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A Little Bit of Night Owling

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  • A Little Bit of Night Owling

    We watched/listened to the Seahawks loose. Lovely.

    I was at least somewhat productive. My after school sewing class starts the week we get back from the holidays. I felt a bit guilty because I did not run a fall class in 2019. On the other hand, it was lovely to not have that extra 2 hour commitment every week. I have prepped up all but the last set of stitch sample materials.
    I have cut 4" muslin squares, marked two sides with .5" & two with .25" seam allowances around the edges. They need to show me they can produce a tidy running stitch, a decent whip stitch. Then I give them the tiny pillow piece to show an effective ladder stitch. Once they can do those things, they make a needle keep where they learn to sew on a button. If they have managed to not draw blood by that point, they get to move on to the sewing machines.
    Some of the kids do really great and are ready for the machines by week 3. Others still can't keep track of their sewing needle long enough to finish their needle keeps by week 8.
    All I have left is to sew around the outside edges of the little pillow pieces. (They remind me of the pocket Kleenex covers, but smaller.) I stuff a tiny wad of batting/polyfil inside and they have to close the gap like they were sewing a stuffed animal shut.
    Once I'm done with this last bit, I'll fill the class bag with the supplies and not think about it again until a week from Thursday!

    Up next is cutting out a sewing caddy for my sister. She's giving embroidery a go. A little caddy with a pin cushion and a catch all bag will be handy. If I get really adventurous I might even make a small carrying bag for her projects.

    Tomorrow I'll go clean Mom's house, meet my sister for lunch, swing by Joanns and see if they have the yarn I need for Em to finish the scarves for her brother and his family. (Late Christmas because of kid/parent schedules.) Then I really need to vacuum our house, especially if we take down our tree tomorrow. I love the smell, but it's starting to get dried out from the woodstove, even with the gallons of water in the base. The goats will love it as a New Years Eve party snack!

    Anybody else up working on stuff? Whatcha got going on in your neck of the woods?
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    Re: A Little Bit of Night Owling

    Someone else is up besides me ya! Yesterday, I was bad and just plain lazy. I didn't even get dressed and we ate leftovers. I need a day like that ever so often. Kaylee is here with me and all she wants to do is chat on her phone with her friends. Oh the life of a 12 year old. My daughter said Mom put her to work and make her help you with things. She does a few things but I think she should have some time to just be a kid, there will be plenty of time to work the rest of her life.

    I haven't even thought about taking down the tree . I really should get rid of some of the decorations that I don't use anymore. all the outdoor stuff my husband would put out just takes up room in the garage, that sounds like a spring cleaning thing. I will probably wait to start back sewing when Kaylee goes back to school.

    I have a rug in the den that I love. I thought when we bought it that we were buying something we would keep forever and enjoy. I turned up the edges to vacuum and underneath it was a white powdery substance. I cleaned that up and a few days later noticed the powder was back. I googled this. It seems that the powder is dried glue! They said if you clean it, it just makes it worse. I really feel I got took on the quality of this rug. I'm just ready to trash it. Has anyone else had a rug that did this?

    Cathy, How old are the children you teach? Kaylee took lessons when she was 8. I only bought her one month of lessons and she enjoyed it so much that I extended it for four more. She hasn't really done much since then but she does know how to thread her machine and cut out a simple pattern. I think its important to pass along sewing skills to children. It something that isn't taught in school here and everyone needs to know how to sew on a button.
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      Re: A Little Bit of Night Owling

      The kids I teach sewing to are between 3rd and 5th grade, so 7-11 years old.
      This session I think I have 6 kids and half of them are boys. Strangely, the boys can be more coordinated at this point than the girls. I work with these kids during the day in the class room.
      This is an After 'Ours program run by the YMCA that lets the kids explore different activities. On Tuesdays we do academic things, and on Thursdays we do more creative/play type activities.
      The kids can sign up for whatever things interest them. I've had kids stay in the class for an entire year and come back. Every time they gain more skills and work on more complicated projects. One of my girls is coming back from Middle School to help with the class.
      I enjoy it, but it was nice to take a break too.
      Have you tried taking Kaylee project shopping? She can pick out a pattern/project and the fabric to work on while she's with you? It might get her off of her phone and have a conversation with you while you all are working on it. I find out all sorts of things about their day while we are sitting around the tables learning hand stitching!
      Be who you are and say what you feel
      because those who mind don't matter,
      and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss