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It's Tuesday! New Years Eve

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    It's Tuesday! New Years Eve

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ I see Monique & Suzanne both have been on here, but don't see the daily thread started yet. So I'll start.

    It's another mighty cold morning, only 11 deg. We had a sunny day yest. & 40 deg. DS#2 spent more time with his dau. & gr. kids on Sun. & Mon. Yest. they drove down to Colo. Spgs., Garden of the Gods, Manitou Springs, & ate out. Had a good family day. On his return home travel time through Denver was expected to be 3 hrs., so he took a bunch of back roads to get back home. It was more miles, but less time. The quicker time is on E-470, but it's a toll road & adds up in a hurry. Gr. dau. & family fly back to TX tonight.

    Yest. I went through the receipt & fabrics I'd purchased on sale last Friday. One amount of yardage was too much, so I made a quick trip back to the LQS for a refund. I looked over the sale fabric again, but didn't see anything else I really wanted or needed. Ran into a friend from BSF & we talked quilting for a few min. I made it to the sewing room in the afternoon. My pinwheel blocks are pieced & ready to be sewn into rows. It's a crib size baby quilt.

    Today I need to prepare account sheets for our record keeping book for 2020. We record all our expenditures.

    Re: It's Tuesday! New Years Eve

    Good Morning Joy and those who follow.

    It's supposed to be 15 degrees cooler than yesterday today. It's sunny and light high clouds, it may warm up more than they think.

    Everything Christmas is ready to take to the shed. The Christmas quilt and door hanging will stay here in the cedar chest. Mike's at work this morning, so that's the plan for the afternoon.

    Joy, I need to start going through my files, too. Not happening today though! lol.

    Everyone celebrating tonight. Have a great time, stay safe.

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
    ― Maya Angelou


      Re: It's Tuesday! New Years Eve

      Good morning Joy and all to follow. It's a grey morning here but the rain has stopped. I got a lot accomplished yesterday. Four loads of laundry got done as well as the kitchen getting cleaned. Then I headed up to my sewing room and worked in there for a couple hours. My Pfaff needed a good cleaning so that got done. Then I tackled some organizing and a bit of rearranging. Today I think I would like to work on the the fabric in the closet and get that back in order after the busy sewing season.

      As far as celebration tonight goes, we will just have a nice dinner at home and then later we will go next door and ring in the New Year with some neighbors. Hubby is cooking tonight and this afternoon I will prep tomorrow's stuffed shells dinner so all I have to do is pop it in the oven whenever we feel like eating. We have a nice, quiet New Year's Day in comfy clothes.

      Have a good New Year's Eve everyone. May 2020 bring much health and happiness to all. And a lot of sewing time too.
      Ginny B


        Re: It's Tuesday! New Years Eve

        Good morning all,

        Winter has arrived here. It's snowing and that's the forecast for next week plus. Now to find out how much ice it's covering up. We didn't go out as it was freezing rain, and it looked like at least an inch. DH & I will tackle that carefully this morning.

        Yesterday I quilted another Victoria quilt. I used a stencil and white Pounce powder. While it showed up most places, it was lost in some of the batiks, so I got off track. I improvised with some FMQ swirls. It took about 4 hrs and needed 2 bobbins on my Sweet16. I also cut and attached binding, and almost finished handsewing it. That's 3 quilts finished this month to donate.

        Today's plans - moving snow, visit mom, finish handsewing binding and dinner with friends tonight. We are going to our favorite buffet restaurant, and then we will come back here, to see DH's train display. Other friends will drop by to see it as well. Then I need to pick a day to take down the xmas decorations.

        Have an enjoyable day and fun celebrations ringing in 2020 in whatever style suits you.

        Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

        Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


          Re: It's Tuesday! New Years Eve

          Good morning! It’s cold here also, and kind of a grey day. I would love to see the sun some time soon!

          I have some theatre friends who participate in a yearly friendly family lip sync contest every New Years Eve. They get really involved in preparing all aspects of these events,including costumes. I’ve seen some of their costumes, and they are really clever! This year’s skit will focus on the St. Louis Blues winning of the Stanley Cup this year. The guys are first singing the blues, but their spirits brighten completely when the wife/ mother of the guys enters as the Stanley Cup singing “Gloria” ( Blues unofficial fight song last year!). So I got to build a Stanley Cup dress yesterday, as solving this costume dilemma was a pay grade above their sewing skills. It isn’t quite finished and I only have it on a dress form, but I think it is turning out pretty well. I love this couple, and was very happy to be asked to help, even though it was a very last minute! Picture this on a very cute lady, not a dummy!
          Gotta go and finish my lady! Have a great New Year’s Eve!


            Re: It's Tuesday! New Years Eve

            Good morning! Gray skies here. Yesterday I went to a funeral for a friend's husband. Sadly, it has been a year for her. In 13 months, she lost her two parents, his mother, their 16 year old daughter and he had a major stroke and passed away on Christmas (he was only 57 years old).

            Today I am going to have lunch with some friends. One of the ladies lost her husband last month and today was their anniversary so I thought it would be nice to take her out to lunch. One of our local restaurants has a wonderful all you can eat soup and salad lunch that comes with bread sticks. Which is perfect for this cold day.

            The three oldest will be at a church youth event this evening to ring in the new year. I am very glad that all I have to do is drop them off and the church is bringing them home. While they are gone, I think dh and I will get pizza for supper as little one loves pizza. I am hoping to spend some time in the sewing room this evening. Not sure if it will be sewing or reorganizing. I need to figure out a way to get things where I can have 4 sewing machines available for everyone to be able to sew at the same time.

            Have a wonderful evening everyone


              Re: It's Tuesday! New Years Eve

              Sorry I didn't get to start. Yes I was here for a brief moment. Phil, Jamie, Maizyn and Benson arrived Sunday. Greg will be here sometime today. He didn't listen to his momma about the weather forecast that happened Sunday night into Monday. Ottawa got it worse than we did but it did come nonetheless. So he didn't dare venture out yesterday. It was a beautiful moment when I could say "I told you so", LOL!!

              The house is quiet for a bit. The crew have gone to town. The freezing rain and pellets we got yesterday changed to snow in the night. Quite a lot fell and it is still falling. The rest of the family will come later for the Seafood fest. I think we have everything under control.

              So on that note, I wish everyone here a wonderful New Year. May 2020 bring you all good health and much happiness.

              See you in 2020.
              Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


                Re: It's Tuesday! New Years Eve

                We are being very low key today and probably tomorrow. I just got a steak from the freezer for dinner tonight and tomorrow I will make hoppin' john. This is something we do every New Year's day, chopped ham, onion, black eyed peas and rice. It is the only way I will eat black eyed peas but the combo is good and supposed to be good luck. No collards here, guess that is why we haven't won the lottery.
                I am itching to get some things dug out of the closet to work on later this week, I will get on that after I get the linens changed. The Christmas bed quilt is in the dryer and sheets in the washer, just need to put the clean sheets and winter look quilt on the bed.
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                  Re: It's Tuesday! New Years Eve

                  Happy New Year's Eve! We have colder temperatures and light snow today -- such a change from the weather this past week. Looks like the temps will warm up when I go back to work on Thursday.

                  My sister is going to visit Mom today. I plan to visit her tomorrow. I had a couple of phone calls from the facility yesterday. They started Mom on some physical & occupational therapy, and needed her social security number for the insurance. I gave them her number when I filled out the paperwork, I was a little annoyed they couldn't find it. Then I got a call from their behavioral specialist. We're going to start Mom on a low-dose anti-anxiety medication. The meds for sundowning come with a "black box" warning, which means they can cause death in older adults (Mom will be 90 in February). I opted against those, and went with a conservative treatment plan.

                  No plans for ringing in the new year. I have a steak marinating in the fridge for dinner tonight. Several of my neighbors like to shoot off fireworks at midnight, it will get somewhat noisy but shouldn't last past 12:30 am. Tomorrow I will grill some chicken and roast a pork tenderloin. It's time to re-stock the freezer with some easy meals!

                  Have a wonderful new year!


                    Re: It's Tuesday! New Years Eve

                    Originally posted by Claire Hallman View Post
                    We are being very low key today and probably tomorrow. I just got a steak from the freezer for dinner tonight and tomorrow I will make hoppin' john. This is something we do every New Year's day, chopped ham, onion, black eyed peas and rice. It is the only way I will eat black eyed peas but the combo is good and supposed to be good luck. No collards here, guess that is why we haven't won the lottery.
                    Claire, my uncle always had to have ham and black eyed peas for the new year! Around here, everyone has pork and sauerkraut. They turn up their noses when I mention ham and black eyed peas but I never heard of anything different until we moved to Ohio.


                      Re: It's Tuesday! New Years Eve

                      We have cold and snow from last night in Wisconsin. It's going to be a low key night in the Kaiser household. Early movie and homemade chicken noodle soup for us. My dh and I both came down with the upper resp bug that's going around. It sounds like what Suzanne has been fighting. Cough cough cough that's all we do and it's especially hard to sleep. Nyquil and cough drops do not help at all. Caught this from our dd who moved back home in Sept, the one who works at Amazon. After 3 weeks of coughing and only missing one day of work, she went to urgent care thinking maybe she had pneumonia or something she needed antibiotics to get rid of it. They said no it's just something going around lasting 2-4 weeks (yippee) and they just gave her cough med with codeine. I scolded her bc I never get sick and I told her she wrecked my record!! I was feeling good enough to sew though. Finished all my blocks on my monster quilt and it is adorable if I do say so myself! Too bad idk how to resize my photo or I would post it for you to have a look.
                      Happy New Year all, and stay safe if you are heading out tonight!


                        Re: It's Tuesday! New Years Eve

                        We had a lot of snow when I got up this am....about 2-3 inches.
                        I had to go out to the insurance office that insures my car because I found a much better rate through State Farm than Progressive and the gal in the office said I had to come in and sign a form, she couldn't send it to me in the mail. So I waited until it looked as though the roads were okay to drive on, and they were.
                        I also had plans to go out to Jo-Ann's to see if they had a Crochet Hook I need (3.75). I want to make children's/adult's stocking caps from a pattern I seen on YouTube that was made by this young man who began to teach himself to crochet at just 5 yrs old!!
                        His name is Jonah Larsen and I believe he lives in Wisconsin...and he has a YouTube site and teaches you how to make different things by crocheting them. Anyway, Jonah posted this video to make a stocking cap, and now that I am feeling much better, I plan to make a few of these to donate to out local homeless shelters and two retirement homes that people reside in that don't have a lot of income. (they are city run retirement homes, one for women & one for men)
                        Anyway, for those of you that might like to see the young man named Jonah who has a YouTube site, Here's the link!
                        (the hat I am making is what Jonah made for Kelly Pickler when he was featured on one of her shows.)


                        Jonah's YouTube Channel is called

                        Jonah's Hands

                        Here's all the videos he has made!!!
                        Jacqueline ( Sugar ) Dorer-Russell

                        "I miss the me I was when you were here"


                          Re: It's Tuesday! New Years Eve

                          Sugar ~ We've had State Farm for many years for our ins. needs -- cars & house ins. I don't think I've ever had any other co. since I started needing ins.