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  • Saturday hellos

    Good morning friends. I am really loving this warmer than normal weather. It was a beautiful day yesterday with a little sprinkle of rain. I think snow is coming but I don't think it will be much.

    My day didn't go as I expected. First off, the van was dead as a doornob, had to get a boost. Then it was off to town. I did get what I needed and bought two more shawls/ponchos with arms. I love these. I decided to have my moustache waxed off. I waited a while for the appointment and was lucky enough to get one same day. So I headed over to my friend's place. She will be 80 next month. I helped her put up her shower curtain and repack her little Christmas village that she was having trouble with. I made ourselves some sandwiches and played a game of cards before my appointment. I also made an appointment for a foot rub from a registered massage therapist on Monday afternoon. So I will have lunch with my friend then. So I never got to my sewing room at all.

    I am already doing another load of laundry. I really don't have anything planned for today so we shall see what happens.

    Have a wonderful Saturday friends.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

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    Re: Saturday hellos

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ Monique, you're off to an early start. Is the mustache waxing painful? I frequently pluck hairs from my chin & mustache with the tweezers. Years ago, I saw an elderly who must never have heard of tweezers. She had long hairs growing from her chin.

    I was wakened at 4:30 this a.m. by a charlie horse in my L. leg -- all the way from my knee to my ankle. Yikes! I thought it would never calm down & relax. I spread Bigeloil on it. That's actually a horse liniment, but it really helps. Sometimes I put it on my painful arthritic finger joint. I took a Tylenol & went back to bed till the alarm went off at 5 a.m.

    Yest. a.m. I mixed up the turkey patties; it made 22. In the eve. I did the veg. prep for today's chicken soup, which I'll start as soon as DH eats breakfast. I have a 5.8 lb. chicken & 2 pkgs. of legs, so it will make a big batch. Yest. afternoon I had 30 min. to sew, so I assembled 2 blocks for practice FMQ. I still haven't decided how I'm going to quilt this pinwheel quilt -- over all, or custom.

    Today I also want to change the bed sheets. It's supposed to be a warm day, so I'll air the pillows outside in the sun.

    If there's time in the afternoon, I may run over to Staples & look again at the laptops. I really don't want to buy a 15.6", but I may have to in order to get the features I want at the price I'm willing to pay. I've read so many reviews my head is spinning.

    On with my day....


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      Re: Saturday hellos

      Good morning,

      These mild temperatures will make for an interesting 2020 temperature quilt. I am tracking highs and lows and will decide on fabric choices. So far, there not a big variance. Monique - waxing is a killer for me. I have always broken out, so I have resorted to depilatory creams and some tweezing. Even though mom is 96, she insists I check to ensure she doesn't have any dark or wiry hairs. I used to bring her to esthetician, but there is none where she lives.

      Yesterday, we went to LQS and train store, where we both did a lot of damage. Who can leave all those great deals. Then I started taking down the garland, bows and majority of xmas decor. I have 10 bins/boxes put back in storage., and cleaned up the mess. Today, I will take apart the xmas tree in living room. DH will take down 4' tree in bedroom on Sunday. We decided to leave the train and village display set up on the dining table for another week. House is looking pretty bare, but it had to be done sooner than later. Next week will be very busy.

      Today I plan to put away fabrics and FQs. Then I will visit mom and bring her to bingo. Then I am off to DD to make french braids. They are going to a 90s party and as she recalled, that's how I did her hair. I still need to send off some xmas/new year letters to DH's family in US. I need to get back to a regular routine, normal eating, sleeping and activities. We haven't heard from DH's oldest and family. We've had no response to texts or calls. Last week I thought they may have been slighted (or pissed off) that we hosted them at a restaurant for xmas, and that we said we wouldn't babysit. Ah well, it's not DH who does the work, it's me and I get worn out.

      Have an enjoyable weekend and please let's send our prayers and best wishes to our Australian friends who are being devastated by the fires. The recovery and return to normal life will take years. So sad.

      Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

      Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


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        Re: Saturday hellos

        Morning all,
        Looks rather gloomy out there this morning hoping for the sun to peek through.

        I don't know about anyone else but with holidays in the middle of the week it throws my days off.

        Have done a bit of sewing since Christmas in trying to get a few things finished that were intended for the craft fair but never got completed. I had 3 reading pillows started so want to get them finished and off my cutting table. Once they are finished there will be a big cleanup of the sewing room and an inventory of what supplies need to be replenished and ordered for the coming year.

        Not much else new here so I will wish everyone a good day and weekend! I'm off to the kitchen to fire up the Keurig and have a cup.
        Nobody is going to stand up at your funeral and say she had a really expensive sofa and great shoes Life is not about stuff.

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          Re: Saturday hellos

          Good Morning All,

          Mike is off today. He's packed up an taken the Christmas stuff to the storage. I've had a rough morning, coughing and carrying on. So he's running solo.

          It's rainy and dreary, not to mention steamy! Last night was miserable. It was in mid 80s yesterday. It only dropped to the low 70s last night.

          I haven't been in the sewing room this week. I miss it, but I haven't stopped shopping! Now, to write down what I was going to do with these fabrics that I picked when I was medicated, other wise, I'll be looking at it wondering what was I thinkin'!

          I have a list of projects for the Christmas at the Tuell's for this Christmas started. I like to get them knocked out early, and make extra because they'll make good hostess gifts for anyone.

          Jim has one more week off. Nobody's been able to keep his kids this week, so he's not been able to work on his final project. He's starting to get antsy. He really wanted it done before his winter break was over. I just couldn't do it. Esther goes back to school on Tuesday. Maybe by then I can keep Jonathan for the morning and we'll get back into the home school swing. I'm not going to do it if I don't feel like it! I'm not even convinced I'll be going to church tomorrow, at this point!

          Time to move Mike's laundry.

          I hope you all have a great day!

          “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
          ― Maya Angelou


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            Re: Saturday hellos

            Good Morning!

            It's another gray, dreary start to the day here -- pretty much normal as we are known for our long, gray winters. Temps have cooled off a little bit, from the upper 40's to the upper 30's. We have a chance of light snow most of the day.

            Mom fell at the facility on Thursday. The good news is she was not hurt. She has a transport wheelchair, which we used to take her to doctors appointments, outings, etc. The staff have been using it quite a bit. Mom is not used to being in the wheelchair, and was trying to get out of it to sit in a comfortable chair. The facility did not call me -- the contact person -- they called my sister. Probably because she had visited that day? I emailed my contact there and asked for a copy of their fall / injury policy. I couldn't find it in my paperwork. I'm thinking of buying Mom a different chair. The transport chairs have small wheels and she can't maneuver the chair on her own.

            Today I will finish the binding my very first UFO -- a jelly roll race quilt I started in November of 2016. It's the first quilt top I ever pieced. I did a horrible job with the's actually the reason I started doing edge-to-edge on an embroidery machine. And the reason I never finished it. I used the magic binding method from Shabby Fabrics. It works for me every time.

            I will take my tree down today or tomorrow. That's pretty much my only decoration, with the exception of one wallhanging. I took the wallhanging down last night, and the spot looked so bare I put it back up again. I need to find something non-seasonal for that spot.

            Have a great day!


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              Re: Saturday hellos

              Good afternoon everyone,

              I've been back in NC since last Monday evening. My granddaughter wasn't due for another couple of weeks, but the doctors are worried about the size of her stomach. If she doesn't arrive on her own in the next couple of days, DIL will be induced on Tuesday. Maybe I posted about this already....hmmm...a senior moment!

              The weather has been pleasant. Of course, anything is better than NW Minnesota in the winter! It's been in the 60's and low 70's here; just right as far as I'm concerned. We've been just hanging out, trying to keep the 3 yo entertained. He's quite a live wire!!

              Nothing else happening here. I plan on staying a month to help out once the little one arrives, so no sewing. I did bring a counted cross stitch project to keep my hands busy.