just decided to take it easy. After church yest. a.m. I made a quick stop at Vitamin Cottage for Kombucha & a couple other things. Whole Foods is closer to my house, but their Kombucha is $3.59/bottle vs. $3.19 at VC. I went through Taco Bell drive-through & bought a couple hard shell tacos for my lunch.

    Bible Study Fellowship resumes this week after our 2 week Christmas break. Yest. afternoon I got started on my lesson. I worked on some snail mail. Watched a little TV. Finished my Elm Creek Quilts book; it was a fat 3:1. It was a re-read for me. I have others I'll work through again. I've finished all my "new" books. I have many favorites in my library. Some I've read at least 3 times. I probably should quit buying books & just go to the city library, but I can't always find what I want. If I'm going to read a series, I want all the books on hand when I start book 1, so I can read them in consecutive order.

    Today will be the usual Mon. laundry, etc.


      Re: Happy Monday!!

      Good Morning.....Jeff is back to work this morning after being off for five days. We had a very restful time with the Girls.

      After 22 years of service Jeff will be retiring from his job with the State of Missouri February 28. This will bring a different pace to our household. We hope to do some traveling but as long as Dottie is with us we won't be able. We bring her with us on short jaunts. Dottie is my heart......there will never be another like her for me.

      Maggie and Sugar continue to amaze us. Sugar is a natural service animal and we are going to look into getting her the training. She can be deep in sleep and if I do as much as clear my throat she comes running and has to look me in the eyes and check me all over. She ends her check-up with kisses and then goes back to her nap. She has the habit of doing this every time I hang up the phone also! She's an amazing little angel. Maggie is becoming a solid citizen who just loves to hang with us. She's quite a good Girl. Their puppyhood was rough but we are so glad we put in the work and stuck it out. Westies are busy but they are also extremely affectionate and always by your side.

      Thank you for all of the nice comments on my little hexie throw I posted yesterday. I just want everyone to know that making that quilt is possible even for beginners. If you are interested feel free to pm me.

      I have a ham to cook for dinner today and think I will also make some potato salad, baked beans and slaw. It sounds like a lot of leftovers to me and a ham bone for a pot of beans later.

      We are sickened about the unrelenting fires in Australia. Our prayers are definitely with them. Seeing the animals running from the fire is heartbreaking also.

      I see that I need to put our trash out this morning, so I need to get my wiggle on.

      Wishing everyone a wonderful day....

      Scottie Mom Barb


        Re: Happy Monday!!

        Good morning all,

        It's snowing lightly, hopefully we won't get too much. I was busy yesterday - it was my grunge day, no makeup, didn't expect to go out and see people. Well, my neighbour dropped by, dressed to the nines. She bought us a small light up lantern scene with children for our train village. So nice. I paid bills, put away xmas trees, did loads of laundry, changed bed sheets, vacuumed, scrubbed bathtub, cleaned out fridge and finished putting together a rolling cart for sewing room. It holds 7 scrapbook bins, which is what I use to keep collections and projects together. At first I thought I would put it near my sewing table, but I didn't like the look. So I moved some bins to other room where I store batting and voila, it fits perfectly. I could use a few, but I think I should focus my attention on getting more quilts done. I also washed another VQC quilt made of purple batiks. I was concerned it would bleed like the other batik one, but it didn't, so that will be 2 turned in today at our sew-in.

        I started DH on pre-surgery drops for cataract surgery on Wednesday. This afternoon I have VictorIa Quilts, so I will pack up my stuff and a project to work on. I will pick up some groceries afterwards, nice that we meet in community room of store.

        I saw bad accident on Pennsylvania Highway on weather network. It involved FedEx truck and packages strewn all over the road. I hope it's not MSQC packages that you might be waiting for.

        I am impressed with all the beautiful quilts finished that many have been posting.

        Have an enjoyable day back to a routine. Grandkids are back to school. Stay warm and be safe.

        Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

        Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


          Re: Happy Monday!!

