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A Little More Night Owling

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    A Little More Night Owling

    It's the last night of Christmas Break.
    I could use another week to get stuff caught up. The tree did come down today and the goats snacked on it when the sun peeked out. The house has been vacuumed. The kitchen floor mopped. The plants in the kitchen window have been cleaned/pruned up, and the kitchen rugs washed.

    I had some quiet fidget patches to finish. Each side has a different texture of fabric: satin, polar fleece, sherpa fleece, velvet, & denim. They are 5" squares sewn & turned, then I sew a maze-like channel in the middle, pop in a marble, and top stitch them closed. The kiddos can move the marble between the fabric layers along the maze. It is supposed to keep their hands busy while listening to stories, presentations, etc. They help some of our kids, but the ones we had were weak in the seams. Several had the threads picked and the marble liberated. Hopefully the serged seams and tighter stitch length on the top stitch will prevent that.

    I'll take them in to work along with the foot stools my husband made. The stools fit around the front legs of the student chairs. We have a couple of short kiddos and their feet dangle above the floor. This leads to fidgety feet and legs, accidentally kicking neighbors & bonking the desk legs with swinging feet. These give their feet a sturdy place to rest and because the chair legs fit through the drilled holes, the stools don't get scooted all over the place under the desks. Our Special Ed teacher is going to think Christmas came twice!

    It's supposed to rain all week. Ugh. Nobody likes rainy day recesses.

    I'm not sure how much more Night Owling will be done now that school's back in. I kinda like my sleep, and the alarm says I have to be up, so not so many late nights.
    If you are up, I hope all is well in your neck of the woods!
    Hugs! Cathy
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    Re: A Little More Night Owling

    You have been busy. What a great idea for the stool for chairs.

    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

    Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.