          Good Morning All,

          Poor Mike got the call to work today, but forgot to reset his alarm. I think he was late. Oh well, he's covering for someone else. He had a horrible nose bleed last night, right before he went to bed. His cold is starting to break up and head to his nose like mine has. Poor thing.

          I feel better today. I'm going to try to not over do it. Yesterday, I was busy, but it was mostly in my lazy chair. Our trash collection has switched. Our yard waste, recycle and bulk was on Wednesdays, now just recycle is on every other Friday. Our garbage was on Friday, now it's on Wednesday with our yard waste and bulk on recycle weeks. So yesterday I made return address labels- trash/ yard on one set. recycle on the other and labeled up our calendar for the year. Hopefully, we'll get the right stuff put out on the right day. Jim and Morgan's trash / recycling is on Monday and Tuesdays. So convenient to have them together and out of the way for the week.

          Other than getting my stuff from the printer, I didn't go into the sewing room yesterday. I did start a list of what I've purchased since Christmas and what it was for, so when I'm looking at it, I'll remember! My brain has been in a fog of well, it's been full of it and it really has effected my memory. I really shouldn't buy stuff when I'm grogged out! Hopefully, this mess is on it's way out from me!

          Nana called to check on me this morning. I was able to talk to her for more than a few minutes without having a coughing spell. I count that as major progress. She thought Jim was keeping Jonathan home from school this week. I knew they wouldn't be coming today, but I think I'll pull some other materials for this week since he'll be doing a short week...if he's doing this week at all. I guess Jim will be calling later to pull plans together. Who knows! Nana and I just go with the flow!

          Secret Santa is starting to shape up. I do hope more folks will decide to join up this year, but groups like this go through cycles. We'll see.

          I hope you all have a creative day! The sun is shining and it's chilly outside here today. Honestly, it makes me want to go out!

          “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
          ― Maya Angelou


            Re: Happy Monday!!

            I sleep so well last night, it was so nice to actually sleep through the night and not be up and down. Yesterday, my daughter and grandson and I went to several antique shops around town. We went back to her house and had a chicken salad sandwich for a late lunch. She does make the best chicken salad. I came home and thought I was settled in for the night and Jeff called and said he would be passing through town and wanted to take me out for dinner. I guess I am selfish but it was nice to have time alone with my son, without having to share him. He is always so busy with work.

            I know I should clean house but I'm not going to do it today. I'm going to sew on my Frolic quilt.

            Have a great day all!


              Re: Happy Monday!!

              Happy Monday/ Tuesday,
              Happy New Year to everyone, it seems an age since last visited, a bit of an update
              life has not been dull, but very tiring to the point of issues getting worse, but am still very positive and laugh even in the interesting of situations..
              Himself is still suffering from last January's event,
              The furr babys are supporting him, sir insists 'himself' has a drink and sits on him till finishes, then encourages outside wear, where fore sir drags ' himself' on a lead round yard each day, then mischief has a go round as well.
              tonight himself tried a yoga pose, thought a stationary pose, may help spark his noodles, mischief saw how wobbly was, shot of the chair was there on back legs front paws on himself trying to steady him. a chair was quickly found, mischief sat on his lap, then purred,
              was rather proud of mischief (sir was in snooze mode)
              weather wise the cold was bitter enough to find me bones, took hours under a quilt next t'fire to warm back up
              no snow yet, but had a few keen frosts.
              sewing wise there been a panel sewn,(link to show panel i used there are many about) then the plastic free motion foot pinged off the presser bar while sewing with metallic thread feel lucky the metallic needle did not break,
              fed up with the plastic degrading, decided to replace with an metal convertible
              (there seems to be a few makers of this type of foot looking at the free motion teaching videos), the foot arrived yesterday, feel like have gone deaf, tis so quiet, the needle is left front but there seems room for the thread to spin round the needle on the treadle with the round foot.
              perhaps msqc may stock one of these type for you guys over water?
              have a great fun filled day where ever you are,
              prayers for all who are in need.
              hugs T


                Re: Happy Monday!!

                201 Treadler,

                I have that set for my Janome. Mine came with my machine ( think), but they can be ordered on Amazon too,